963 E Irving Blvd, Irving
(972) 554-9464

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Vilma Monzon

My to go place for wings..staff is really friendly and patient when taking my order. I order from here once a week. Charisma, I appreciate your customer service.

Charles C.

Yesterday I canned in an order to pick up. Ordered wings and fries with EXTRA seasoning on the fries. The wings were ok but not only no extra seasoning on them, I could hardly taste ANY on them. This is not the first time this has happened there. Don't hire people to take orders if they don't have the courtesy to listen or just don't care.

Jennifer N.

Very slow service, bad customer service, food was horrible. Dry wings, very salted fries. Belt line location is your to go to! Irving blvd NEVER again!

anthony viramontes

never had a wrong order in this store when i had ordered to the wrong store the manager pablo had helped me out my food was made fast and had excellent service

legendary best quickscoper

They literally cut chicken tenders in half and called them wings???? like yo are you serious like yo what is going on here

Quiara McQueen

Y'all are so full of it ! Y'all took my money , & y'all's app doesn't even update to show how long it'll take ! Then y'all don't want to answer the phone ! I want my $$$ ! Screw the food at this point ! Y'all play too many games !

Nomadic Communications

This Wingstop bar none is the best I’ve ever experienced! The entire night crew from front to back were enthusiastic polite welcoming and they didn’t allow me to go home hungry!!! Thank you Pablo and Crew!!!! Best in Texas!!!


I was told 10 minutes till it was ready, I go inside and the customer service is horrible. Filled with people waiting for orders at least 12 people. Then told me that the fries would be ready in 5 minutes. I walked in at 7:40 pm and got out at 8:18, this is why I hate coming to this wing stop. They need to up there game.

Superior 22

The Night Crew really looked out.. First time eating herre and everybody showed love.. 1st impression was a blessing.Superb service..

Shamon Duncan

Love The Crew.. Felt like home with the hospitality..1st time eating herre.. The Lit Crew.

Amanda S.

It's kind of sad, because I love the franchise Wingstop so much. But this particular location has messed up my order/orders almost every time I visit. Whether it's online, delivery, carry out, and unfortunately dine in. I don't know if they just don't understand my orders, but it's ridiculous. I've been going there since they've opened. Which was probably close to 15 years ago. I choose to go to this location because it's closer to me, but this will probably be the last time.

Gda Lupe

Yall need to be a bit more organizedYou know people are waiting for their orders atleast pay attn lol

Victoria Yanez

yalls food was burnt the fries and yalls lemon pepper chicken was nasty

Ginu Philip

This location is absolutely the worst. I would go here since it was closer to home but over the past two years their wings have gotten worst. Not sure if it’s the person mixing the pieces or the management but it’s gross. Some pieces are broken or half and more than that they never put the sauce sooo dry. When brought this to the manager attention they said it’s the same as always and acted like no big deal. I told them the Irving Beltline is not like this and their pieces are coated well and good pieces. Don’t ever go to this location. Not worth it!!!!!!!

Swavy Jesus

Im very disappointed as me and my friend only have a 30 minute break. I went in to wingstop august 2 around 9:18pm. They messed up our order not once , but TWO times. The girl who was cashier was on her phone. Please do not order from this place.

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