1998 Katy Mills Blvd Ste B, Katy
(281) 392-0164

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Sheena M.

Disappointing service! I usually order online from this location, however, I was in the area and decided to go in to place my order. When I arrived I was not greeted and waited 5 minutes before someone said anything to me. A guy finally came and asked if I was picking up an order. I let him know I was trying to place an order. He then told me that they were too busy with inspections to take orders. I then went to my car and placed an order. I waited 26 minutes for the order to be ready to go in and they say "oh you ordered at the wrong location." All of this could have been avoided in the first place as I was in the restaurant. I had to cancel the other order and leave with no food. I'm still hungry and wasted my entire lunch hour. I am extremely disappointed!

anysha moore

Just left this place but the service was ABSOLUTELY amazing!!! Tiffany I hope I spelled her name right but she was absolutely on it. She was very quick and attentive and made sure our order was correct. She was very sweet as well! Our food was fresh and hot and I most definitely will be coming back ??

tony marino

Food is always done right. I drove out of my way to come to this wing stop because the other ones always undercook the wings.

Devon M.

My son loves the 19.99 special with 20 boneless wings and fries. They let you choose unlimited flavors too and not limit you a certain amount. The basket of fries is huge and can be shared with 2-3 people.

Black Haley

I appreciate the service here. They are very good at getting my order out on time.

Savvy Sojo

I called to order 10 piece bone in lemon pepper and 10 piece bone-in mango chicken. Tiffany helped take my order over the phone and she was polite. The Wingstop on Morton Ranch & N Fry RD provided poor customer service? And employees acted like they didn’t want my business and make money.

Tara Jones

Best Wingstop in the whole world!!!! Their fries are perfect with delicious seasoning, and my favorite wings to get are the hot honey rub boneless wings. I ate here a few days ago, and then I came back home to Austin, and ate at this Wingstop tonight, and it sucked. Their fries were not cooked all the way, and they hardly had any seasoning. Nothing compares to the Katy Wingstop on Katy Mills. Everything was perfect here. This one is my favorite. Delicious!!!

Tina B.

I went in this afternoon to grab some lunch, and I was honestly shocked. I drove by shortly after 11am, and the sign out front was turned off. I went to the door, and found the door to be unlocked. I opened the door, and found all the lights turned off. I saw no one at the counter. I left rather quickly, thinking that maybe the business was closed? It makes the wrong impression for customers when the lights are off and no one is at the counter.

Erivast 23

This is the best place in the town. Clean restaurant whit very nice and friendly Staff

Jay J.

This was my first and probably only time eating Wing Stop. I got the $14.99 10-piece boneless wings with fries and a drink. The fries are the kind with skin on them which is fine but they were so soggy it was like eating fries that had been soaked water and doused in oil. It was the same for the wings. The breading was so soggy there wasn't a spot on there with even the slightest crisp to it. The sauce had enough vinegar on it to make your tongue feel like you burnt it. The best thing about my meal was the Coca Cola... it was perfectly calibrated

Mission Impossible

The only reason I gave this location 4/5 is because they did not answer the phone when I called to make my order to go, I had to call a few times and wait a few minutes before someone answered. But it happens, the customer service was nice. The wings and fries were very good, the ranch was good aswell. My order was correct and I would recommend this location.

Robert L.

First of all I'll go in there and I only have one register working so there's a line of people way second of all the attitude for the people that work there is terrible arm third of all I was waiting for my order which was late and I am I was joking around with some people and then they called my order and the girl behind the counter yelled and screamed at me she didn't say excuse me sir because I was joking with some friends and have a fun and she yelled at me like screamed at me I'll tell you what I will never go back there is the worst place in the world the chicken was dry was terrible I said yes everybody to go to this other new establish call WANG wings around the corner now they're nice people this place will never get my business again

Jerry H.

This place is hidden in plain sight. I've lived in Katy for 23 years and never knew this was here. It's right next to Starbucks in a small strip center. The inside dining area is small but not many others were inside so it was not crowded. Not sure what was up when we walked in but nobody was at the front desk for several minutes so we just stood there and weren't sure if we would be served or not. Finally somebody came to the front and apologized for the wait. I'm sure they were dealing with something important. The wings were delicious! I got boneless ( .70 cent boneless wings on Tuesdays) and the rest of my party got traditional. They paid extra to get all flat wings (instead of a combination of wings and legs). I find it odd that you have to pay more for that. I'm not sure why that is. Does anyone know? The ranch dressing is amazing! As are the veggies and fries here! I'll be back!!

Joshua Travagline

Placed a nice size order for pickup waiting pass the pickup time to get there just incase, the store was packed when I walked in the lady told me they are working on your order right now, I sat down looked at my phone FB etc and when I looked up all the people in the store was gone even people after me, then I was told there was so many orders we gonna take your food out now, pretty much gave my food to the people who was standing in the store before me, wont be going back to this location.

Trumpeter Val

By far the worst stop for wings that I've made in a while! I had wings only- garlic parmesan and lemon pepper. They were so greasy that my dog noticed it. She ate some pieces and then was like, "I'm good." STOPWING

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