New York Pizza Pasta & Subs

10009 N MacArthur Blvd # 121, Irving
(972) 869-5995

Recent Reviews

Ms. Ké

My favorite dine in!! Very intimate for family or a date. I love the live music and I've NEVER had a customer service issue. The cook is amazing and the staff goes beyond satisfaction ❤

Jay Sd

We decided to give this restaurant a try as we were passing through the Dallas area heading towards Oklahoma. We ordered a large cheese pizza pie, and this thing was huge. Definitely had to fold the slices New York style indeed. I highly recommend giving this little restaurant a try. When I go back I would make a detour to go back.

Jeff Wells

Always friendly and on time with decent prices. I will sure miss this place when my job transfers me out of the area

Matthew F.

Very boring, bland. Ordered the Calzone and a slice of pepperoni pizza. Not terrible but not good either. It was the most generic calzone and slice I ever had. Delivery was on point, that's why it's a 3 star, not 2 stars.

Ben Morrison

Ok, I think this might be my new local pizza. I ordered a 14" supreme pizza to go. The staff are friendly and attentive. The pizza is very good. The ingredients could have been more evenly distributed, but everything tasted great. The crust is just like I like it, chewy and crispy on the edges. The restaurant dining room was fairly busy. Everything thing looked clean and tidy. Restroom was clean too. I plan to order several pizzas tonight for a home poker game. I will update this review if necessary.

Nichelle Hopson

I visited Dallas with my family in the middle of June. We were looking for pizza and saw the great reviews for New York Pizza. I must say it did not disappoint. We ordered 2 pizzas with Pepperoni and Sausage. We ate all of it. We wished we were staying longer to try their pasta. The other dishes looked delicious. If we every visit Dallas again we will definitely be back!

Angela Green

Well let me just say this is my second visit. My first visit was 15 minutes before closing and I ordered the same dish. I will only say I was terribly disappointed as it was a take-home dish. Underneath the beauty of the eggplant was a over cooked over fried and old slice of eggplant Parmesan. But let me tell you. Today they have been redeemed! The eggplant was beautifully deep-fried individually. You could see the herbs in the batter crust. Every bite had a crunch. It was not overcooked. Since sliced eggplant to perfection. Oh I may not have to leave the neighborhood ever again for great eggplant Parmesan! I am very very happy. Stop by bring the family and your friends it’s a bar too :-)

Corey Johnson

The food isn't bad but Its not enough to overcome their terrible service. On MULTIPLE occasions when I order food to go, when I come to pick it up, it is NEVER even started. Not because they are busy, but because they don't treat my order as any priority. Its to a point where they would say it will be a 5 to 10 minutes wait and I would wait 30 to 40 minutes before leaving my place to pick it up and its not started until I arrive. Maybe its a better experience if you actually sit down at the place but im not going back.

Nicole Griffin

This PLACE is Fantastic! The Owner was amazing and the food was OUTSTANDING!!! If you’re looking for an Authentic Italian food this is the place!

Ethan HySmitj

I want to start off , the food was fresh and hot. Their house dressing was very good. However, when you walk in the place to order is very unsure of it’s self, I gave my order to a guy and 3 steps down the counter another person asked me my order. The first guy called me “boss” repeatedly. I wasn’t very impressed with what I got it was like Alfredo soup with eggs. The waitress never came and helped or asked if I needed anything she seemed more interested in visiting with people who she knew but the woman who took my order was helpful enough. The bowl my food came in looked as if it were 2005 and for the price I paid it seems pretentious. Anyway, it was clean and if I’m being honest one time was plenty for me.

Srikanth Mamidala

Neither good nor bad. Satisfies the hunger but not the appetite. Not a place I’d wanna visit again.

Matthew McPeake

Amazing food! Great bartenders and employees. Always have best times here.


Very quaint neighborhood restaurant for dine in or take out. Pizza by the pie or slice. Nice assortment on pasta dishes. Food delicious. Staff friendly.

Ciara Owens

Very good place for families and/or outings for friends. Pizza is always a winner, but their hot salad, calamari, cocktails and more are phenomenal. We drove from Cedar Hill to dine for Lunch ?

Resa Myhand

Wow! This place was incredible!I got there lobster ravioli and my husband had their chicken salad. Everything was amazing!I would definitely go back! Their customer service was great too!

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