Yan Tea

23119 Colonial Pkwy Ste B-5, Katy
(832) 437-0088

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Yisi Lu

We ordered the mango slushy with strawberry and a passion fruit mango slushy. Both were good, but the passion fruit mango slush was the flavor winner here. We also got two taiyakis, chocolate and egg lava. Both were tasty, but I wish the outer crust was cooked a little longer to have that textural difference when taking a bite.

Tina Do

The drinks are mid but the spicy popcorn chicken is great! I LOVE the spicy popcorn chicken because it has more flavors compared to the plain option. This place has a great mixture of food like ramen, rice, bubble tea, finger foods. I got the rose yogurt tea with lychee jelly and it was refreshing!

KR Nguyen

Quick service and the drink was not too bad. Cute doggo paintings! The creme brulee was okay ?. The sugar part on top was good.

Sarah Yip

Yan Tea is a pleasant place for working on a laptop, tasty snacks, and sweet boba drinks! I think the drinks are not overly sweet, but still very good! The shrimp tempura is such a craving!

Enrique Lara

We really enjoy to visit new places and try different food, here at Yan Tea we tried a Tuna Onigiri and a Supreme Fruit Tea. Both were delicious, the place is very nice, the staff are very friendly and off course we’ll return again.

Tami S.

Always a favorite when we stop by Hmart. I usually get coconut milk tea or almond milk tea. Love that they always ask if you want less ice and/or sugar. If you need a small bite get the salt & pepper calamari. It's delicious.

Kim T.

Quick service and the drink was not too bad. Cute doggo paintings! The creme brulee was okay . The sugar part on top was good.

Iris L.

I wanted a quick lunch to go since I was in a rush and decided to try this place out. I saw their rice dish was a little pricey, but wanted to try their curry pork cutlet .The dish was about $13 and with taxes it came out to $14.07 so for that price I was really expecting something good. The dish wasn't too bad, but it wasn't the best either. It satisfied my hunger, but it left me kind of wanting more. This is an all day menu so for lunch, that portion and price...if I was being honest, I wasn't impressed. It's not something I would be craving and will go back for. Side note: They added a side of 2 raw baby carrots and that confused me, I never have seen that before...it's kind of like they just threw that in there because there was a spot for it.

Rupsha S.

The mango milk tea was so so good! I really love boba, and I was hoping there was a nearby great boba shop, and my wish was fulfilled! I took one, drank it, and got 2 more for my parents! The prices are super cheap too! Definitely check this super amazing place out!

TYanna M.

Awesome food , services and table games. Got in right before it started to get crowded.

Stacy Chen

I buy boba regularly around Katy and Yan Tea is one of my go-to places. Service is good and they come out with the drinks super quickly. I'm really picky about the texture of boba pearls being soft and chewy, which is done well here more consistently compared to some other shops. They also offer "no ice" as an option, some places only offer "light ice" so that's great as well. Interior is nice and clean, with stable wifi and vibey kpop music; a good spot if I want to sit down and read somewhere during my lunch break. Best thing is that boba drinks here are more affordable than other options. All the food/snacks I've tried have been solid as well.

Elizabeth Johnson

First time here today and the food was good and so was the taiyaki! We ordered curry chicken cutlet over rice and the shrimp tempura with ramen. The milk teas are very good too! The perfect sweetness level. My boyfriend had the coconut milk tea, and I had the strawberry milk tea with boba. I would recommend both flavors!

Sara Graur

Super delicious and fun! My kiddo loved their soup dumplings and boba. The lava egg Taiyaki was amazing!

selena damian

METAL IN RAMENwish I could do 0 stars after this visit!This is my 2nd time here and I ordered shrimp tempura ramen and was eating it, felt something scratching my mouth come to find a pieces of metal in the ramen! I sent an email regarding this (still no response) I called the store telling them, they could not seem to care less and said “oh It may have been a piece of our metal scrub!!!? all we can do is credit you for the ramen next time you come in” I said I don’t think there will be a next time and she said well I guess we can do a refund. I’m displeased with this experience and lack of communication as well.

Anh N.

Today was my first time visiting Yan Tea, and I was very pleasantly surprised, though I wasn't sure what I was expecting when I entered Yan Tea. The atmosphere was really nice, and I felt extremely comfortable the moment I stepped into the shop - it was really inviting! I got a Creme Brulee Milk Tea with boba, and the service was great. My drink was quickly made, and it was really pretty - I wish I had gotten a picture. I will definitely be returning to hang out with friends here more!

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