Pie Pizzeria

2206 W Walnut Hill Ln, Irving
(972) 236-7677

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Israel Trevino

I should have just gotten a couple of slices from the local QT.A tiny splash of what they call pizza sauce, undercooked dough, cool in the center. The meats and veggies appear to have passed under a "salamander" heatlamp for a lttle heatThe driver very nice, he even waited a couple of minutes outside my hotel room door.

James Wilkes

I am hesitant to give 5 stars but, for the value alone it's worth that extra star. I ordered at 2pm. Picked up at 2:15 and it was ready. Staff was nice and friendly and helpful. I guess I was thinking that I was getting what the prices would normally dictate. I ordered the cheese-sticks w/ marinara, a Chicken Parm Pasta, and a Cheesecake. Well hell... I got EIGHT cheesesticks, the entire not only came with ceasar side salad (good ceasar dressing), but also a 10" cheesebred, and the entire wasn't 1 chicken breast... it was TWO breasts on tons of thin spaghetti ?, and then of course a decent sized slice of Cheesecake (med height nicely done). I ate all the salad (perfect), half the cheesesticks (pretty good), and by this time it is beginning to settle and I was only able to finish 1/4 of my chk parm pasta dish (huge). I can't even think about the cheesecake right now, I'm so stuffed. The one thing that I really like and I knew I should have asked for is heavy sauce. This and the overall Italian flavor is the only reason I hesitated giving 5 stars. The pasta was barely flavored with the sauce, as the chicken parm just soaked it all up. This was I think a great deal, and could have maybe had slightly better Italian seasonings. However more sauce may fix that.Other than that, for what I got, it may be a little high to some. But you could easily feed two light to average eaters off of this, and it only cost me a little under $24.00. Keep in mind I got the full four course meal here. Salad, appetizer, entire WITH chesebread (the size of a small pizza), AND desert... for $23 and change. To me being able to feed two people for that price these days is a good deal. ? And it tasted pretty good as well. I am pleased, and I have it to eat again as leftovers tonight or tomorrow.Thanks for the great food, and keep up the good work. More sauce on the entries that are breaded though.Thanks all,Jim

Hunter B.

We knew nothing about this place, save their good prices that we found online. We were simply passing through, and needed something to feed a family of four without breaking the bank. This is a take-away, so no dining room. However, we placed the order, guy said it was going to be 20 minutes, and right on the dot, it was ready. The buffalo chicken pizza is great, and they generously hooked us up with plates, cheese and crushed red pepper without having to ask. These guys worked really hard, and would try again when back in the area.

Richard Charles

Go to pizza place, so delicious and fresh

Krutika Patil

Wonderful customer service. Great food and beautiful views. We had conch fritters, salad and pizza and they were all delicious.

Vincent Bailey

I had a wonderful time in this restaurant. We enjoyed the great ambience and the menu. The staff members are very attentive. I am happy we ultimately managed to eat here.

Daniel Holloway

Wonderful customer service. Great food and beautiful views. We had conch fritters, salad and pizza and they were all delicious.

Lucille S

Pizza, mmm, so delicious. Prices are reasonable I would say. Feeling here is similar to a cafe in San Jose I liked.

Elvira Aubakirova

Great quality food and great value for your money. Their manicotti is bombdiggity. I get their fettuccine Alfredo with a side of marinara to make a delicious pink sauce. With each entree you get cheese bread which is airy, fresh, and has a flavor of a good homemade bread. I’m glad I found this place because from now on it’s my go-to Italian.They deliver super fast, always on time. They make sure to separate hot and cold items as well. Definitely recommended to try.

Jonathan Strahan

Low quality pizza. Crust like bread. Not real pizza crust. Toppings seem below par, also. Not a professional phone answering person. Delivery guy, although not hostile, was not friendly. Will select another pizza place next time I'm in town. Oh, and the 'breadsticks' (and I use the term loosely), were a joke. Just bread with cheese thrown on top.

Walter Flores

Very kind a great food! Accident ordered the wrong food but they made what I wanted on the spot. Great food and great people. 10/10!

John Ashley Menzies

The cheese sticks were awful. Like biting into a piece of stale cheese. The pizza was fine but the meal as a whole really suffered.

Kenyon E.

This is my new go to pasta craving for door dash. I have ordered it 3 times since COVID started and have been very happy each time. Pasta is well packaged and always comes with a large amount of cheese bread. My husband got the pizza once and said it was not New York quality but still good. The last time I ordered I got the artichoke dip. OMG it was good! I ate so much of it. My meal had to be leftovers, but not complaining here. Everything is a great price and you do get a lot of food.

Carlos&debbie Loya

Best pizza we ever tasted and the Chicken salad was fresh and delivery guy was very courteous ...

Alan V

Got stuck in town waiting on a connecting flight and ordered through Door Dash. Food would have been decent had I not bit into a large piece of plastic in my sandwich. The worst part is we didn’t even get plastic ware or napkins... guess it all went into the food.

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