24437 Katy Fwy Suite 100, Katy
(281) 394-9188

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Melvin Jones

Well, this is not the cleanest restaurant in Katy. Especially the restrooms. You have to be in the mood for this type of chicken to really enjoy it in my opinion. It was fried very hard, especially the wings. Although It’s fried chicken, I don’t think it would be something that I would crave like the original fried chicken. And for the price, I can’t say that I will be visiting this place regularly.


Half n half chicken wings

Krystal Schuhmann

Food is delicious! I want to give a shout out to the cooks in the back, Moises brought great energy, I happened to hear him singing the kitchen made it a great experience and I asked him to take a picture with me.

Jocelyn Guzman

It’s a cute little place, I definitely recommend trying out the Korean tacos but asking for extra ranch. The food is amazing!

victor pereira

Great experience, walked in with no idea on what to order, my significant other does not like sweet flavor spices, so the bartender was very helpful and nice and allowed us to try two different flavor wings. I’ll make sure you to buy an order for my self next time! Thank you!!!! Much love. 5/5 flavors are great and spices are on point, thank you “ Heleen “ for your great service!


Our experience was amazing! The bartender made us a wonderful ruby hurricane... just a little twist from the tropical hurricane that's on the menu! Please order one! Come back and thank me later! Anyway the staff was awesome, sweet, and attentive. Very nice spot to have a good meal and drink. Our food was delicious the korean tacos was a little spicy but that's definitely preference maybe. The overall taste and freshness was great. My waiter was new but she was the sweetest waiter ever! We will be back and I say if you're reading my review give them a try! And get the ruby hurricane! We had 4 total lol

Yae Ahn

Food was below average, definitely not authentic Korean flavors. Disappointed ):The wings were so dry and tough, not enough sauce.The rice cake dish had zero rice cakes in them, flavor was mediocre at best.The bulddak dish was watery and not flavorful at all.The chicken katsu had no flavor, even kids were complaining that it tasted bland.

Bria Brown

I was disappointed because I’d tried this place years ago, and remember how good they were. I was reminded of them because they had great reviews in my friend group. I must’ve gotten a bad batch because my chicken was not juicy like others describe/like last time.. Crunchy skin, and flavorful, yes. But the meat was very dry and hard to chew.

Quincy Riggs

Friendly and attentive staff. I pop in whenever on this side of town. They are always on point. Cool fun atmosphere. Love sweet carmalized crust of the drumsticks. But also love the savory spicy sauce. Win win here.

Tarra Pitts

Stop to eat there tonight. Very poor service. Brought out my husbands food, five minutes later brings out my little boys food, 20 minutes later my food is still not out. Everybody else got served their food including takeout before I ever got my food. Do not recommend should’ve known because the place is not busy

Eddie Solis

Food was great waitress was really nice, definitely going back


We visited this restaurant on 10/8/21. We left the waiter (Jose) a 20% tip on our credit card charge. Imagine my surprise when the statement came and the total amount was much more than we had written in. Totally dishonest!!

Jarrod Jones

Wow! Some of the best Korean Fried chicken in the city. Very juicy with a nice crunch. The spicy chicken has just enough heat for me. The Bulgogi tacos are on point and were bigger than I thought. Zucchini Fries were made just right. I forgot the bartenders name last night but he did pretty good for his first day. Definitely will be coming back.

Eric Simms

I enjoyed the Japchae, tasted like I was back in Korea.


Came for my pickup order and they could not find it and then said that they gave it to someone else. No apology just a 15 wait. Restaurant is empty and stinks. Floors are sticky. Really has gone downhill. I won’t be back..

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