Yan Tea

23119 Colonial Pkwy Ste B-5, Katy
(832) 437-0088

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We visited the Katy H-Mart shopping area for the first time today. Wow, what an experience. After receiving recommendations from friends, we decided to have lunch at Yan Tea. What a good choice. Yes, they have much more than just tea! We started with Salt & Pepper Calamari. I have enjoyed calamari from almost every restaurant that we have visited. This calamari ranks among my favorites. The batter is unique and delicious. It is a large serving considering it only costs $8.99 - the most expensive item on the "Bites" menu. I also enjoyed an order of Spicy Popcorn Chicken. I felt like there was more breading than chicken but it was good and was a large order for $4.99 from the "Bites" menu. My wife ordered the Dimsum Steamed Shrimp Dumplings. There were six tasty dumplings for the small charge of only $6.99. We will definitely go back. If you go, be sure to try the Salt & Pepper Calamari!

Moheem A.

The staff is so friendly and helpful! I brought my girlfriend and we had their chicken katsu and pork katsu which was amazing. And we also had the Sakura Oolong tea which I highly recommend! I bit of a drive for me but I'm coming back regularly!

Kathy T.

Came here with my boyfriend and cousin for the first time and this place is amazing!!great customer service,food,drinks! We got pork Katsu over rice and a Sakura oolong tea with was super good! Definitely recommend!

Eddie S.

Via this visit good Pleasant cashier, decent tasting creme brulee tea and Thai tea, clean restroom, lots of places to sit inside. Nice Ambience interior 480 place. They do sell an arrangement of food like a restaurants as well. 9/27/2021 7pm.

Fengqi Zhang

The drink is unexpected awful….To be honest, I don’t like to give negative feedbacks, but this drink really lets me down. I ordered the grapefruit green tea with 30% sugar, and I noticed the worker just mixed the grapefruit juice which can be bought in Walmart and the green tea. The whole process took less than one minute and the drink tasted bitter.

Mikaela B

Very good thanks! Highly recommend the strawberry milk iced drink.

Ese Igbi

Tea ie great and I love the variety of food they serve. My only problem is that the rice triangles aren't very flavorful. But I also had the shrimp dumplings and those were amazing.

Alexis Adams

We came and ordered boba, steamed soup buns, and pork ramen. The boba was mediocre, and the rest was terrible. The steamed soup buns came with a plastic fork and disposable chopsticks, and they didn’t give us plates to eat the buns either. The pork that came with the ramen was fried AND undercooked and ramen shouldn’t have fried pork, or undercooked meat. and when we showed to waitress, she said “it looks cooked to me”, then eventually took the pork. When it came back, it was refried, instead of giving us new pork, and it was in the same basket! It was too hard because everyone knows when you recook something it’s always too hard. On top of this, the soup base was clearly seasoned with just pepper. This restaurant is a disgrace to Asian cuisine.

Lesley Perez

Their drinks are very good! Their onigiri was also very yummy! But I will say skip the soup dumplings. I swear they were filled with salt soup ! I really tried to enjoy them but I couldn’t get over how salty they were, and they had an off taste to them… my advice, stick to their dessert and drinks menu.

jessica ramos (Jess a ram)

I love this place the onigiri is so good.?The ramen is really good too. They have a lot of different drink options on the menu and desserts. I personally love the creme brule.?

Steven T.

My favorite drink here is the Osmanthus Pear Tea. The pear (which is cut in small cubes) pairs really well with the slight bitterness from the osmanthus and is very refreshing. You can't really go wrong with any of their drinks though. One thing I do want to point out is that their WiFi is spotty and inconsistent at times. I'm not sure if this was a problem that all the diners faced when I was here but I could only access social media platforms (FB, IG, and YouTube) and nothing else (like google search, Microsoft teams, Gmail, etc.) when connected to their WiFi. Overall, I love their wide selection of drinks and food, but I do not recommend grinding your studies there.

Nancy L.

So the durian crepe cake was to die for. I really liked the texture of this crepe cake. This was about $8. The milk teas, we ordered Thai tea and the classic milk tea and ehhhh it didn't really give me that wow factor when I usually drink milk teas. The creme breulle milk tea didn't really taste like milk tea but I liked how the drink looked.. the tapicoas were also soft and chewy so that was a plus. Maybe I didn't order the right drink? The strawberry banana smoothie was also very icy not like the smoothie texture. However, if you order 5 drinks you get one FREE. So that was pretty nice if you go in a group to order

Catsur na

Wow, what a menu! All their onigiri are delicious, the bbq pork over rice is also super yummy, their mille crepes are thick and super flavorful, and their creme brulee milk tea is a real treat! I've tried about half their menu and have yet to find anything that was less than amazing. I wish this was closer to me.Edit: their regular milk teas are a bit bland. If you don't like fast-food popcorn chicken you'll like the popcorn chicken here, but the spice level for the spicy pc is mild, so no worries if you can't handle spicy food.

Jim A.

Our fav place!!! Good food, good drink and good service!

Karen S.

Really great selection of snacks and they have a lot of tea and topping options too! The man who delivered our food was way more friendly than the counter staff who weren't helpful at all when ordering. All our snacks were great particularly the popcorn chicken and the sesame balls! Great spot to sit and hang out with friends or to meet up before making your way around Katy Asia Town.

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