Maki Boy Las Colinas

8251 N Belt Line Rd #110, Irving
(469) 565-8566

Recent Reviews

Jaimie Chen

Satisfied my taste bud and my wallet. I have been going to the original store for years. Never got a chance to visit the new location. This location only opened in lunch hours during the weekdays. We missed it couple times because forget it's odd hour for us.We went there for a quick bite and turned out it is great decision. Great selection, big portion and great taste. Will plan to go next time soon.

Nasti Man

Try the spicy sashimi salad!

KMango S

Today's Donburi bowl was one of the best I have ever had. Ahi Tuna another winner. Each entree comes with a serve-yourself selection of banchan including kimchi, daikon radish, soybean sprouts, a varied and fresh collection.

Tyler M

Easily the most delicious sushi I've had in a long time. Very flavorful, generous portions and very friendly staff! Amazing institution! ありがとう!

Taylor Acker

Always love their other location and the quality of the food is the same as it is there - fast and excellent.

Mr. P

I ate it too fast to tell you too much about what I bought. haha. It was delicious, and they had a bar of cooked veggies and ginger to add to your to go order. Great for a quick lunch. Excellent cust. Service

Niki G.

I love this place and always recommend it to anyone I can. The sushi pieces are so big and good and the price is still really cheap for the quality! I go here anytime I have any extra money

Tati V.

My favorite sushi place ever, the spicy sauce udon and maki monster is just mush immaculate all time favorite, my entire family loves this place as well cute decor.

Anna R.

Soooooo delicious! Everything on the menu is to die for! The shrimp tempura is the best, the smoothies are delicious & the entire sushi menu is fresh & tasty! I crave Maki Boy often lol try it out you won't regret it!

Karla M.

I'm amazed that I have never left a review for Maki Boy. I've been coming here for 7+ years. This was the first place i tried sushi and its still my go to restaurant. I love the rainbow roll and the side dishes are great. The broccoli is always running out because it's so good, but they quickly add more to the bar. My husband is a picky eater but he loves the fried rice. Now that theres a pandemic they are they're enforcing masks, offering hand sanitizer and gloves, and it's take out only. Thankfully this is a tiny restaurant, so i only do take out when coming here. This is one of Irving's gems. If you're looking for sushi/korean food this is the place to go.

Manuel V.

Awesome experience, first time here we decided to order sushi as opposed of the habachi. The waiters were very attentive when it came to basic services and ensuring that the meals wete warm and prepared properly. The two drinks we had were just the right amount of alcohol and did not seemed to be watered down or shorted. I would definitely be coming to this particular restaurant again and trying the other in Dallas as well.

Isidro Martinez

Just like the other location, never disappoints! Great food and people.

Moxie M.

I absolutely adore this little place. :) the people working are always super kind and helpful; very friendly and make you feel like a priority. They never get my order wrong; everything is freshly made with good quality ingredients and you get a ton of food at a super reasonable price.. So basically there's nothing not to love about this place; it checks every box for sure. Ive only had the lunch bento box but its always amazing with a good variety that is slightly different side items each time which is fun cause the chef always throws in something unique and special like a little potsticker or dumpling; or a slice from a sushi time I got a tiny little dessert I think it was like a bite sized cream puff? It was delicious; and everything I've gotten in my box always is. Ps there is something magical about the marinated broccoli they have at the little condiment/garnish bar and no joke I would come back just for that its that good. Whenever I go there I make it a mission to make out like a bandit with as much of that broccoli as possible. :):) Still trying to get them to cough up the recipe ;) hahaha...

Brenda E.

I go to makiboy almost weekly. I can place an order one week and they can't add shrimp or substitute the following week. I noticed its depended on who is making the rolls ...if they want to or not. I don't mind paying extra it's a bit frustrating.

Millicent T.

Visited for the first time and wasn't sure what to get since there was so many options. I ordered the bento box which came with chopped grilled chicken, rice, salmon, sushi, and one piece of shrimp tempura. I noticed the lady at the counter giving everyone a cup to get their choice of vegetables at a little stand but did not give me one. I had to ask to get one, whereas everyone else was automatically given one. Not sure why. Everything was tasty and fresh but the salmon was a bit too salty. I will definitely be back to try more menu items.

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