3341 Regent Blvd #150, Irving
(972) 600-8526

Recent Reviews

Amalia Turnbaugh

they were to busy to help us in the lobby because they were working on the drive thru orders. a customer in front of us just left. i had ask someone if they were going to take our order. this is CRAZY

Doug Wallace

Ordered a 4 pc chicken nugget happy meal, received a cheeseburger and was charged for a dasani bottled water when no mention of it is made on outside menu, bottled water is listed with juice milk or drink no mention of upcharge they always try to give a cup of water when menu clearly states bottled water and charge more for it when no price or mention of upcharge is given. I have a picture of the menu to prove it I realize neither you or they care about this as theyre probably a franchise so the water is pure theft and our order war wqrong this will never be made right but I know and now you know they are thieves and your complacency with this makes you an accomplice shame on you .

Carlos Flores

mejor ser vicio del Drive más rápido

Rubi Hernandez

I ask this dummy for a bigger bag in drive thru she goes like "whatcha mean a bigger bag" like really ur mind doesnt comprehend what i said and she wasnt even polite using ghetto words. on top of that she was telling tha maneger and the big dummy was laughing...RUDE AS HELL. they need to hired more mature, decent and respectul people a days they hire whatever teenagers with no mind sets in life

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