1251 Pin Oak Rd Ste 101, Katy
(281) 693-7992

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khatera nazari

Not a good place to eat. The place is dirty, service is awful and workers are really rude. It’s like you eat from their pockets; they stare and count how many slices of pizza you eat instead of doing their job. Feels like you throw away your money.

Vilas Shewale

None of the pizza taste good. They need to at least take efforts to make pizza tasty or change recipe. Last time ever at Cicis

N'Kayla Thomas

10/10 all the time! Been going to this location since they first started always enjoys every interaction! My favorite slice is the zesty ham it never fails me

Becky Muse

Great place to have pizza for a great price and I just love the concept of all you can eat pizza

Ethan P

One of the best Cici's in the area. Staff is friendly and the pizzas taste great. Obviously not restaurant quality but the classic taste of Cici's that keeps me coming back. Restaurant can get a little dirty but the staff seems to be more than capable of cleaning up

Ann Perez

This Cici's was clean and well run by the staff. Buffet was always full and the salad bar was attended to often. Tables were bussed continually. From our past experiences at other Cici's, this was by far the best one!

Kartik Maniar

Untrained staff, made to order pizza was not done correctly requested for only small portion or 3 slice, gave me big and undone , I dont like wasting food, a lot of people take to much on their plates and waste a lot of it. There has to be a way to avoid this wasteage. Anyways pizza needs to be done better at this location.

Hatice Müyesser

Bol çeşit uygun fiyat

Brenda Bates

Nice and clean. Pizza was fresh and hot. Was nice to drop in and have rew slices of pizza.

Mikel Santamaria

Very Good, Fresh Food, enough Quantity, Varieties, salad, pasta Pizza, cinamon Rolls, Brownies for les than a Hamburger

Zahiruddin M Khalid

They are serving pretty well. We know that lot of the cicis are shutting down around the city. But I love to go there.


I love eating there but BUT I see too many ppl that work there, 7 ppl to be clear, cleaning lady was working and 1young guy cleaning while the rest were sitting at the top counter and talking. Also, 3 individuals came and went inside the bar where food is located and without washing their dirty hands started touching everything moving pizza from a plate to another.The worse that made me upset is the amount of food that is thrown into the trash. A full trey of pizza ect… so in 30 min that I was there ruffly 25 pieces of pizza was thrown away and that is so sad how much food is wasted instead they should give that away to the homeless or something

Sara Adame

My boyfriend and I went about a week ago. We met the owners who were so welcoming, and truly had the best buffet! Highly recommend going to this location.

Mary Rosselli

Cicis was good. I just love there spinach pizza, the spinach pizza on the extra thin crust is the best. There alfredo sauce for the noodles wasn't so great. It was plain no seasoning and way to thin, they must have added way to much water. The salad bar was also very good, they don't have alot of stuff to add to your salad but it was all very fresh.

Arti Patel

Love thin crust veggie pizza, and brownies yumm

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