Gyro Oasis (Gyro N Kebab)

3550 Regent Blvd, Irving
(972) 893-1746

Recent Reviews

Polash Lesyk

Not sure what to say about this place. I only tried once and it was not very pleasant experience. My Gyros has some sauce felt as if it was not even food. I ate that knowingly and regret when I think about it. I think the people who works their, may have certain stereotype against certain culture and they provide very poor service, sort of a slave mentality. I would not recommend this place to People from South East Asian background.

Elizabeth Johnston

First time to this little place. The falafel was really was the gyro... will be back to try something different on their menu

Danielle Webster

Flavorful Chicken Kebabs are excellent with their rice and onion rings.

Ashish Tyagi

One of the worst middle eastern food I have had. The falafel was old, the spicy potatoes were old and the baklava was old.

Amy Benefield

The salad comes with some sort of watery, mustard dressing (NOT honey mustard, literally watered down mustard) that over powers everything in the salad. It was not listed on the ingredients on the site I ordered through. For a $13 salad I kind of expected more.

Lillian H.

Using the Groupon app, I decided to see what was in the area and if there were any good deals. The menu was simple. I ordered two gyros with fries, spicy potatoes, Greek salad, and hummus. The gyro was decent. The cucumber sauce was refreshing on top as it was a hot day. The hummus was a bit too gritty and nutty. The Greek salad was disappointing because the dressing was flooding our plate. The spicy potatoes were okay, but it could have taken some more flavor. If you decide to visit, I suggest trying the walnut baklava. It's sweet, delicious, and oozing with honey.

Kristina A.

The gyro wrap was cold. The Tzatziki sauce didn't taste like tzatziki sauce at all, more like a thin sour cream. The pita bread was clearly store bought and straight out of the bag. I should have looked at the reviews before ordering.


Average to below at best. Falafel had no flavor. Gyro was average. Meat was ok. Babaganouj tasted like it was roasted over gas fire and had the gas flavor. I’ve been once before and decided to give it another shot. I will pass next time.

John Prater

Not high end fare, but decent prices, good flavors, good meat, and generous portions. The gyros bowl is particularly good over rice.


Good portions. House made hummus and tzatziki.

Josh Zampich

Great food, have never had a bad experience here.

Lisa D.

I arrived one weekday night not realizing I was close to closing. I was informed of this when I was told this was the reason for no more babaganoush. At that moment, I wish the kind server would have said, "I am sorry that at this time all the rest of our food, but bread and the delicious prepackaged baklava are HORRIBLE!" Tragically, I got home to discover gyro meat and falafel so overdone and dry that they were inedible.

Charles Stafford

Super nice staff. Clean restaurant. Really good food. Gyro meat was juicy and perfectly done.

Kodie K.

With the mixed reviews I decided to give it a try. Maybe I messed up getting a chicken sandwich over a gyro but it was the worst thing I can remember buying in awhile. It was bland, and topped with chopped lettuce/ shredded carrots like you buy from a salad bag. I'm not picky so I could have moved passed that, but with the flavor and the money spent, I felt like I was on a episode of punk'd. I'm not sure how you could serve that with a straight face, but hey life is full of mysteries. Would not even recommend to my enemy.

Dawn T

I ordered the chicken shawarma wrap. The chicken lacked seasoning, the taziki sauce was not good at all overall wrap was edible but nothing special. They used iceberg salad mix for the lettuce and yellow onions was told adding feta was an additional cost. Total was $6 before tax.

Adam Tani

Just ordered falafel wrap and some gyro plate, it cost 40 dollars, the pita bread was literally burned. I don't understand how the cook served it like that. The falafel very dry and the gyro plate was less than normal.

jim smith

Very clean, nice staff, good gyros.

C P.

I started going here again because my work is now closer, and it's still as good as I remember. The place is clean, the portions are good, the food is hot, and they prepare the gyro in front of you, the ladies serving were friendly. Definitely recommend.

Huda Gul

Never been to the location itself but they often come to my workplace as a pop-up restaurant and their food is so good and the people are super friendly too!

Matt Green

It's ok. Don't think it was worth the price. The food just didn't "wow" me with the taste, at least not for the price. It was clean and had decent service though. If you're in the area and looking for a decent quick bite, then this place will do. Would definitely recommend Shawarma World over this place.

Brad Henderson

Good food but lacking in decor.

nomad ‌ ‍ ‎

So freaking good! Nothing awful about this falafel!!

Guy H.

Good tasting food but the staff is either not focused or lazy. I was the only person in the place when I ordered a Gyro sandwich. The guy that came in behind me was being take care of first. He was ordering a bowl and they kept telling him everything he wanted on it cost extra. Meanwhile I get my sandwich and they ask if I want toppings on it and whatever I asked for they told me there was an extra charge. So I finish my sandwich and still don't have pita to go with my humus. I go back to get some and she is putting an order together now while on a personal call on her cell! I get one piece of pita to go with a pint of the saltiest humus I have ever eaten! This is my second trip and the first wasn't much better.

Avril W

Meat needed a little more flavor but food was good and staff was friendly. Prices were very reasonable.

Milton S.

The food was so good and I mean good. The restaurant is very clean and well kept. One thing I didn't like the gyro meat is out and sitting in a pan. It's not fresh if it's already cut and setting. The service was horrible!!!!!!! The woman who helped me wasn't a happy camper at all. She's very rude and that I didn't like. If you're ok with rude people serving you food food go here. I most definitely will be going back to see her rude self. The food was excellent.

Bharat Rao

Overall it's a shabbily run place. The food is lousy, gyro tasted like paper/rubber (not even sure). Any condiment is extra, food handling is questionable (no gloves despite having handled trash right in front of me). Pass if you're okay traveling 200 ft there are umpteen options :)

Ogden M.

Food is good, service sucks.., i continue eating here because it's close to work for lunch time, but all the employees eat and take break while you are waiting for your order the person who cooks the food have to come and ask them for a person to prep, bad language and loud while waiting for a order

Shafiq Rhaman

The only positive experienced I had is this place very clean. Food is below standard, gyros are pre-sliced and kept on the hot pot. Tzatziki sauce does not taste like Tzatziki. Pita's are store-bought, warm them on Microwave before serving and calling this restaurant the Mediterranean or a Greek restaurant would be insulting. This place is a sort-cut first food in Mexican style.

amian adam

I saw this place on google few days ago, and I will say this is my faviort gyro in Dallas, the food is so fresh and tasty, the owners and workers so friendly . I highly recommended it to every one.

Shafiq R.

The only positive experienced I had is this place very clean. Food is below standard, gyros are pre-sliced and kept on the hot pot. Tzatziki sauce does not taste like Tzatziki. Pita's are store-bought, warm them on Microwave before serving and calling this restaurant the Mediterranean or a Greek restaurant would be insulting. This place is a sort-cut first food in Mexican style.

Michelle H.

Tried going here when it was supposed to be open according to the door, but they shut off the lights and door was locked.

Kristina DiBartolo

Delicious! Great staff. I actually had this at my office today as a "pop-up" restaurant with Fooda and ran down to the lobby as fast as I could.

Brandi V.

This is one of my favorite lunch spots in Irving! I usually have the falafel bowl over salad or a falafel wrap. The regular falafel bowl is a generous serving and includes hummus and dolmas. If I'm feeling indulgent it's tough to resist adding a baklava to the order. Parking is easy which is rare for the area.

ido 24

Great food, good and fast service.

John Weithman

When you're craving food like this you can't miss. Their dolmas are fantastic. Make sure to get tzatziki on your gyro. If you have room, I would suggest the almond baklava - FYI... I didn't share.

Naveen R.

The beef and lamb gyro is a must get at this place. The meat was really flavorful and well seasoned. It came in a pita encasing that was soft and held up the filling quiet well. The tzatziki sauce was just about enough without making the pita soggy, so that's a plus. The two sides I had included dolmas (stuffed grape leaves) and spicy potatoes. The dolmas were really good, tender and packed with a stuffing of rice. The spicy potatoes were a bit of a let down as they weren't crisp as I expected, and they weren't spicy enough for my taste. Overall, the food was fresh, tasty and pretty cheap, as my meal came to $10 and some change.

Max Morgan

The food is fantastic. I am a huge fan of their gyros, salads. The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere feels like you are dining in the Mediterranean.

steven parsley

Prices are low, which is good. $5-6 for a basic gyro or falafel. And when I say basic, it's basic. Very little filling in my gyro. Service was ok, but I think they had a new person learning. Plenty of seating at lunch. More parking around the side.

Vince Blanford

Wonderful and fresh homemade gyros. Spicy lamb gyro was amazing! Definitely coming back!

Jeremy Stroud

OMG. This is awesome. Excellent service. They prepped it just how I asked. There's not many places to get this style of food. It's laid out so you go down the line and have it done exactly how you want it with full view. I always ask for extra cucumber sauce whenever I order a gyro, places never follow through. This was done perfectly. I wish there was one close to my house .