Angelo's Spaghetti & Pizza House - Irving

1330 W Pioneer Dr, Irving
(972) 254-7242

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Darren Trainer

It’s just really good and consistent. Best baked lasagna I’ve ever had. Great portions and homemade salad dressings.

John Luna

The Best Salads and we Ice Tea you Blue cheese is The Best we absolutely highly recommend it.

David Wood

Great food and great service! We eat there several times a week. We continue to support all businesses in Irving.


Very sad for Irving. I go to a restaurant to enjoy a meal. I do NOT go to restaurant to find out how they feel about Texas politics. Vito’s is better and cleaner

Emil Potersnak

This spot is gold! Food was absolutely fantastic. Waitress was excellent. I highly recommend this place for good Italian food.

It's Sandy

So I ordered the ribeye with spaghetti and meat sauce. The spaghetti was alright. Steak was brought out overcooked the first time(ordered medium, came out almost well-done) which they corrected. My biggest concern is the price of the ribeye. It's up there in price close to something like saltgrass, yet has half the flavor. The other issue was the flies that were all over the place.

Joy R.

What has happened to this place? I can't believe they've been in business this long and have not put any money back into the establishment whatsoever. It's disgusting and gross with trash all outside. There was so many gnats and flies swarming around us while we tried to eat our meal it felt like we were eating on the patio.

Amy Culley

Angelo’s is our family’s favorite Irving establishment. It’s nothing fancy, but I’ll tell you that nothing tastes better after a bad day than their spaghetti casserole (with extra cheese). It’s just a wildly comforting combination of carbs, not overly sweet sauce and cheese that stretches from the plate to your mouth.Other favorites include their lasagna, Super 6 pizza and their meatball sandwich.Their staff is always friendly and fast. And whereas the restaurant is a little dated, it is always clean and packed with local regulars.Check it out if you’re ever in the area!

Susan Anderson

My family and I have loved Angelo's. Going as far back to 1969. The wonderful thing about Angelo's? The great history of comfort food over 4 decades and still going. And "yes." Sometimes you get a not "the best" food. That's every food establishment.Percentage wise. More great food than not. Thank you, Angelo's. For being a family oriented establishment. Where friendly service and affordable food is still priority.

Brian C.

Big portions and low prices make this place a great value for your lunchtime buck!

James S.

Ordered here sadly have to say a great place has slipped. My garlic bread was never toasted, extra spaghetti sauce was a half cup not enough for pasta. Salad was bad lettuce and about 4 strips of carrots threw away. Only positive was baked potato and pizza although forgot pizza sauce. My last visit on the hunt for good Italian

Tommy D.

Good food and friendly service. Prices are great. Been eating there since they open. Try it next time you want pizza, spaghetti, chicken Alfredo and other items.

Ro Ro

The service was Awesome...friendly staff...great food. I had the Lasagna, my sister in law had the spaghetti with sausage and my hubby had the shrimp was hot and plenty of it. My first tome eating here but definitely won't be my last.

Jane Davis

We have always loved angelo’s! But today is the only time we ordered pizza from them and when we brought it home and started eating it, thats when we found out that our pizza was over cooked!! The pepperonis and cheese was disgustingly chewy! The meat lover pizza has raw meat in it like it was added after it was cooked and put back again in the oven! Never again will we order from them! Either fix your oven and warmer or replace the cook! We are so mad right now i wanted to call them and complain!

Gina Brammer

I have been craving the "Golden Baked Lasagna" for months. I grew up going to this place and even though I don't live real close to it now, we will make the trip a couple times a year to go eat there with family. Everything is great, but the lasagna is a all-time favorite. Always friendly and fast service. Prices are very reasonable and plenty to eat!!!!

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Angelo's Spaghetti & Pizza House - Irving

1330 W Pioneer Dr, Irving, TX 75061
(972) 254-7242