Gyro Oasis (Gyro N Kebab)

3550 Regent Blvd, Irving
(972) 893-1746

Recent Reviews

Megan McAfee

Had a wonderful lunch here, staff is incredibly helpful! Food was very good, I got the beef kabob plate and it was amazing!

James Westfall

If you like baklava this place has a good selection but it's not that good. People must be desperate if they think the gyros are good, few meat on a cold pita. Very expensive! No greek dressing for the salad only some honey mustard watered down concoction. All in all there's much better places in the area to eat. I won't be back..

Sonia Westfall

Horrible food and very expensive.Yes, I can find better gyros in Arby's so don't get offended by the true.

Wendy Wasiunec

The gyro sandwich was was ok. The Tzatziki sauce could of been better but was weak. This was an okay place and the prices of the dishes were fair.


Better than many other more costly gyros at those fancy places generous portion great flavor fresh ingredients can't go wrong

Yvonne Rodriguez

Updated my rating to include a review: I admit that I am a bit spoiled when it comes to local restaurants especially in a time when there’s so many choices to pick from. I fully recommend Gyro Oasis as their ingredients are fresh and delicious. I happen to love their hummus and pita; probably the best I’ve tasted. Overall a great place.

Vick Valentine

It was really good very fresh but not the best. The baklava tastes bad. But other than that, it was pretty decent.

TJ Brutal Customs

So good!!!!! Gyro plate, healthy, delicious and prepared perfectly. The baklava is.....addictive. excellent spot for lunch!

Matha Goram

Good food, clean place, reasonably priced but a distinctive flair needed to rise above the competition in the neighborhood.

Dana Musser

Fantastic! Very friendly, helpful and delicious. Highly recommend. I will make it a point to pop in regularly. The service was definitely impressive.


This place should be called the worst kebab in the world ( NOT the BEST). The food tasted like it was frozen and they heated it up.

Trap TableTV

Me and my family went here to get gyros, when I say by far the best gyro place to go to I mean it! Customer service was really great as well as the food! Thanks you guys!

Heliarc Master

It's one of my favorite places to grab lunch.Closest to authentic in Greece as it gets in this area. :)

Claudio Canestro

Plates are good and plenty of food for a decent price. Love the hummus with pita bread. Staff is very nice and friendly.

Glen G.

I searched for a Greek restaurant that I could dine in at.  After calling several locations I decided on Gyro Oasis.  When you walk in it is nothing special, just a no frills place to eat.  The menu looked pretty standard so I thought I would try a Gyro.  If they can get that right then I would be more open to exploring the menu.  The Gyro was packed with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and onions.   The meat was fresh and sizzling in the pita.  The pita was just the right amount of chewy and crispy all at the same time, as if they were on a see saw together.  To sum it up I would HIGHLY recommend taking a lunch break and heading over to Gyro Oasis.

Thanks Gyro Oasis you have restored my faith in humanity one slice of gyro meat at a time.


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