Phat Eatery

23119 Colonial Pkwy suite b-2, Katy
(832) 913-6382

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Sarah Yip

I asked my dear friend living in Malaysia for his favorite Malaysian dish and he said Nasi Lemak. So I looked for a highly-rated Malaysian restaurant in west Houston and I found Phat Eatery. I tried their Nasi Lemak and it was basically curry chicken with cucumber, anchovies and nuts, fried egg, and pyramid-shaped rice. It was kinda good but a bit too fancy and mild than what I expected. Usually, Nasi Lemak has a chili sauce called Sambal, but it wasn’t served at all.

Richard V

Awesome Malaysian Restaurant. Family style portions. Love the Roti Canai and the Sizzling tofu. The Ck Teow noodles was also delicious. Our service was also great. Jay, our waiter, was helpful with the menu, attentive, and carries awesome conversation. I would come back.

James Reil

Great service, cute space and tasty food. Definitely reccomend the roti and curry noodle soup!

Jerry W.

Our first visit. We had: Roti with Chicken Curry Dip, Kerabu Prawn, Siu Mai Dim Sum, and Beef Rendang. Everything was delicious and we received great service from Jay. The atmosphere was very nice as well. Phat Eatery earned a place on my own personal "A List" and we are looking forward to coming back. The only suggestion I would make is to get a little larger water glasses.


Great food & relaxed atmosphere. I had the Mango Chicken & it was so good! Excellent customer service too!

Thomas S.

No need to drive to Houston Chinatown for good Malaysian foods if you live in the Katy area. We tried the roti canai, kerabu pawns, Malaysian chicken curry, and curry laksa noodle. The foods came out quick even though the place was packed. Everything were delicious and the spice/heat level was perfect. Portions were appropriate for the prices. Food prices were higher than Houston Chinatown, but rent probably was higher in the new Katy Chinatown. Table service was extremely friendly and attentive. All the employees were masked and most tables were not too close to each other. I hope Phat will get adventurous and expand the menu. The family and I know the Phat chefs have the abilities to tease and satisfy our palates even more.


I started going to this awesome restaurant shortly after they opened a few years ago. The food is outstanding and so is the service. I RSVPd for an early birthday dinner with a friend yesterday. First of all, the staff greeted me upon check-in and wished me a happy birthday. And did it again twice during our dinner. The friend that I had dinner with hadn't been to Phat Eatery before and was very pleased with the entire dining experience, hand sanitizer on each table, the cleanliness, etc. Especially, the $3.00 special on the beer! We had laksa, kang kung spinach, roti canai, chicken kabobs, and sizzling tofu. Everything was so good. I can't wait to return.

Jess K.

This is a must try!!! Love this place. Took the family here for lunch and everyone enjoyed their meal. My favorite so far has been the chicken curry. Great service every time and the portions are huge.

SYB King (HellaHellaFresh)

Food was superb. Not to many Asian restaurants offer strictly Malaysian cuisine in the states. This is truly a gem to be had. Highly recommend you try & see if it satisfy your taste buds. I have no complaints about the portions either. The kids menu was perfect for little ones that love fried rice or noodles, which my kids greatly appreciated.

Jason Mouton

So I’m not sure what everyone is raving about here, the food is good but not fantastic unless I ordered the wrong things. Let me say also that the service was excellent and the atmosphere was cozy and really nice. We ordered the roti with chicken, chili shrimp, the Malaysian fried rice and the black pepper beef. The roti chicken was outstanding, the shrimp and fried rice were good and the beef was just okay (lacking in spice/tenderness and was not hot enough, pot dumped into a sizzling pan).

Gerald Davis

The food is pretty close to authentic tasting, the atmosphere, not so much. We asked for extra spicy and it was about as spicy as we would normally get in Malaysia (more than most in the US would like, but we were happy). Service was great, tho the server didn't know how to properly pronounce some food names.-1 star for having metal Korean chopsticks and the Americanized atmosphere. Other than that, would recommend. We will be back

Shang W.

Food tastes great. Nice atmosphere. Very friendly servers. We ordered the haiwanese chicken and the chicken curry. Wife said the haiwanese chicken was very good and even better with the sauce. My chicken curry had very good flavor, and the only thing I would do differently next time is ask them to make it even spicier. Overall a great place to eat lunch.

Sylvia W.

I read all the one star reviews here and they all said the same thing as what I'm about to say: not authentic Malaysian flavors. Only Malaysians will know lol but seems like non Malaysians love this place judging by all the good reviews. Sad.... Misrepresentation of what Malaysian food should taste like :( Hokkien noodles - bland without "wok hay" flavor Mee goreng - doesn't taste close to the real thing and very sour Laksa noodles - doesn't taste like laksa The only good dish was the tofu dish. That is close to what I used to have in Malaysia but why put edamame lol???? Again not really authentic I give 2 stars because I appreciate the good quality environmental friendly to-go packaging and utensils TLDR; they do a good job accommodating Malaysian food to local/American taste buds but do not come here expecting real authentic Malaysian flavors

Esther C.

What a fantastic find! I haven't had Malaysian food since I lived in NJ and this really brought me back. The roti cani is delicious and comes with two roti pieces, so perfect to share with another person. I really enjoyed the green beans made non spicy (friend's choice). We also had the Beef Rendang which is a type of beef and potato stew/curry. It was also very good. Everyone was ordering the sizzling beef with black pepper dish. It must be good because I heard the sizzling sound at every table. I will try this next! The decor is cute as well. It looks like you are eating at an outdoor Asian street vendor. A very fun surprise in the suburbs of Katy.

Frankie G.

Solid food, great service and ice cold water! All Thai/Malaysian food that I have had in Houston has been mediocre but this place is delicious! Definitely one of my favorite places I have had in Houston. All the flavors were on point and the roti was amazing! Looking forward to eating here again.

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