Chuckwagon BBQ & Burgers

4031 FM 1463 #50, Katy
(281) 394-7784

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Zeenat Muhammad

The customer service was great, the lady we spoke to was so friendly and went above and beyond to assure a great experience. That itself gave this place a 5 stars for me, but then we tasted the food and it shot up to 10 stars. The brisket was so tender and pulled apart beautifully, the hot links are a must have, the slight kick to it was great. They offer halal meat as well for most of their menu which was also amazing. I would Come here every day if I lived in Texas, definitely a must go restaurant! I also want to reiterate how friendly and accommodating the owners/workers were, really warmed my heart!Dietary restrictions: Offer halal Texas bbq

Mike Welch

Good homemade Smokehouse for Texas BBQ. The service was great. Counter service, order and pick up. Sit in small dining room, some tables simulate chuck wagons. Country playing on the speakers. Had pork ribs, brisket, sausage, green beans, and Mac and cheese. All were excellent except sausage. Flavor good but dry, and casing very tough. Took away from overall flavor. But overall if looking for good non chain homemade BBQ, check out Chuckwagon

Brittany Hartnett

The Rueben sandwich is SO delicious. And don’t get me started on the fries. The food here is cooked to perfection! ??

Gitu Sabu

The brisket was great. And the fries was super crisp and well seasoned.

Lee Gunter

The BBQ brisket was busting with flavor and extremely tender and juicy! I will definitely be eating here again. The decor was really cool as well.Disclaimer the food does take a little while to be served so don't expect to get in and out quickly, but it is worth the wait!

Hieu T.

I don't really like to leave bad reviews unless it is warranted, but I think it is in this case. I live somewhat nearby and I always wanted to try this place. I go in yesterday to order a 2 meat BBQ baked potato and I opted for the burnt end beef belly and jalapeno cheese sausage. I paid for it, tipped 15% for a takeout order, and wait for my order. It was almost $22 with tip for this so I expected it to be good and get what I paid for. When I go up to the counter to pick it up, the owner says : "By the way, we are out of burnt ends so I gave you sliced brisket instead." I was like okayyyy, but thats not what i ordered. He said, "It's the same thing", and I told him, no its not, and he said , "Next time I will give you a free sample. I can't give you what I don't have." LOL, next time? I am never coming back here again after the way he treated me and how rude he was. Are you kidding me? I said, "Well you could at least told me." He says: "Well, we ran out an hour ago and I told my employees to stop selling it. We took down the sign. They dont listen very well." He could have asked me if I wanted something else since they were out, but he just gave me what he felt like. I then showed him the sign that was taped to the front of the counter. I even asked the employee and he went to the back and said ok we can do that. I can't believe he blamed his employees right in front of me and said he took down the sign when clearly it was taped right there. His customer service sucks! Too bad, because the BBQ was actually pretty good. 1. Burnt end beef belly is not the same as sliced brisket. Thats like saying fried chicken is the same as chicken tenders. It may be the same animal but it is definitely not the same thing. 2. The Burnt ends beef belly is more expensive than their sliced brisket. He basically gave me no option and didn't ask to refund me the difference or anything. What in the h**l kind of customer service is this? I didn't know this was a chef's choice kind of restaurant. I should get what I ordered, not forced to take what they give me and not get any of my difference back. I mean it is only like 1-2 dollars difference but thats besides the point. It's the principle and obviously, he doesn't understand that. Dude was super rude and his tone was like it was me that did something wrong. I seen how rude he was on other Facebook groups, and now it has been confirmed personally. The way he treats his customer and staff, especially in front of all the other customers was ridiculous. I don't think I will be going back to be honest. I don't care how good the food is. That experience just made me not want to go back. The only reason I didn't one star him is because the food is pretty decent. YMMV, but go at your own risk.

irene Anzon

Craving for brisket, my son like to have cheese burger , we need a place that offer both. I had brisket chopped basket sandwich its soooo good.. most of the time I only eat half my ordered food , I finished my whole sandwich ? my son also love his cheese burger.. This place is a must to try if you live around Katy Fulshear area..

Amber S.

10 out of 10 if you want bbq or some unique food. They even have a secret menu. If you ask them they will tell you. My favorite items are the two grilled cheese sandwiches with brisket in the middle and the hot Cheetos burrito. Make sure you save room for dessert because the carrot cake is the best I've ever had.

Tas A

Excellent excellent excellent. Great halal bbq. Love all the food. We have been there alot of times. Same pleasant experience. The place has a sticky feeling but the interior layout is nice. Love the halal dino ribs ( available only over the weekends. Call ahead and ask if it’s sold out). Worth the price. Must try.

Lizeth Chavez

First of all... the moment you get out of your car.... it smells like heaven okay!? As soon as you walk inside.... you get smacked by all the holy smells of meats and future naps. The ambience is very welcoming and fun. Who doesn't want to eat inside a wagon!? The service is great. They're really friendly. I order a loaded baked potatoes with pulled brisket... 6oz Mac and cheese... a drink and peach cobbler. I lasted an entire hour or so trying to kill all of the food bc they were NOT stingy at all. I only left with my food to go bc I was gonna take a nap right there and then.... so yeah I guess the place is okay!? ?

Jordan Gallaher

Such an amazingly delicious place to eat, our food was some of the best we've ever had! Each and all of the Employee's we came in contact with were super friendly and helpful. My husband asked me where I want to eat for my upcoming birthday, and I can't wait to go back and get some more out of their delicious menu!

Morpheusserver ..

Professionalism of the employees. Cleanliness of the establishment. Above all quality of food. We have been their patrons since Chuckwagon opened 10 years or so ago. Love the burgers, the brisket and sides. Just wanted review them again and give them Kudos.

Rooshir P.

Love the food here and the employees/owner are always friendly. However, whenever you order food here to go, the food is never ready on time. Like not ever... Placed my order @ 6:20pm, received my order confirmation @ 6:23pm stating it would be ready "around" 7:13pm, and I was there at 7:15pm. Didn't get my food until 7:33pm, and that was only because I asked them the status of my order a few times.

David B.

Keep putting off going there but not anymore. Read a touching story in on them giving your dog their last meal. Big grown man and had tears in my eyes. Well done sir, well done.

Mata - Katy, Tx Realtor

Was excited to host an open house this weekend near this place. I was finally able to catch lunch here and it was amazing! I tried the 2 meat combo with brisket & bone chicken. Delicious. Sides were great too! Definitely coming back to try the chicken sausage, turkey legs, dino ribs, & secret menu items!

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