Shins Donuts

8251 N Belt Line Rd # 140, Irving
(972) 929-9970

Recent Reviews

Tori S.

Very ghetto, starting from the lady that doesn't speak English to the machines to drinks sit in I wouldn't recommend wasting your money. I purchased 24 donuts for my office and was charged $299.99 what were they made from gold? The next day everyone thought it was hilarious but I didn't find my money being displaced funny at all. Honestly it was very disrespectful and difficult to contact these people. Never stop here. Lol eat McDonald's that day it's healthier

Dustin P.

Tried shins donuts for the first time today and won't go anywhere else for a donut ever again! My wife and I are from Chicago, and can not remember when we had such a delicious donut. I highly recommend this place if you are in need of one of the best donuts ever.

Emily Chang

This place is GREAT! however they do sell out rather quickly. So sometimes when you show up it might be a dissapointment.

Lillian Renner

Excellent donuts! First time coming here. Not greasy and the sausage rolls were so perfectly made! Soft and warm, an moist. This is really important because my picky kids would not eat them if they are dry. Thank you!

Haiden T.

Amazing donuts. They were literally so soft. It meets all the criteria for a perfect donut. I had a $20 bill and I asked the lady how much I could get with it.. I left with an apple fritter, a little over a dozen assorted donuts, and 4 sausage rolls. I'll be recommending this place to everyone. The texture of these donuts cannot be beat. I got all this for my husband for valentines day- they had cute heart shaped donuts! I tried the sour cream donuts too for the first time. FANTASTIC.

Louise C.

Literally some of the best doughnuts I've had in the DFW. If you can catch them when they are warm, the better! They are good cool too. The lady's are nice and you can feel the team effort they give to please the customers.

Tonita Jetton

Very soft fresh donuts

Jonathon Lewis

Everything tasted super fresh and delicious. Loved the kolache that had jalapeño cheese sausage AND bacon. :)

Becca R.

Very good donuts, quick turn over, the line moves quickly. The regular and chocolate donuts came directly from the cooling racks and were still slightly warm. Also, they throw a handful of donut holes in with every dozen of donuts which always makes me happy!

Eric Chen

Great donuts from a local mom and pop

Chrissy Gilliam

Stopped an doughnuts fo my co-workers for an amazing job in training they were delicious. Would definitely recommend these beautifully crafted morsels

Kristal B.

I'm a sucker for Krispy Kreme glazed donuts but these donuts are so good that I can't resist. They're always fresh and probably the best donuts available in the DFW area. These are so tasty that you can eat cold or warm and they are great alone or with a beverage such as coffee or milk. Shin's glazed donuts are simply heaven sent..I love them!!

Susanne B.

Went here last week after hearing good reviews. Donuts are fresh and delicious!! I've been a fan of Max's for 29 years, but lately it hasn't been as good. Give Shin's a try!

Matthew Geiger

Ordered two dozen donuts and what i selected was good. Wasnt happy with the selection that was displayed but overall, pretty good.

moriah pulver

What a cute shop, and the donuts were great! I don't live in Texas so I was pleased when I drive up and saw plenty of locals headed in and out.

Bill P.

Stopped in for a coffee and decided to pick up an assortment for my family. You will definitely not be disappointed...My girls loved them!

bleg 02

This is usually our go to Donut shop for work. They are usually quick and courteous. Love their boxes they are so fun.

John Lyles

Franklin one of the best donuts have ever had really enjoy the sour cream donuts they have excellent staff if you have to drive it's worth it

Vanessa Sanchez

I love their apple fritters and jalapeno jumbo 👌 perfection.

Mirage Nepal

Great doughnuts and good staff.. highly recommend and visit them in morning for freshly baked doughnuts and small doughnuts are great😇

Kevin Crousen

Arrived on a Saturday morning before 7, service was prompt but the products were average at best.

Diamond S.

Definitely understand what the hype is about! These practically melt in your mouth! Everyone at work loved these so much so that there were not any left - and I bought at least 3 times more than was needed for our small team thinking they might take some home to their kiddos. I purchased plain cake, regular glaze, chocolate glazed, an assortment of "pretty" donuts plus bacon + jalapeí±o kolachies as well as a single spinach / cheese kolachie type thing for myself. Shin's is close to the office so as other individuals on our floor discovered that's what was on the table, they quickly disappeared!! The few times I've been in, the same two women were working the front and are always so pleasant and ever so sweet. They know their ingredients very well and have always been gracious in answering all of my questions, even if they have a rush inflow of customers which seems to be the norm. (I unfortunately have a long list of allergies so I'm often that annoying person in front of you - so sorry if you've been lucky enough to be behind me but I do try to be quick about it. I have most of my Q&A's down to a science.) That being said, I cannot emphasize enough how amazing their customer service is - I know the vast majority of donut shop employees are fairly decent but those two ladies are truly genuine, never rush you and always greet / leave you with a smile. (Very refreshing early in the morning, especially on Mondays!) Even if they were rude, to be honest, their donuts and pastries are so delectable, I'd seriously suck it up and go back and that is saying a looooot.

Sydney C.

Really good donuts and service. Fresh donuts, they threw in some donut holes :) I would recommend if you're looking for a fast cheap delicious donut place. They also had coffee, a drink fridge and sausage rolls that looked good

Shonda Richey

Super fresh donuts, great customer service

Caleb J.

I got a nice breakfast here for Mother's Day. The apple fritter was wonderfully crisp on the bottom, the kolaches had a perfect buttery texture, and everything was great! Will return.

Myriam Gee

So good. I went around to a couple of the shops in this area and this one is hands down the best. They're always busy so you kind of just have to spit out your order but its worth it.

Shelia Drake

Nice place for donuts, clean lobby

Sami D.

The donuts were actually really good! I didn't know what to expect as I was traveling in from Virginia and needed some donuts fast. It definitely hit the spot and was the talk of the office!

Shelley Kniss

Friendly service. My kids love these donuts !

Zimmy Z.

Excellent donuts. Yet a little on the pricey side. There's a equally quality donut place close by get more reasonably priced. Enjoy

J S.

Fantastic donuts. Best donut holes ever (and they always throw a few holes in when you get a dozen donuts). I've had better cinnamon rolls, but these still are pretty good. And the apple fritters are great as well. It looks like an ordinary hole in the wall donut place, but it's not!


Best donuts in the metroplex. Staff is super friendly. Coffee is top notch too.

David Tashman

Good customer service however just average donut

Brett J.

Great donut place!!!!! Delicious donuts and very friendly staff!! Highly recommend trying them out

Natalie B.

Best donuts in Irving. So fresh & soft, my go to spot when bringing donuts to the office.

Michael Bascom

They have some of the best donuts in Texas. Light, airy texture. Good food done well.

Mihir Yerande

Nice staff and good food

keith compton

Great donuts. People wait for the glazed donuts. Even after 8am you can still get a warm donut that's light and yummy!

Brad Troxel

Quick service, friendly, good prices but products themselves were mediocre - dried out and hard donuts, little to no frosting, very little flavor. Nice store and nice people, they just have an inferior product to sell compared to dozens of other stores nearby.

Martin Flaherty

Love their donuts. Some of the best around.