Walmart Supercenter

25108 Market Pl Dr, Katy
(281) 644-6404

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Tracy T.

Ordered 3 custom cakes for my daughters party & they were perfect! Ordered online, picked up at the store & couldn't ask for a better transaction. Cakes were all fresh & just as I ordered them. The lady at the counter was tentative & friendly, she even got me a basket so we could load them all up.

Lynn J.

We ordered on line and went to the pick up area and waited at least 20 minutes for someone to even come out and ask our name. We already went inside to check if we can just pick up the orders ourselves but the lady said rudely to wait. They have no customer service here. Not sure about the inside of the store itself but just reading the other reviews just made me feel that they need more people that really likes to work here. Sorry but I would rather go someplace else than this Walmart.

Tameka D.

I put In an grocery order to be delivered. 1st there was a delay and then I received a notification that order was deliverEd. Went to the door no order. Check my email and it stated Justin delivered your order. Where?? Not with me! I had someone call me about my order and informed them I did not receive my order, where was it and where is the pic showing they delivered it. She stated there was a pic but I couldn't see and explained again I don't have the groceries and I have a red door so did the picture show that? Couldn't have and she stated is was delivered to the wrong address and they can't get it back so she refund me and reorder my stuff only to have me pay for it again when it takes 5 to 7 business days for me to get that back!! No ma'am you can cancel all that and I promise I will never use Walmart's delivery service again!!!! She have stuck with HEB!!!

John C.'s gross, one of the few places I'd prefer to where a mask....but, we still gotta go once in a while ‍ Walmart's a place where I felt like there was covid inside before the pandemic. people just walking around snottin and sneezing....but it's cheap They have a nice grocery supply, my HEB has a shitty coffee selection, Walmart's coffee almost stacks to the ceiling, it's a lot! But the place just feels dirty, I looked at some outdoor plants, and they looked like they were all sick as well People walking around like zombies, on the wrong sides of traffic Then theres the self checkout.... Meehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Walmart.....

lou m.

What a Scam. What happened to Walmart FREE SHIPPING with a $35.00 purchase. I cannot seem to get it shipped for free. I spend ~$50.00 and Walmart will not give me the option for free shipping? No Walmart wants to deliver it to my house for a FEE. I'll get my stuff from TARGET!!!! attached is the Bull S--- from Walmart. People need to realize they are getting no free Shipping! What has happened @ Walmart? I found that if I order something that they don't have in a local store then it will go UPS. I have to buy what i don't need. sux.

Torrie F.

The store is nasty now and so are the associates. Tried asking 2 Hispanic ladies for location and the both blew me off and kept walking with no regards

Eric Brannam

This is hands-down the best Walmart ever you should stop in and let Mike make your day the same way he made mine he’s on top of his game customer service you can ask for more very knowledgeable and his work ethic is amazing


I love going to this WalMart over others in the area cause this one always seem to have what I need most all the time!?

Angela Owens

This Walmart tends to carry different clothing items then the two Walmarts on Fry Road. Good thing to know if perhaps you're trying to find something in particular that you saw it another location. Keep in mind to that each Walmart has their own return policy. The gentleman working customer service when I went in was very friendly and helpful.

Jaclyn R.

EVERYTIME I come to this Walmart with my family we get racially profiled. We get followed around the store and make hs feel super uncomfortable. I wouldn't recommend this Walmart. Such a disappointment seeing I've always come to Walmart to do my shopping. I'll be going to Target from now on.

Jane Ob

There are several people who work at the customer service who are rude and so slow, So not productive. There is one older Lady who is awesome who been working there for a while she should be a manager. The store is OK it not as busy as some of the other Walmarts,.

Saad Ahmmed

As usual. Nothing different. They had good car accessories on clearance. It's a big Walmart. Not too crowded.

dennis B.C.O

Awesome people....they allowed me to park over night allowing me to do some long overdue grocery shopping.


Although I find everything I need, there is never enough cashiers which is frustrating to say the least. I'd rather go elsewhere to do my shopping unless I really need something from Walmart for convenience sake.

Jennifer V.

This place has a store FULL OF USELESS EMPLOYEES! Walmart is NOT short handed, there is no excuse for a store full of LAZY and UNPROFESSIONAL employees. I used to LOVE this store, and it had so much potential. Unfortunately the overwhelmingly pathetic excuse for management make the simplest visit a miserable and frustrating experience. 30 minutes of shopping at 9 PM, I abandoned over $150 of items at the checkout because the service was extremely unreasonable. The staffs racism against white people is blatantly obvious and I'm not sure why I even bothered to try this place again!

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