Domino's Pizza

222 N Story Rd #118, Irving
(972) 986-1747

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Huzaifa Vohra

Manager was very rude in resolving my issue, she made a pizza that was beef/cheese only, yet had 2 pieces of pork pepperoni which I’m allergic too, she called me a liar over the phone.

Kevin Meanus

I ordered a pizza and it was over an hour and I still didn't have my pizza so I called the store and the manager by the name of Mikayla Dubose was rude and unprofessional and I don't know why dominos would have her managing a store with a horrible attitude. I will never order from that store in Irving on Story rd. I will order from pizza hut and I don't like the pizza but the customer service is great

Jo C

Ordered at 9pm got the pizza at 11:30pm. This is ridiculous. If I knew it was gonna take that long I would of picked it up.

Bailey Pettway

Horrible location! I have had many issues ordering from the location. I’ve have 4 lava crunch cakes delivered and they were burnt. Yesterday I placed and order at 6:30 pm, I finally called when it was 8:30 and asked what had happened to my order? The manager Nick tried to say they had to remake my order but they were overall having a bad night. No offense but that isn’t my problem if they are having a bad night.... I said “Well if you knew my order wasn’t going to be done for another two hours why didn’t you just call me and tell me that?” He had no answers. I looked at my pizza profile and realized that I was missing my free pizza that I had originally used on the order I had to cancel. Called the same location had to repeat myself five times because “manager Mikayla” couldn’t just listen to exactly what I initially called in the first place. The location has no customer service what so ever. Finally spoke to who I thought was the original manager Nick and he told me I would need to go to a third party for me to get back my pizza points. This is totally ridiculous. I will not give my business to this location anymore.

Samantha Bailey

Just wanted to remind everyone to tip your delivery driver!Mark from Domino's (the rock island/story location) is their only driver at the moment. He was amazing! I called to double check our online order when it was about 30 minutes past our delivery window (not super unusual as this location is understaffed quite often, customer service is always top notch though) and they apologized profusely and offered multiple solutions and a refund with free future items on our next order. We were in no rush and didn't want to go pick up as parking is a nightmare at our apartment. When Mark arrived with our dinner he apologized again for the wait (not his fault as he's covering a multi person position by himself and doing it like a boss), made a huge deal thanking me for the tip (a little over 20% but he deserves 100%) and he came back to give us a couple handfuls of dipping sauces just because. Restaurants are still struggling to get back to full staff, have some patience and reward the people who are carrying the load and doing it with a smile!

Brice Hunter

I have ordered from 222 N. Story rd #118 in Irving Tx twice. The first time it took 1 1/2 hrs for my order to arrive COLD. At this current moment I ordered a pizza at 940pm. It’s1140 pm and still no pizza. I called the store and nobody has the courtesy to answer and say anything. This is terrible customer service. I will post this to my social media to let the people who don’t know about this store know. DO NOT ORDER HERE!! May be time to re staff this location.

Wilman Martinez

07/18/2021 I orderd my Food at about 9 and i didn't recieve it until 11:30, i ordered my food because it was supposed to be my familys dinner but it arrived extremely late and arrived cold as well , Delivery wise everything was perfect the gentelman explained why it took long and even said sorry about the wait.

Laura Rodríguez

Never answer the phone order take more then 2 hours to be ready

Wayland Stringer

Again they click the button to say the pizza is ready to pick up and it takes 10 minutes after the ready on the app. Pizza is good and order correct.

Jose Chavez

I ordered a pizza ( extravaganza) online and a few minutes later I got a call from domino’s and a guy named Andre told me that the oven wasn’t working, I said “ok” and because we had to make a trip to domino’s, regardless, we noticed the oven was working and the guy Andre called me just because he felt lazy and didn’t want to make my pizza. Another guy made my pizza, but even though I got it for free, after the complaint, the pizza was made terribly wrong, it was disgusting, the dough wasn’t cooked all the way and the ingredients were all in the middle. I tried to eat it because I was hungry, but it was impossible. Worst pizza ever.I don’t give zero stars because it is not possible.

christopher westerlund

They refuse to take coupons and they charged me 5 times for the same order,you cant complete order unless zip code is typed in so that is theft. Also does not answer when they do i get put me on hold for 30 mins the worst Domino's I have ever been to In My Life.

Caver Woman

Pizza arrives warm and usually within 20 minutes. Only longer if on like a Friday night. Never had a wrong order.

Jose Palma

Horrible service. Place my order and pay for food plus tip and don't bring my whole order. I call and let them know I'm missing the Philly cheese steak sandwich. They'll get one out to me but will take 35 to 45 min.

Dennis Johnson

Gave my pizza to another customer had to remake, then remaked my pizza wrong and left off my garlic sauce I paid for totally sucked.

Marcus Sursa

Was ok I watched the lady drop my food on the ground and pick it back up and still serve it to me ??? it was not spilled out but kind of disturbing they would still serve this! Lol

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