Pho Old Town

25551 Kingsland Blvd b102, Katy
(832) 437-4519

Recent Reviews

Geraldine R.

I have been wanting to find a Pho place since we moved to Texas from Washington! I think we found it! People were so nice and so helpful and the place was clean ( a most for me) We had it to go! It was so good that I will have to try to again! Great experience for sure!

Jeff B.

We came here at lunch time to a very uncrowded shared parking lot and there were maybe three white dudes as customers when we arrived. I'm a white dude myself, but I don't take that as a great sign when going to a Vietnamese restaurant in a general area with no shortage of Vietnamese population. The decor is clean and well kept. Tinkling Jazz piano playing on their speakers. Waiter was geniunely fantastic - friendly, professional, took initiative to go the extra mile. If I owned a restaurant, he's exactly the kind of staff I would want. Happened to also speak both English and Vietnamese in full fluency. Food came quickly, too. Thing is, the food wasn't bad but was boring, to be honest. Pricing was decent, but it just wasn't a meal that inspired me to think, "Man, let's go back there!" 3 stars mainly because the waiter was so excellent.

Sasha H.

I have tried a lot of different places, but Pho Old Town is the best! It is the best place especially since my husband is gluten-free and he used to hate soup. This place has converted him into a regular and if we could we would eat here every day!! The chef always does an amazing job and Bryan is very friendly and remembers guests. Highly recommend the Pho!!

D Mo

Filet Mignon Pho was Delicious but needed more meat. The Green Fruit teas were delicious but the Large cups need to be bigger Fix these issues and you get 5 STARS

Hans Andrew Boughal

Good Pho...especially good on a Chilly Houston evening

Sir G.

Always looking for good Pho. Found it, again! Great place in old Katy. Friendly, clean, adventurous menu and, to top it off, great pho. Will be our go to every time we have to go to Katy Mills. Keep it up guys.

Elyssa Delgado

Come here for lunch today and had the Pho noodle soup with beef and spring rolls and I have to say, it was absolutely delicious for it being my first time coming here. I will definitely be back!!!!

m.emerald m

This has been the best pho place so far. The food was delicious, the fried dumplings were so good we kept ordering more. The service was excellent and they were super friendly. The restaurant is very pretty and the atmosphere is peaceful. I definitely recommend this restaurant if you're looking for an overall good experience.

amar kalkura

I love this restaurant!! Been here multiple times! food is very tasty

Tim L.

Glad we found this place! Great fresh food and great service, along with good ambiance! We'll for sure be back soon. Vegetarian options and pricing is very affordable. Banh Mi with fried tofu was excellent! Vegetable noodle soup is packed with fresh veggies and is a vegetarians Pho. Felt like a family run business (and could be), which could be why the service was so good. If you're by the Katy Mills Mall, then this is a place you should try!

Matt Hughes

No doubt the best Pho in town. Family owned. Great service and amazing food.

Jasmin R.

At first I was upset that there was no fried rice, so I went with the steamed rice and they totally redeemed themselves. Food was delicious!!! Sliced beef bowl is the way to go! They are so nice and polite

Erick C.

Amazing food and they have a huge selection to pick from! This restaurant is only getting better as time goes! Highly recommended!

Skylar N

Place treat us like family and on top of everything, food is great! Brian is our server every time. This spot serves authentic Viet food and environment is clean. Highly recommend trying it here.

Mr Anderson

Very different. The broth was absolutely amazing , so many flavors. The meat was average.

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