23119 Colonial Pkwy Suite B3, Katy
(832) 882-8818

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Stephanie Hofer

I am definitely feeling Yelo. Well done tofu bahn mi with fresh veggies and a delicious Vietnamese coffee. Great flavor on the sandwich. I love that they have outdoor tables which is a plus for me. Definitely recommend!!!!

Justin I.

I've been meaning to try this place for a while now and I'm finally glad I did! They currently do not have a sign above their store front so you might have to look a little harder for it like I had to do. I got the char siu xiu mai banh mi and my girlfriend got the pho-rench dip banh mi. Their baguettes are one of the highlights for me because they are soft yet have a great crisp to them. Our sandwiches delightfully exceeded our expectations and we will definitely be coming back to try more of the menu!

Long T.

Delicious and inventive banh mi spot in the heart of Katy Asiatown. Tried their pho inspired banh mi with a dipping sauce and it was delightfully tasty. Would not hesitate to come back for more if I am ever in the area.

Derrick H.

The food is amazing! But, I'm here to talk about the hospitality. I was dining in tonight with my wife and 5 month old. When my daughter was almost finished with her bottle she started projectile vomiting. All over her car seat, clothes, everything. Cook RAN over offered towels and immediately asked what she could do to help. She even set up an area for my wife to change the baby's clothes and helped my wife get her cleaned off. I have never been treated more like family at a restaurant. We will coming back for life.

Cynthia V.

I have been so excited to try this place given all the great hype I have heard and I was so pleased that it lived up to expectations! Everything about Yelo is great - the unique menu, the friendly staff, the brightly colored inviting space, the tiny details and cutesy touches on their packaging, you name it and this place has that. I asked for help from the cashier in deciding which banh mi to order and ended up with the beef rendang banh mi, featuring the delicious rendang from Phat Eatery next door. I topped the order off with an iced pandan latte for a banh mi meal that was different than any I had ever enjoyed before. The banh mi was excellent; the beef was tender, the pickled veggies added the right amount of crunch and zing, and the accompanying dipping sauce added next-level richness. The pandan latte grew on me the more I had of it - at first, the taste was pretty strong but once I shook it up (and perhaps with the ice melting) it blended nicely and is one of my standout favorite drinks I have had in recent memory. I will certainly be back for more!

Stephanie N.

Great service. Pandan coffee was delicious. Banh mi dip was delicious. The ribs were chewy. So ribs were definitely my least favorite. Flavor was lacking and the ribs are chewy. I wouldn't get this again. The sandwich itself was full of flavor and the broth was a great addition too. The bread was soft and light and crispy.

Tasfia A.

I've been to Yelo twice now and loved the meals I've had there! My first time there I got the mango-shrimp spring rolls and a Beef Rendang banh mi. I loved the ban mi; if you're looking for a more economical way to experience Phat Eatery's amazing Beef Rendang, the banh mi at Yelo is the way to go. The sandwich had so much flavor. The spring rolls tasted very fresh too! My second time there I got a crispy tofu banh mi; I wanted something light that day. It was a good, light meal, but the flavor of the Beef Rendang is something I would choose over the crispy tofu. I'll be back for more of these incredible sandwiches! Friendly service and absolutely delicious meals. Parking situation: on-site


I love this place! It was really good and fresh! The service was fast and friendly. There is so many great choices that I will have to come back and try them all.

Michael Simon

Simply the best! Do yourself a favor and RUN to Yelo to get the best food you'll eat all year. The crispy chili crab rangoon will knock your socks off it's so good!

Lynda Ngo

Believe the hype! This place is everything the food critics rave about and then some.

Vanessa Kraatz

Everything tasted good, but it took 25 minutes to get two banh mi sandwiches at weekday lunchtime. I was pretty hangry. :(

Patricia Evans

We tried the curry chicken Bahn mi and their yelo lemon ice tea. When my boyfriend saw they had a curry chicken flavor, he absolutely had to try it and we were not disappointed. Both items were delicious and well prepared. We want to go back to try the other things on their menu like the Spam or char siu. Great customer service and cute little restaurant. Our to go box had a little pack of napkins inside of it, so cute!


Yelo is AMAZING! I have picked up orders and dined at the restaurant, always a wonderful experience. My new favorite spot for banh mi and vermicelli bowls. Absolutely delicious, highly recommend!

Joel Fresh

The owner of Phat eatery is a mastermind creating this place. genius! Great flavorful sandwiches and service. Had a party at my house and ordered several sandwiches: pork and chicken ones and they were all a hit. Drinks here are great as well.

Q Man

I came to this place with curiosity and medium expectations but came away pleasantly surprised with the innovation of the Pho-rench dip and char siu siu mai meat balls. For me banh mi is an art form that many places misinterpret but this place has elevated traditional banh mi.We started with appetizers: the pork egg rolls that was flavorful and delicious. The mango papaya shrimp roll had generous portions of shrimp but the mango sweetness was missing. There was a slight taste of tartness that might have been the papaya. Next was the banh mi. The French loaf was light, airy and easy to bit into. The crust was a soft crunch that didn’t cut the top of your mouth like most crust do. I really liked this bread. The traditional cold cut combo was meaty and generous in potions. It could have used more Vietnamese butter and pate but overall was good. The star of the banh mi was the Pho Rench dip. The brisket was chopped, juicy and packed with pho flavor. The dip was fun and reminiscent of Philadelphia beef dip. My wife’s favorite was the char siu siu mai meatballs. It was an explosion of flavors with every bite. These last two are a must if you come here. Lastly I did try the curry chicken which was a miss for me. It just felt odd and for me didn’t belong as a banh mi. For drinks I recommend the lemon tea. It tasted like homemade lemon tea and felt like a palate cleanser.

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