Tiger Noodle House

1721 Spring Green Blvd, Katy
(832) 437-1545

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Terrible terrible terrible! Not one good thing about this place. Food taste like it was microwavable frozen food. Disgusting and barley edible. Service was abysmal! Lady never refilled our drinks, or asked how we were doing, we were there for maybe 20 minutes and she already bought the to go boxes!!! We have went to the one off mason and was good so took my mother to this one for her bday but never again!!! They deserve to go out of business ?One of the other reviews must be accurate.. this degenerate place has to have fake reviews because no chance anyone in their right mind would rate them decent

Danielle C

Love the food here. Wish their online ordering system could take payment ahead of time. I did notice they used to give 10% discount if you order online, which then got reduced to 5% and now currently 2%.

B. B.

You know it's authentic when ready Asian people ready here. Dish I ordered was a little too authentic for me but I am sure these folks would enjoy it. Good service and prices. I'll come back and give something more Americanized next time.

Anna Yang

It lives up to the reviews! Great little restaurant. Incredible food! We ordered way too much and are traveling, so we couldn’t take our leftovers with us. However, we totally would have if we could! We ordered the Szechuan dumplings, hot and sour soup, Taiwan sausage, spicy pork belly and the Taiwanese noodle soup. So delicious! Also, the kids menu is quite clever. ?

Sandi Chai

Inviting interior. Friendly and efficient staff. Authentic Chinese food (with Taiwanese options). I’m from Taichung, Taiwan, and the beef noodle soup here is the most authentic Taiwanese flavor I have had here in the US. I can’t judge the authenticity of the Sichuan dishes, but they tasted super yummy as well. We are glad we found this gem.

Jose H.

Not the same place! Waitress took forever to come to our table. We saw her talking to another customer for at least 10 minutes, who we assume to be her friend. Kids ordered Sprite and it tasted like carbonated water, because they didn't change the BIB. We asked for Coca-Cola instead and she told us that wasn't working either. Food finally came out and wasn't as good as before. The food portions were also smaller then what they used to serve. The chicken was decent, but the beef was too salty! The only positive thing I can say is the bus boy was attentive. The waitress never came to my table after she dropped off the food. I had to wait about 15 minutes to get a refill on my ice tea. I'm sad to say that this place really went downhill. I hope they bounce back!

Katy Jones

The food was average, but they had friendly staff, and the food came out quickly.

Kristin K.

I cannot remember what I ordered for the life of me, all I remember is that it was DELICIOUS! We love hitting this place for lunch, however, the portions are big enough to easily fit for dinner (or 2!)

Monika C.

Came here tonight for the first time and will definitely be back. Food was absolutely delicious and service was great. We dined in and had the pork dumplings, spring rolls, poached fish and seafood pot. Everything was extremely flavorful, fresh and came out hot. You definitely get your money's worth as portions are very generous and again, cannot emphasize how flavorful the food was. Definitely a culinary experience I cannot wait to have again.

Jingyan W.

Super fast prep and delivery via Uber. Ordered Kung Pao Shrimp and Dry Fried Squid with Chili Flakes. Both dishes tasted fresh, had great flavors, and came in decent portions. Spice level was low which suited us very well.

Relii Cabrales

So I have been to the other location in Katy Fwy and now I have tried this one! Both have the same menu and all but although they are separate locations the food taste the same. It was delicious, the flavors of this food is amazing. They have plenty to choose from. This place is small but plenty of seating, it is also very clean.

Olivia Wang

We moved from Boston and felt so happy to find this very authentic Szechuan cuisine! We ordered three dishes, loved the grilled fish and garlic pork, especially the garlic pork, it literally took me back to China. And the price is super good for this quality and quantity. Highly recommend Chinese food lovers to come and try!

Russel Howes

I used to love Tiger Noodle House especially on the one on Mason Road. I visited this restaurant and firstly was surprised by the continued strict Covid set up of the restaurant, screens, distancing which is fine but all other restaurants in the area have moved on. We had to wait for a table which was fine but there was a table available but a woman was sitting there waiting for a takeout. It was only when she moved we could sit down. Drinks….asked for ice tea, no ice tea available. One the dishes we ordered never arrived but was on the check. Food was ok. Staff were not friendly and looked miserable. I’m not sure what happened to this place as used to be great, I assume they seemed to be busy and do well with take outs /deliveries that appears takes priority over a dine in experience. During the thick of the pandemic I would understand this but the world have moved on and this restaurant doesn’t have seemed to try getting back to normal. Unfortunately it’s a future pass from me until you get back to normal.

Shoaib Shafi

I have been a regular customer at this location before and during the Pandemic but food quality had gone bad recently. I just order food today after a month and just noticed that the to-go box size has become much smaller and there was hardly any chicken in there. Not sure if I will go back there again.

Moto R.

My recent visit was very disappointing. From best to worst just like that. The taste is not the same from when they opened. The portions are almost half, while I do understand the pandemic has taken a toll on restaurants, this is unfortunate. I bid farewell to my ex-favorite restaurant. Sad day for me.

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