Bread Zeppelin

6440 N MacArthur Blvd #140, Irving
(469) 359-2661

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Rho Rho

I have been horrible for the past month with my eating and made a decision to start back getting back yo it today as far as my vegetables and fruits.Put in salad near me in Google and this place came up and very near me and I liked the very different approach to a sandwich and salad.The bread is sooooooo good although its just the outside of the bread and so many toppings and dressings to choose from! Goodness lol. I went with the Southwest Zeppelin and added crumbled eggs and red onions with lemon juice and olive oil.It was so good that I wanted to save some for later lol.The person that made it and the person that checked me out at the Las Colinas location were so nice as well. Thank you all!

Audrey Carlson

I had been coming here for almost 5 years before COVID. Finally came back to the office and was excited to eat my favorite salad but it was a big disappointment. Brown lettuce, the guy messed up my order but I didn’t see him make it so couldn’t correct it in the store. They don’t chop anything so I had 1 huge chunk of Avocado. I know this isn’t a location issue but who in corporate thought to get ride of honey mustard dressing. I wouldn’t write a review if the place looked empty and like they were struggling but it was busy and that quality stinks for 12 bucks!

Muhammad Usmani

Pricy but soo many dressing options. Bowls are sufficient for 1 person. Customer service is good and soo much options to choose. Location is perfect.

girish shenoy

Second visit here..first one was better. This time heavy stench inside, tables dirty, stale lettuce and poor customer service to top it all. A big letdown as we had been looking forward to dine in a good salad.

Ginger Zeller

I really liked it, but it felt kind of overboard healthy. You know when you are through eating that you have eaten something good for you.

Virginia Zeller

I really liked it, but it felt kind of overboard healthy. You know when you are through eating that you have eaten something good for you.

Mark Roberts

Good salad, reasonable price, friendly service

Michael V.

Food is great, service is not. I usually order online for pickup - the location is tough to park longer than a quick run in. I would say 60-70% of the time something is wrong with the order. I've received chicken instead of steak in my salad multiple times (this wouldn't be a big deal but steak costs more). Another time, they called and told me they were out of the soup in advance, no problem - but they still charged me for it. I've also had difficulty with large orders for group lunch. I ordered hours ahead of time and without warning the order was over 30 minutes late (again parking nightmare having my car sitting for 30 min where I shouldn't have been parked). Multiple occasions I've reached out to their feedback email for reimbursement on the overcharges for the wrong meal - never have heard back.

Nicole Rall

Ordered metro Cobb zeppelin, really looking forward to the bread and blue cheese. Husband picked up the order and didn’t check the bag. There’s a Cobb salad. No bread. No blue cheese on it. I called and they refunded us which was nice, but, come on. It wasn’t even busy there. Very disappointing.

Vincent Cavanna

It offered great food, and overall a very good experience. Although the portions were nice, it was expensive for my taste... your standard zeppelin costs were $10 or more. The dine in experience was very good. We were able to stay a while longer and play cards.

Kyla K.

I am obsessed with this place, seriously. I crave it everyday LOL. It also helps that their staff is super kind and everyone is just trying to make sure you're enjoying everything. I'm thinking they must hire cute people on purpose, every time I go the cutest people are taking care of me!

Kristin Neppl

LARGE salads or a salad in a yummy toasted bread. Get the salad made exactly your way. Lines move fast during the lunch hour. My favorite is the Washington State in the bread. (be careful you don't scratch the top of your mouth on the toasted bread, but totally worth it). Once they hollow out your bread to stuff the salad into it, you can ask for your bread insides and they will give to you at no additional cost.Have to say that their bread pudding is too sweet though.

Sunshine Calderon

The Chipotle of salads. Build your own or choose one the the ones they already have. A variety of produce and dressings to pick from.

Bricelda Villatoro

Despite coming in right before closing Canden and Jeremy went out of their way to ensure that I still felt welcomed and provided great service. I always come to this location because of how great the service always is. Great food and even better staff!


The service from Jeremy was incredible! Fast and friendly and energetic.

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