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Lynda n

It was Starbucks, just like any Starbucks. This is a usually busy location, I parked and walked in, rather than using the drive through, which is generally at least 7 vehicles long at this busy location. I walked in, placed my order and had my drink in hand in just a few minutesFood: 2/5

Kris Anderson

Terrible location. I go to Starbucks several times a week with the same order, to include a 30oz cup of ice. This guy tells me they can’t do anything larger than a grande. They aren’t out of the cups, they aren’t *allowed* to do so. Legit gave me SIX grande cups of ice, then refused to give me a drink caddy.Terrible attitude, terrible service, and awful for the environment.Other

Cherry Ken

It’s really sad that this is the most convenient location for me because although their staff is nice, their drive-thru lane always take at least 30 minutes to even get up to the ordering speaker. Starbucks needs to hire more people to fix this. We don’t always have 30 minutes every day to wait when we’re trying to get to work.


Placed a mobile order for pickup at 12:06. Only got my order after waiting 40+ minutes and asking for a refund for TWO drinks. Not 5, not 10...2. Absolutely the worst experience I've EVER had at ANY Starbucks. The person who was obviously in charge of making the mobile orders was the slowest moving employee I've ever seen. My boyfriend came inside twice to check on me because it was taking such a ridiculous amount of time. Looked like an average amount of people from my experience. Definitely seen it much more packed and received my order MUCH quicker. Will absolutely never return to this location.

Christine Rose

SLOW, SLOW,SOOoooo Slow. Waited in the drive thru for more than 50 mins, by the time I got my latte it was flat. I didn't have the strength to take it back.Food: 1/5

Kay Wash (Kay Wash World)

Worse location on this side if town. Super slow service and after waiting in drive thru for 13 minutes my lattecwas cold and did not have the customizations I asked for.


Slowest Starbucks ever! I got to the drive thru on 11/18 at 5:03 pm. Didn't get my order until 5:23 pm. Jasmine was walking around slowly, taking her sweet time handing my items to me, even though I could see that they were ready on the counter. This location needs training!

Jay L.

I come here often, never really had any issues. In the past it's just been the wait during drive-thru but it really doesn't bother me since I know the struggle with working on a fast food franchise. Today in particular, I asked the barista at the speaker box to see if they've had any breakfast sandwiches available. He said no, at the items I was asking for. Again I don't really care if they didn't have any sandwiches but it was the way he was responding with attitude. The way he was responding to what I was asking just sounded disrespectful. I get to the window, barista is using his phone instead of taking my payment just literally bending down on the counter using his phone. He didn't even realize i hadn't even payed until he handed me my drink when he noticed I was about to drive off. Everyone is usually so welcoming at this location but today was not that type of day. Drink was right though so props to that.

Mildret G.

This place always is out of basic items. Lemonade, low fat milk.. really! bagels and several lunch items during the lunch rush. I visit this place every other day and they are always about of something

Kevin Hernandez

Sercices was great, people are amazing. Only reason its not a 5 star is simply because they are always busy. Really they're a 4.5

Brandon Bahena

The place was clean and had great customer service and food! I wasn't sure what to get but the lady taking my order was very helpful and recommended the pumpkin spice with some extra stuff on top and it was amazing, probably one of the best drinks I've had in a while!Food: 5/5

J RamosDupre

Waited 18 minutes for my mobile order of one drink. She made it iced and I told her it was hot. She proceeded to make 2 other orders before she made my drink correctly. Wow.

Tiffany Williams-Lara

It is absolutely ridiculous. I love Starbucks coffee and enjoy treating myself. However, waiting 20 plus minutes for coffee is a bit much. They don’t seem to try and work at a pace but very laxed in the morning when people have somewhere to be. Cars at times lined up to 1960. I will have to stop coming again except my free day if at all because the service hasn’t improved.

Ashley Tippit

I asked for LITE ICE and this is what I got... more ice than beverage... do better Starbucks ?

Ana L. G.

Thank you for being considerate despite not having drink carriers to have found the alternate holders, I was walking into an even and it was much easier to carry the drinks in the carriers as opposed to my hands , I appreciate your kind assistance.

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