Pei Wei

7600 N MacArthur Blvd Suite 102, Irving
(972) 373-8000

Recent Reviews

lawrence hall

Computer was broken. Had to wait 15 minutes for my food.

Luis R.

I thought it was just me but reading some of the recent reviews, the issues at Pei Wei seem systemic. I ordered the General Tso's chicken. Bro...this was straight trash. The chicken was chewy, and stringy af. I ain't gonna lie, it didn't have the texture of chicken, like I was eating rat, or cat. I know that is not the case but damn fam... don't give me old chicken. This place is trash!

fabiola arroniz ochoa

Food was delicious, service inside the store was good, algo very fast we wait less than 5 minutes .

Adi W

Food taste was never consitent, can't even cook rice right. Need better management.

Sandeep C.

Maria , I Beleive whom is the is the manager at this location had forgotten our eggrolls , but she went above and beyond to make sure that I was takin care for tge mistake , very polite no argument .offered to make it right or come back & she would take care of it . She sure did ! food is always great. thumbs up for food and service ..

lady charlotte

Just spent $18 and some change on fried rice with orange chicken that is tough as leather (old batch of chicken). Was told that it wasn't spicey, but my mouth is on fire ! This really sucks !! Never again Btw, the cashier was nice, but I was served old food

Michael Dionne

Very elegant and welcoming restaurant. They serve large meals and for economical prices. We enjoyed the food very much and the staff were very welcoming and chatty. Recommended.

Ellen G.

I just ordered the chicken lo mein via door dash. The food was horrible. The chicken fatty and did not appear cooked all the way. More chicken than lo flavor. will never eat anything from them again.

Garrett Long

It honestly taste like they marinate their chicken in water, literally disgusting and mushy

Heather M.

Terrible experience at this Pei Wei. Ordered online Togo and waited 20min past when it was supposed to be ready. Then once we got our order found out they were out of the crab wontons we ordered. The only reason we knew was because they wrote it on the receipt, no employee mentioned it. When I checked the bag they just put egg rolls in it's place. No one asked if I wanted a refund for the food I actually ordered or even told me they were just going to swap it for something else. I also paid extra for fried rice and got white rice and paid for extra sauce that I never got. The egg rolls were cold and the rice was hard. I love Pei Wei but I will never return to this location.

ryan p smith

They do not have scheduled deliveries figured out yet timing wise or actually getting the order right. I was also dissatisfied to see portions much smaller than they used to be.

Aj Martinez

I ordered delivery and theres literally no meat. It's all rice. I got the family meal and it's all rice. Go to panda express instead. I should have NEVER tried this place

Randal Ferguson

We arrived at this spot for lunch. my friend recommended this place. Well, we were not disappointed. we were warmly welcomed by the crew and we had a great feeling. The food was just great. We loved this place very much and we shall absolutely come back again. Warmly recommended.

Kelcey R.

No stars if I could. Had it delivered. Overcooked dried out beef. Horrible sushi. Soggy and very "fishy" as in not fresh. Really overpriced for terrible food.

C Azeneth G.

Last time on Pei wei is a shame that this concept is getting worse from location to location and now corporate. First was Garland location my home location service not were I expected and then closed by health departments since then my Husband doesn't let me order for family but I loved the food tried this location at las colinas since is close to work for catering order that appears that was taken by some other departments and they didn't have my order in the restaurant and don't even ask for apologies I wrote corporate and never responded so I just give up on you even that you tentative offers that you send me by email that is a proof that your business are not going well to email free bowls or discounts I hope that one day your back to your regular standards and maybe will have me as guest again is hard to leave something you once loved

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