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(972) 554-9464

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Lili Gon

Honestly not caring about people's food is just bad. We placed an order and when we arrived home and opened our food, I was so disappointed just to look at it. There was barely any sauce on my wings. I ordered Cajun and they looked buffalo mild.

Em Camargo

their wait time is ridiculous! I have called over the phone and they say 30 mins then I get there in 35 mins and it still not ready.. or sometimes I get to the restaurant and order 1 hour wait and nobody is there and they're in the back chatting only. I literally have to go to the one in Dallas.

Allith Galaviz

If you can't get a menu right, just don't even open the restaurant. It literally just serves chicken, fries, cups, and veggies. A tiny menu can't be expensive. Walked in and the menu is a qr code! Looked at the register and another qr code, i looked at the wall and another qr code. They literally don't have a menu... So I am supposed to use my phone to look at your menu in your restaurant? Ask the cashier for a menu, what a relief! She had one... With no prices. No thanks, I'll take my money to places that have menus

Jeff Jackson

Placed an online order 2 weeks in a row. For 10 piece classic wings. Both times received 10 piece boneless. Tried calling the restaurant and kept getting disconnected. Tried to contact thru the app and same thing ,nothing nobody got back with me on the issue.

Rosy Romero

I love wingstop but today as I picked up my order and got home I was very disappointed. I ordered the limón Pepper, Hawaiian, and the buffalo flavor. Not one wing had any flavor what so ever. The chicken wings were just so plain that not even some salt was added. I’m just very disappointed with wingstop. I don’t recommend this place anymore.

Elizabeth M. Anderson

I like the taste of this location better, but they never pick up the phone to place an order. You can't place an order online at night.

Luis Zuniga

My Family and I been going to this location for several months now since we switched from The Belt Line location and our first time at Irving Blvd we had the most delightful experience the manager who helped us was terrific he welcomed us like if we were Family he took our order and even went himself to go prepare it then our second time my daughter had went to order and she accidentally forgot her purse then tried to use Apple Pay but the gentleman (Manager) explained to her that this location wasn’t set up yet for it so My daughter was just going to cancel the order but the manager we don’t know his name but he wore glasses and had Marine tattoos he took out his wallet and paid for our entire order it made us really feel like family even if he didn’t have to do that So we went yesterday night 03/08 coming to find out that he was no longer working for Wingstop which kinda disappointed us not to have such a good kind person to attend to us anymore Wingstop needs more good souls like him if possible please give him my email or his info to me so we can thank him once again or if you can at least give us his name so we can thank him in prayer

gisela miranda

I love the service they give me and the wings are always juicy and yummy ?I LOVE GOING HERE ?

Rebecca Gomez

This location is terrible at answering phones. Previous visit called to order over the phone so I could just stop by and pick up. They never answered. Today 2-4-22 at 1:10 called and the girl who answered said they closed early today. All I was calling for was to get a time, so I told her oh ok I was just trying to see what time y’all closed. No comment nothing just hung up, that was very rude. I could have easily submitted an order then and there with her but before I could say another word she had hung up. No we have to drive there with this terrible weather and order there all because of her. Really don’t appreciate being hung up on like that.

Ileana Wilson

This store is BAD! My son loves WingStop, but EVERY SINGLE TIME I place an order something is always wrong or missing. It's been like this for a long time now, at least a couple of years. Each time I order, I wonder what's wrong with it. Such as wrong flavors, sodas always out, sides completely missing. I always pay for extra fry seasoning and they're always regular. Today's surprise a small ranch instead of a large. That's a big difference, it's ridiculous. I don't ever call to complain, but they need to do something about their staff! Getting a food credit is not going to solve this issue. Management needs to hold these employees to higher standards in quality and performance.

Liz C.

I would give it a four but some of the workers there are rude and mannerless! Why on earth would you be eating in front of the store? You do that during your lunch! The food is great, but the workers need training on Customer Service 101 and manners too!

Amy Preston

Do NOT order from this store. We ordered from DoorDash- a 24 piece and other things. When we got our order we only received 8 wings. EIGHT out of twenty-four. When I called at 5:30, I was asked to call back around 7 when the environment was more calm and a manager could talk to me calmly because they had a full lobby. I have a feeling a manager told this poor cashier to say that because they couldn’t stop and handle the problem at hand. So they basically told me, I was sol and I wasn’t going to get the food that I ORDERED. This made me feel so unimportant and like our order/business didn’t matter to them. How does this even make sense? You didn’t fulfill our order but yet when I called to get the rest of my order I had to call back in 1 1/2 hours?! And on top of that, our food was cold and rolls were just disgusting. This place has lost my business and I’ve given them many chances. I will never order from this place not only because of the food but because the management really let me down.


Ordered online. Said it would be 45 minutes till ready. Walked in 50 minutes after I placed my order and they haven't even started the order. Don't even waste your time here.

Vilma Monzon

My to go place for wings..staff is really friendly and patient when taking my order. I order from here once a week. Charisma, I appreciate your customer service.

Charles C.

Yesterday I canned in an order to pick up. Ordered wings and fries with EXTRA seasoning on the fries. The wings were ok but not only no extra seasoning on them, I could hardly taste ANY on them. This is not the first time this has happened there. Don't hire people to take orders if they don't have the courtesy to listen or just don't care.

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