7700 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving
(972) 432-7918

Recent Reviews

Bill Freauff

Sorry but we found a long hair stuck on a burger patty.

Carla Boyd

Food not hot. Nuggets too spicy. Had to go back save request for fresh, regular nuggets.

Brian K

The order-receiving staff is taking orders while listening to music with earphones. I had to say the same thing several times, and I misunderstood that, so the order came out wrong. They say that I made a wrong order because it was a complaint. I need to retrain the staff here. The working woman's nails are so long that she keeps making mistakes, and the manager doesn't know if she knows. I don't understand the business. I'll never come again.

Lonnie Barrios

Typical Wendy's experience. Dining room was open but many tables were 'closed".

Eddie Lovan

The worst services ever from ordering to pickup, the lady working the drive through should not be working there if she disliked customers. Not again.

Cynthia MacIntosh

Always friendly and salads are fresh and fill me up!

daniel duno

Went to this Wendy’s, ordered my food in the drive thru and as I went to the window. I noticed the girl who took my order had no mask on whatsoever. I kindly asked her why she didn’t bc it’s required in Dallas county and in Texas statewide now along with Wendy’s policy. and then she got all defensive and said that every single one of us in the car needed one she’s got her facts wrong. I had one on since I was in contact with her but the rest of my family did not need one since we we know in our CAR. She is required too. I asked the manager who wasn’t very apologetic about it what her name was and I was told it was Evelyn. Very rude employee of urs. And something needs to be done. She’s putting all your customers at danger.

Jessica Bridges

The speaker is working. Uber eats driver. Drive thru lady Christina very bad customer service and rude.

Olu Laoye

They have real good customer service.

Raul Z

Dry beef. The dry fries tastes like over salted cardboard on my last visit. Pass on this place. What happened Wendy's?!

Diana Topel

Wendy's salads are very good. This Wendy's was very clean and nice.

Tarek Hijazi

Veryyyyyyyy dry chicken sandwich , once they put a special it’s like they try to finish up their old stock and give you dry chicken sandwich !!!

Ed Brown

Only drive thru is open. Not exactly helpful to people who need to use the restroom.

Tina Navarro

Ordered thru the app. Had to wait on my order, and then it was wrong. Then the manager told me they were having problems with the app. If you knew that you should verify the order when we come to pick it up. Then the cheese on the sausage burrito was ice cold. I threw it in the trash. Never again will I spend money here and will encourage all I know not to visit this establishment.

Kathy Brinkley

Not worth rating. Left ER to take bad tea back. Waited at the counter for 10 minutes @ 9:45pm. Ebony did not want to hear anything. Refused a refund without receipt. Restaurant dirty & floor where they were completing orders was nasty. She did not care.

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