7601 N MacArthur Blvd Suite #180, Irving
(469) 242-6116

Recent Reviews

Christopher V.

Salata is exactly what it should be. ..fresh salads and friendly service with an efficient ordering/check out process. You're familiar with the setup. Create your own salad by walking the line or choose one of their suggested combinations. Most importantly, the salad dressings are great. One of the reasons (or excuses) for not eating more salad is my difficulty in finding good dressing. I can be fairly picky. That's never a problem at Salata. You can even combine if you'd like. Wraps are available too. The bread and soups are equally as good. I particularly like the broccoli and cheese soup. I'll take Salata over Sweetgreen any day. Give them a try if you're in the area and looking for a healthy option.

Katrin Patel

Great place and very nice staff. Love their salads

The Duchess

I came here to get a quick bite to eat while out running errands. They had so many options and I loved being able to customize. As a vegan it is hard to find places that have more than one salad option and take into account that we eat by sight; meaning plenty of colorful veggies to top my bowl with. I got the small bowl and couldn't even finish it LOL. A definite must try for those looking for something different but dont let the name fool you: it doesn't feel like you are eating "healthy" because of how good and FRESH everything is!

Patrick Crawford

I love this place!! A former coworker recommended it for their price and big portions. I was not disappointed. Online ordering is easy. And pickup is a breeze. The employees are very friendly and patient with me. Definitely my new go to when I’m craving a salad.

Carlos Cuevas

Just tried this place today am I am very impressed with both the great food and wonderful staff. I will be a regular from now on

David R.

First time here did not disappoint my fiancée and I. My salad was delicious and not overly heavy with dressing. We've found a new salad place! Bye bye Snappy Salad!

Alexander Barrientos

I like this place because the saldas are so good and there a variety of vegetables and they also do wraps and seal soups

Ray F.

I was stuck in the office and ordered delivery through Foodsby. Easy to order and was able to get on with my day and my order arrived early! I ordered a salad with Acadia mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, and kidney beans and Krabmeat (imitation crab). Ranch dressing (c'mon, I'm from Texas, what would you expect?) and pita chips. The Ranch dressing was quite good! It is vegetarian (Not sure if it is Lacto-vegetarian, Ovo-vegetarian, Lacto-ovo vegetarian, Pescatarian, Vegan or Flexitarian.) but with me being an omnivore, no problem! The pita chips are whole wheat and quite tasty as well as softer crunchy. A very satisfying snap when bitten. The salad was really good. The Krabmeat was spiced and very flavorful. The Acadia mix was good, but the cut ends were well oxidized. Otherwise, tasty and a lot of the salad's volume. The carrots were cut thin roundelle style which is hard to eat with a thick plastic tine fork. I think thin julienne style would have been better. The carrots were very delicious and crunchy! Unfortunately, I never found any of the ordered bell pepper in the salad. The price, packaging and quality was reasonable for a delivery salad and I look forward to finding one of these near the house!

Abbi Knight

Great price for great portion! Very fresh toppings that are unlimited. It was our first time and they let us try any topping or dressing too. Friendly service as well!

Diana Dee

Fresh high quality ingredients. You get to see everything because how food is handled. Important. Clean interior. Great display of all salads. Greens. Veggies. Dressings and protein, chicken, shrimp and salmon. Now, for the not so good, slow, too slow for lunch. 20 minutes to go thru the line at 1:30pm. Too long. No excuse.

Sydnie Tiffin


Frank Medrano

Lots of options for only $7 or $8. Big portions. Pretty good, not your normal salad bar.

Natalie Brown

Excellent wrap! Excellent, fast service

The Ripster

In-restaurant is great.


AWESOME salad bar. Very fresh. Good prices for what you get. Incredibly friendly staff.

Rachel R.

My co-workers and I are frequent customers of the Irving, TX location because of the proximity to our office. Typically we order online and pickup up 2-3 salads each week. For the past couple of weeks, something has been missing from at least one of the salads. We call and they will usually offer to give us the missing item on the next visit or - in some cases refund. Wed 10/23 we are missing items for all 3 salads ordered? Two selected croissants and neither had them. One was missing an avocado which is an additional $1. The third salad missing some ingredients as well. We were already getting an additional avocado free for the another salad because they missed it last week? Normally we call and they rectify but its becoming a pattern with our online orders. Although the salads are delicious, have to rate just a 2-3 due to service.

Ashle Green

Love this place! Everything is fresh, the salad is crisp (and not wilted) and they have every toppingbyou would want. It's a little pricey (for a salad, in my opinion) once you add the protein so you end up paying about $12 for a regular size salad with chicken (or whatever you choose) but the salad is pretty big and the ingredients are fresh.

Kae Wrenn

The staff is so friendly. Plus the amount of food they give you?!

sam Satouche

The food here is always fresh, always of the best quality. Also anyone going here should ask for EDGAR. This guy knows the Salata menu very well, he is also patient and knows the best combinations.

Eric K

One of the best places to get a salad. The choices are always so fresh and plentiful. So many veggie and protein options to satisfy everyone and anyone’s palate.

Ms. Marie

Such a great salad but after a few bites my teeth were SUPER tart and that was BEYOND uncomfortable. That’s never happened before just from me eating a salad. I didn’t like that feeling so I’m not sure on going back.

Cici Schramm

Great salad and chill atmosphere.

Mildred R

I wanted to start by saying this is one my favorite place to eat, however the customer service is very poor. I ordered a small salad and added all the ingredients/vegetable that i was allow to add for no additional cost. When I went to the cash register to pay this guy said very unprofessional that next time I get a small salad this big he was going to charge me for a large salad. I don't understand why I was treated this way just because I added all the vegetable I like. If there is a concern with the portions/size, this needs to be discussed privately with the staff and NOT in front of the customers. This experience left a very bad impression with other customer that were waiting to pay.


Good salads. You can have as many toppings as you want.

Sharon Brown

Just so good and everything is so fresh. Customer service is awesome!!

Alex Anya

Loved it.....the salad is awesome. The ginger lime dressing is awesome.

C.J. Dewberry

This is another great place of choice that I'd pick to go out to eat. HUGE variety! I have soooooo many beans & veggies w/ herb dressing wrapped up in the cucumber tortilla! YES PLEASE!!!!

Karen Conley

I think Salata is the best. Especially since Sweet Tomato is gone from this area.

Diana S.

I usually enjoy Salata, but seeing flies hop around on all the lettuce and salad toppings really killed my appetite. Hopefully they'll be able to fix the fly problem and I can revisit again, soon!

Francesca H.

This place is amazing but it's not cheap at all. I enjoy the online ordering option as this place gets very packed during lunch hours. Everything you could ever want for a salad is available and has always been fresh!! I just wish they had more dressing options

Deron J.

Moved back to Irving and tried this place out after year missing out. Went there after work in the evening. As I walked in there was one lady working and she was on the phone having what appears to be a personal conversation. After about 5 minutes of waiting she came to start serving me and building out my salad. Shortly after starting the phone rings again she stops what she is doing and leaves to answer the phone. Meanwhile another customer walks in behind me and is waiting. A gentlemen came from the back and began building the salad for the guy behind me totally ignoring that I had been waiting. The lady was still on the phone having a personal conversation while I was waiting and while someone who came in behind me was being serviced. Giving the service 1 star as I will not return, the guy that is there during the evenings rarely greets you and seems to have an attitude.

damon dukes

A huge selection. Nice and clean. I eat here at dinner 4 to 5 times a week, and one by my office for lunch.......2 months later from 275 to 238. Great staff as well. Why not open Sunday's?

Marlan C.

Nothing but salsa is hot. Luke warm at best. Asked them to microwave. They have one but said they can't do it ....we tried brisket burrito and nachos. Brisket was really fatty. If, big if, I come back I'll try it to go so I can heat it up.

Ann N.

Salata never disappoints. I've honestly never liked salads but after trying Salata I am now converted. The salads here are soo fresh and I LOVE their array of toppings. Some of my favorites would be the edamame (I always ask for extra), banana peppers and corn. They also have unique seasonal toppings as well! My favorite dressing would have the be the ginger lime dressing, similar to the one you get at japanese restaurants. All my friends I have taken here have loved it as well.

Emir Torres

Great concept of providing fresh produce to create amazing hand tossed salads. Variety of options makes for a tasty and new salad every time.

Sandy XOXO

I go here for lunch sometimes and the customer service overall is lackluster at best but the guy at the end of the line with the avocado and artichoke is so rude every time I go there! The salads that I get here are always smaller then every other Salata that I go to because they are so stingy with everything. The salad that I order has went up in costs to $15. You think they could have a better attitude and not be so stingy.


Awesome salad as usual. I got there at about 11:30 AM on a Wednesday and there were hardly any people there. In and out within 7 or 8 minutes. Salad was delicious as it always is. I'm a big, lean guy with a fast metabolism who exercises regularly, and these salads are a perfect match for my diet and lifestyle. This is a good location... will be back!

jesus estrada

Best salad I have ever had!! Very fresh good quality and variety!! Great price great customer service.


Very good salads custom made for you while you wait. Service is rapid. Various meats and other additions to the salad can be made as desired. Everything has calorie counts so you can make intelligent selections. The low calorie dried tomato dressing is really good.


I used to go to snappy salads when it came to my salad, but I'll have to say this place has snappy's beat!I like how they have unique options when it comes to their fountain drinks, like peach tea--which was really good by the way.I saw a lot of people come through just to order to-go, which I don't blame them. I came here during a work day. I love how they had vegan options and you were able to add tofu and seeds for their source of protein. You're also able to order source (also had vegan options!)I'm not vegan, by the way. But my colleague is, and she was also pleased with this place.The ingredients were fresh! Try this place out. I'm not going to post a photo of my salad, because I asked them to mix it and it was an unflattering photo.