Church's Chicken

501 N O'Connor Rd, Irving
(972) 254-3753

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Natalia Filio

Worker at the window with pink hair was incredibly rude. Stated it would be a 45 minute wait on tenders so we asked what was available and she signaled to what was in the trays. Unable to see we asked what was there (drums, thighs) she just said "CHICKEN". On top of that they were scooping water that had puddled on their restaurant floor with cooking utensils.Rude and kinda disgusting....

Katrisha Masters

Ghetto beyond ghetto workers here. There is a tall, husky African-American woman with bright red hair that always has an attitude. Ordered a 1/2 gallon sweet tea and 2 cups of ice and the lady got into it with me for no reason about did I pay for the cups of ice that I specifically told the hispanic girl who took my order I needed the ice cups. She then proceeded to cuss out my boyfriend through the window for trying to defend me. I'm not even sure how this woman still has a job when she conducts herself so unprofessionally!!!! What a joke...!!!!

Elida Lizalde

Horrible staff lady was talking about me under her breath bc she didn’t understand what I wanted. And then she wanted to take a smoke break when there is a long line other customers were complaining as well never will I come back here again worst churches ever. Do not come here

Omar Puga

Stopped by this location at 9:15 p.m. on a Wednesday night (3-16-22) to get some food and there was a young white girl yelling from the window *We are out of chicken!" while on her cell phone. Got closer to take a look and the whole place was clean. I asked her why they didn't have any food and she said they have to clean by 8:30p.m. Blows my mind how they stay in business when they supposed to close at 10p.m. #HiredFail #HireBetterHelp

Carolina Castillo

This place is a nightmare, chicken is burned , gravy taste nasty, the containers where they gave me the food all dirty on the outside, the place looks very dirty plus very bad customer service, I paid for a large drink and the lady prepared a medium drink for me, when she was going to hand me the drink I told her instead of giving me a new large drink she just emptied the one on her hand in to a bigger cup and filled the rest from the soda machine, I don't think she did the right thing but I'm not sure that is way I didn't say anything to her.I don't think I will come back to that place.

garnerafricax winthorpe

Location needs to move to a bigger parking lot..But it has good service..

Golden Asani

We used to get lunch here regularly but due to our orders always being wrong we don't even go anymore. The staff seems to change every two weeks. The chicken is not cooked through at times and they forget to give you side items you pay for.

Bug Boston

Old storefront style, still get out of car and wait regardless of weather. Workers tried their best to keep up. Chicken was as tasty and not super greasy as other Churches I tried. But breast and thigh pieces were much smaller than before and I was shocked by price hike.

Rose Keith

I work here. the chicken is good. so are the tenders! The tenders are even better!!

that burban guy

I understand short on workers but every piece of chicken was pink in the middle 30$ in the trash again!!! Won't be back ....


Don't ever get the tenders, they're the size of chicken nuggets now, this place has gone down hill, don't recommend going to this location

Christopher “Solo Johnson” Thomas

If the person before me orders a large family meal and order a 3pc. Don't make me wait til their food is done before you give me mine. I'm just looking at all the chicken that's ready.

Bre Martinez

This location has always been pretty great , they usually have all the sides . We been coming here for 10 years now and Still great service. Never had a problem.

C Cast

Worst location I've seen . Horrendous service and excruciatingly slow.

Clifton W. Riley

The food was good, though it was very busy. Ordered the feed 8. Due to their excessive businesses, they were out of some of the food, but was easily substituted with other food. Overall, everything came out pleasant. Been coming here for over 25 years and will still come here.

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