Di Leo Pizza

8251 N Belt Line Rd, Irving
(972) 929-5084

Recent Reviews

Kimberly S.

Amazing place! Food is always huge sizes and great price! Big enough to share. Owner is a Mexican guy, super friendly and caring. I will always support this place being a Mexican American myself. Please support establishments like this. Overall amazing value.

Allan L.

I don't understand how you repeat the order back to me correctly(on the phone prior to arriving )but when I arrive my order is incomplete and added another 15 minute wait on top of that

Sandra P.

Super friendly, delicious and clean. I love it. The owners super cool, thank you so much?.

Aziz ababtain

Yummy pasta, alot of spaces great service

David ware

I enjoy this location because they usually have a good selection of pizza you can order by the slice.

Andy L.

This place is amazing and even though I have only been once I would gladly keep going. The environment is great the staff was friendly and the food was amazing. I had the Chicken Cacciatore and I was barely able to finish it. I was left full and satisfied would strongly recommend eating here as I know I will keep on coming back.

Roz H.

I can't recommended this little Italian place enough !!!  Their "small" pizza is bigger than most places' large.  But, I don't come for the pizza, my go to order is the chicken parmesan.  The chicken is cooked to it's juicy perfection, and the pasta is wonderful.  Plus, there's always enough for lunch tomorrow.  
You can't go wrong with them.

Ashley Messick

The owners are delightful and the pizza is delicious and such a great deal!!!

Lorenzo D.

Soooo I'm hungry as hell and I go to Vitos to grab a quick couple slices of pizza..been here many times  "but today though " so I go in make my order all good till I turn around.. freaking guy's loading my supreme slices with his bare hands...then I notice every other cook's got on the blue gloves.. so I say hey man you just gonna prepare my dood with no protection please put in some gloves dude.. this guys face turned purple and says O the heat of the oven will eliminate ANY GERMS!!
I'm like "THE FUGG YOU MEAN"!!
So another guy stepped in and redid my pizza but he also had a pissy attitude
So I'm trying to be a good BLACK dude O then the guy that didn't have his gloves on storm's off to the back of the kitchen somewhere.. I'm on the phone with my wife who's like?????
Pizzas ready in 3 min...I grabbed my shii and bounce.. get to my destination hungry as hell open my pizza box to cold pizza and my toppings are all over inside the box .. cheese not melted or nothing..

Straight trash!!!!
Never getting my business again!!
Monkey ass MF's !!!

Alexandra Selders

Just tried this place for the first time. Ordered for deliver, the delivery driver was amazing!We ordered two calzones and a salad and it was AMAZING!!!! I Couldn't believe the size of the calzones! So big and such a great price. HIGHLY RECOMMENT

Cindy B.

A neighborhood gem.  Hubby and I both had pasta dishes.  They were very tasty and included salad and a very large piece of garlic bread/roll.  Service was super nice and efficient.  And it's BYOB which is a big plus in our household.  The atmosphere is really cozy and warm.  Nice mural on the walls.  We can't wait to go back.

Malakai Dodson

We met with friends at this place for a meeting. my friend recommended this place. Well, it was a winning. The staff were extremely nice and we felt very good. The food was just great. We enjoyed every moment and we will visit this place again. Ordered to during lunch and enjoyed a slice of cheese pizza while waiting. We waited for about 20 minutes for Chicken Picata and linguine with clams. The linguine clams was a little dry but the picata was very delicious. The meals included salad and one bread roll each. Priced well for the quality of food, would definitely return. we highly recommend this place.


I love this place, the people are very nice and the food and the portions are Great. My favorite is the Fettuccine Primavera with pink sauce. The sauce is Amazing and the pasta delicious. Highly recommend this place if you want good food with great portions and friendly people.

Jack Rigdon

It's actually called Vito's and it is certainly the Real Deal when it comes to an awesome pie. You really must check this one out. Lol, it's making me hungry just writing this review and recalling how good it is! Get some.

Maria Bolanos

First time coming here and the food was amazing.! Not only is the staff SUPER friendly, but the PIZZA, WINGS and MOZZARELLA STICKS were delicious.! Definitely recommending my friends and family to try this place.

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