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Honest R.

Absolutely most poorly run restaurant I have ever been to. I've been there 3 times and every single time they have messed my order up.

I asked for toppings (and paid for them) and they forgot to add half of them.
Another time, they forgot to make part of my order.
Next time, the sausage was grey and tasted off and I got a stomach ache.

I held back from writing a review because I like to supper new businesses but this is way too consistent. When you mess up every single times order and use old meat, I can't stay quiet. The owner is also rude and disrespectful. I've never had a pleasant experience with this restaurant and do not recommend anyone to waste their time or money.

Jessica T.

Same name. New place. Pizza was not what it has been. No alcohol. They are turning it into a hookah lounge. No longer the pizza, wings, bar place it used to be.

Jalynn M.

The Wings were amazing & the costumer service was outstanding but I can say it was a little pricey for a casual lunch.

Doug Wallace

Ordered a 4 pc chicken nugget happy meal, received a cheeseburger and was charged for a dasani bottled water when no mention of it is made on outside menu, bottled water is listed with juice milk or drink no mention of upcharge they always try to give a cup of water when menu clearly states bottled water and charge more for it when no price or mention of upcharge is given. I have a picture of the menu to prove it I realize neither you or they care about this as theyre probably a franchise so the water is pure theft and our order war wqrong this will never be made right but I know and now you know they are thieves and your complacency with this makes you an accomplice shame on you .

Sarah A.

I ordered the poutine, spicy waffle fries and loaded gyro fries.
The poutine was disappointing. I wasn't expecting anything special, but there was barely any gravy or cheese. Just a little bit in the middle.
The spicy waffle fries are just seasoned fries in the shape of waffles.
The loaded gyro fries ended up having feta cheese on them. The menu online did not mention feta cheese, or I would not have ordered it. Other than the horrible taste of feta cheese, the fries were hard, and barely any sauce. Just dry.
Also had the Shaykh YQ Mango Shake. That was the best out of everything. Definitely not worth 6.99, but it was good.
Also took 40 mins for everything to be ready.
Over all, it was a waste of money and food.

Neha C.

Really wanted to like this place, especially being desi BUT....ordered over $100 worth of food from here through DoorDash. They told my DoorDasher the food was ready so she heads over there only to wait 45 additional minutes for the food to get ready. I finally call the restaurant to figure out what's going on, no apologies nothing - they simply said your order is being placed in the bag now, we have a lot of orders to take care of. It took me an hour and 45 minutes to get my food, so by the time it got to my door the pizza was soggy and inedible.

Sher M.

I ordered food for our iftari today (the food we muslims eat to break our fast) from in-fretta irving through doordash for pickup. I ordered, Philly cheesesteak, cheese calzone and 2 types of wings. Maybe it was my mistake that i ordred the boneless wings but they were so dry that they were inedible. Which lead to huge disappointment for me and my fasting senior parents. The Philly cheesesteak was ok, the beef was good but the sandwich bread was, again, dry. The cheese calzone was good. The cheese filling was in fact delicious.

It is my own stupidity that i have believed into the hype of this place. The food is ok, not amazing as a lot of people online tend to claim.

I will not be ordering from in-fretta again.

Sumeya M.

I rarely post reviews and Words cannot describe how blown away I am by both the quality of food and the service. The owner Haneef and his staff are one of a kind and their food is the best by far. I know this is a pizza spot but we've never tried wings so great. My wife can't get enough of the spicy Parmesan and I love the mango habenero. Gyro fries are a steal w the amount given for just $10. As for the pizza. You can't go wrong w the Dallas cowboy or meat lovers but by far the best one is the brisket pizza (when available). Once again big shoutout to In-Fretta for holding down and given us real food to look forward to every week.

Seung L.

This place is very chill and laid back atmosphere which is great for a lunch hour or quick dinner option.   The food is amazing, in particular, the Korean style wings, and the pizza is superb Italian style.  When all this corona-virus pandemic is over, I can't wait to go back!!!

Txgirl M.

Definitely will not be returning. I was charged $14 for fried shrimp that was hardly anything, they used to give you huge pieces but they've changed management . A total rip off for this little shit.

Chris T.

This place is under new management, and I gotta say, they have made major changes for the worse.

First: The bar with craft beers is gone. The bar with any beer is gone. No alcohol is allowed in this place. No Byob. Nothing. It's like a church lock-in for 12 year olds.

Second: The fries have been downgraded. They used to have these amazing seasoned fries. Now it's just regular soggy bar fries. Not good with any entree.

Third: The pizza is terrible. I got two pieces once and ate half of one. Cafeteria pizza is better than this.

The good side? Their wings are still amazing. I've heard one good thing about their sandwiches and one bad thing, so I can't comment on that.

Long story short, there is no longer anything here that makes the place worth visiting. Unless you want a healthy drink/smoothie to go with your deep fried food (which makes no sense at all).

Kaab A.

WINGS WINGS WINGS! BDUBBS WHO??? This place advertises itself as a pizza joint but the wings are where they shine. They have all the regular pizza toppings and then the Indian fusion pizza toppings.  We ordered the butter chicken pizza and the tandoori chicken pizza. While both sound phenomenal they actually were not good (3/5 stars). NOW THESE WINGS THOUGH. First off they are HUGE. You have the option of ordering 5, 10, 15, or 20 wings and can get up to 4 diff flavors. We got the Buffalo Mesquite, Thai chili, and Nashville Hor. All are incredible and I would highly recommend. Owner and staff are super relaxed and helpful as well. I will be back  although next time, wIngs.

Kelleigh R.

This is my first review of a restaurant, purely because I've never felt motivated to write anything before but this place is the exception. We were in Dallas for work and every meal was sad in comparison to this place. The service we received deserves 10 stars, and the wings we got were almost as big as my hand! We plan to visit this place every chance we get.

Roger T.

Just ate here. Great food! We had the vegetarian fretta pasta which has a delicious pink sauce as well as the international indian tikka masala pizza with veggies and paneer. Both dishes were fantastic and packed with flavor. I highly recommend this place.

In addition to the good food, the staff was very polite and accommodating. The owner/manager was a super nice guy and came and checked on us once the food arrived at the table. If you haven't been here, try it. It's a new place and very clean!

Carlos Flores

mejor ser vicio del Drive más rápido

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