China Super Buffet

2001 Katy Mills Blvd # K, Katy
(281) 391-5888

Recent Reviews

David Smith

Oh my goodness this place is awful!!! It is so bad that my wife went to work asking coworkers to go with her to lunch so they would be able to experience how bad this place really is! I love a good Chinese buffet, and with the COVID nonsense going about we figured that they would be on their game. Buy were we wrong. There is nothing "Super" about this place unless you're talking about the horrific smell coming form the restroom area. This restaurant is small and located in the back of a run down strip center. Be smart, spend your money someplace else.

veronica lopez

The thing I mostly liked is that food was well prepared and steaming hot with great flavors thankyou!

Rebecca Castillo

Good food but didn’t have a good time with the lady coming every two minutes with the check.

J M Sample

Came here throughout the pandemic but I wont be coming back again. The food is decent most of the time. Ever since covid season started they shut down one of the buffet bars. Unfortunately, everything I liked must've been on that buffet. I'm leaving this restaurant hungry after paying $40. The only fried rice offered has shrimp in it, just an fyi to anybody who loves fried rice but hates shrimp.

dayz After

There was a roach at our table. There was also a roach at the ice cream bar. Then she expected me to tip her. I moved my own self to a better table. Never will I visit again. Nasty.

LaNini lol

The shrimp was cold. The food tasted different than any other Chinese buffet. Then to top it off it's expensive. Not coming back.

NeNe gtyhf

Great sushi, coconut shrimp and wonderful honey chicken. The problem was there were a man(white) had no mask on and had the nerve to cough all over the food especially in the sushi area. The woman(manager) seem the man but did not tell him anything. Great food but terrible service of taken care of the situation. The man should have been given a warning for not wearing a mask and escorted out the building for not having a mask on while being around food. Please be aware and stay safe.


Great quality and big variety. Love their sushi.

Kriszan Abbruzzi

It decent, but over the past year the quality has gone down. It is a buffet so I never expect much. I go because my boys like it.

Steven Merka

Awesome food, great service friendly staff!!!! All of my brothers and I go here every week!!!!!

Luz Mendoza

Food was not good and cold. Service was slow. And very expensive for the quality they have. Never coming here again.

Chimp Daddy Random Videos

Sweet and sour chicken was old and cold...... Shrimp was salty....egg rolls were the worst tasted like chemicals... Bread was old and cold..... we all Felt bloated and sick.... WAY TOO MUCH MSG IN FOOD.... SLIMY ice cream kids said pizza taste like doodoo... You tell me... Don't waste your money...

Isaac Maduro

Food looked good but tasted nasty. It was almost as if the food was not stored in the proper temperature before cooking. Eggrolls were not good at all. Will not go back

pizzaman (Pizzaman3203)

So good eat now or else

M Garcia

Their green beans are sooo good. Everything is delicious but I am obsessed with their green beans.

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