Leo Kitchen

5102 FM 1463 STE 600, Katy
(346) 707-8957

Recent Reviews

Kimberley Yager

This place has the best vegan sushi with a separate vegan menu and lots of options. And they pay attention to detail, with little flowers etc, beautiful presentation and great service!! Love this place!


This place is never open. How are people giving reviews. I have tried to go there 5 times their hours say they should be open but no one is there and doors are locked.

Rooshir P.

This is the second time I've gotten crawfish to go from them. Both times the crawfish was pipping hot, very well seasoned, and were decent size!

Gge C.

This is a true & authentic Chinese smokehouse. Don't be intimidated & just order the meat. It's flavorful & tastes exactly how my in laws make it. We got a pound of the dry beef roast (perfect for slicing into Chinese beef noodle soup & ramen or even with an egg with rice). These meats last for days in the fridge & can be used with multiple dishes. The texture is supposed to be a little dry and not moist like American bbq. We also got the pickled spicy veggies. We eat this with rice & meat. Everything was delicious & exactly what I've been looking for. We will definitely be back to buy more meats when we run out!

Vicky S.

Traditional Chinese sausage is fantastic. The store is clean and organized. Friendly owner is hospitality. This is couple owned business. They have variety Chinese appetizers.

linran liu

It’s the best place In Houston! The pig skin is chewy and the sausage is fragrant and fragile. The most to my appetite!

Rocs Jimenez

amazing food we just love this place!

Nancy Leon

Leo’s Kitchen did an amazing job accommodating our special sushi boat request. Everything was delicious and fresh. They were very accommodating with our allergy request. The staff is easy to work with and exceeded our expectations. We will definitely be back.

Caroline Ballarino

Best, freshest sushi in town. Many excellent options for the sushi lovers, vegans, and sushirito lovers!! Our most favorite food since the beginning of the pandemic!

Kelly Yang

Great smoked meats, I also love the decorations here.

Ella Liu

I love this place!!!

Tao Yang

(Translated by Google) Authentic Northeast smoked sauce, childhood memories, hometown taste.(Original)正宗东北熏酱,儿时回忆,家乡味道。


Ordering take out food is a regular way of life in my household. We order takeout about three times each week and pizza is one of our most commonly ordered foods. Well- known pizza chains abound, but there are better choices and one that is worth a try in my local area is MOD Pizza. MOD Pizza is, in fact, a pizza chain but it isn’t as popular as the big- name pizza chains and for that reason, it still maintains a certain specialty persona. The pizza they serve here is baked with fresh ingredients and each pizza is distinguished with a colorful name, like Lucy Sunshine, Dillon James, etc. The crust of the pizza is thin and it has a dough—like flavor but because it is so thin, you don’t notice it so much. It’s good for when you want to taste the toppings more than the crust. This pizza chain serves a good number of vegetarian options, so it’s a good choice for those who want to avoid meat. Of the pizzas I have had from here, the vegetarian ones are my favorites. The ones with meat have been a little less satisfying. A good example is the Caspian, which is basically a barbecued chicken pizza. My problem with this pizza is that it’s a little too light on the toppings. And since it is thin crust, you don’t get that great sensation of biting into a hearty slice of bbq chicken pizza, which is what I love. The interior of this this MOD Pizza location is clean and there are plenty of tables for dine- in service. They have some outdoor seating as well. Again, I wasn’t too thrilled with the meat pizzas but when I think about the tasty vegetarian options, the tasty cheese bread, and the positive experience with the service, MOD Pizza has enough positive points to earn an above average rating overall.

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