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Justin C.

Yelo is one of my favorite spots in Katy Asia Town. The banh mi can be a little pricey compared to what you'll find in Bellaire but the quality is well worth it. I usually like to get the cold cut combo (banh mi dac biet) and Vietnamese coffee, but every other banh mi I've tried is great.

Kelly C.

I have to say the customer service was very impressive. The waitress with the short blonde hair was very tending. (Sorry I forgot to ask for the name) she made sure I've got everything I needed. The place was very clean have some unique seatings. The only reason I gave 4 starts instead of 5 was because of the food. I ordered the beef hand pulled noodle and the Ube milk foam yaotiao. Beef hand pulled noodle : the noodle was cooked for too long and maybe wasn't stirred during cooking, it got stuck together. It resulted to be very difficult to eat. But the beef was really good and thick. Cheese UBE milk foam yaotiao: It was my first time eating yaotiao as dessert. I wish the cashier would've told me it was ice cream on top of the yaotiao, cause I had to eat most of it before finishing my noodle cause it was melting very quick. Overall, I do recommend this place and will sure be back to try the bahm mi!!

Liz N.

We tried the grilled pork and grilled chicken banh mis. They were too heavy for me and we weren't fans. The bread also got very soggy and didn't maintain its crispiness. The amount of butter and sauce was just too much. Overall, despite the other reviews-wasn't a fan of the banh mi.

Mariana N.

The banh mi sandwich is off the chain!!! Sooo dam good I definitely will be back to try different stuff!!

Allison C.

The beef rangdang was so good! The pork and chive dumplings and curry fries were also amazing. Great service and will be coming back

Meagan T.

I was in Katy Asiantown and I stopped into Yelo. The workers were super nice and helpful with recommendations. I ended up ordering the Pork Banh Mi and Hand Pulled Noodle Soup. Both were pretty good! The restaurant was very clean and nice. The aesthetics were really cute. The seating is very limited and the tables were a little high with short stools. I was a little sad to see very few customers on a Friday night. I hope they pick up business but overall I had a great experience! I would recommend to friends and come back to support.

William L.

I was excited for this place due to the menu choices and vibes. Note I come from a childhood eating all the authentic viet Banh Mi Houston Bellaire has to offer at $3-4 buy 4 get 1 free. At $7-8 a pop, they are going for a upper scale sandwich. The interior design and materials they provide you is nice, but graded purely on taste, Yelo falls short of the premium price and is an average sandwich overall. I can't complain about a particular aspect of the sandwich, it's just average overall. Within Katy though, your choices are more limited and Yelo is an option if you live in the area. I can't help but compare Yelo to Roostar, a similarly priced "Americanized" premium banh mi shop in the Houston area. I would recommend Roostar over Yelo. I tried the Cold Cut as well as the Grilled Pork sandwiches. Would I Recommend to Try? No if you can drive out of Katy Would I Return? Maybe Ambiance- 9/10 Food Taste- 6/10 Service- 9/10 Value- 5/10

Peter S.

I came in for lunch and order veggie Dumplings and grill pork banh mi. The dumpling was good but the banh mi was cold . Like out the Refrigerator cold. I called and talk to someone and she was really Apologetic and told me to come back and they would make it right. I told her I wouldn't be able to come til 5pm. I can and got my warm and toasty banh mi. The way it's suppose to be Serve . Yelo would be my new banh mi spot from now on. There customer service is great. Same thing happen to me at yummy pho which is across the street and the manager told me to put it in the microwave . -angry diner

Riya Santra

This food is INCREDIBLE. The beef rendang banh mi made my eyes flutter and my stomach sing. The curry dip and the tender beef in the banh mi just go so well together. The chicken banh mi also had great flavor. The cheese ube milk foam yaotiao/churros were something I was hesitant about getting but they were SO delicious. So much flavor from the crispy fried bread and sweet foam and the tangy nerds. The pork and chives dumplings were also delicious. No complaints here!

Jarrod Martin

We recently went to Yelo after seeing they revamped their menu. We are so glad that we did! Every dish hit the mark. The banh mi has so much yummy meat and bright flavors. It’s everything we love about a traditional banh mi, but in overdrive. The Chinese churro also slapped. It’s comforting street food with fantastic texture and delicious umami flavor. Finally, the one noodle beef bowl was also a hit. The noodle had a great texture and flavor and the bone broth was like the comfiest comfort food. Finally, the service was attentive and engaged. We loved chatting and hearing about each dish. We will be back and we love the new menu!

Stephanny R.

Fish balls and fries was so good!! The curry sauce is super delicious though a bit spicy. Also tried the pork banh mi which was also tasty (next time I'll do jalapeños on the side!!) I'll definitely be back here. Price point is also great for a quick bite.

Matthew Nuckles

I was attracted to the one noodle and beef, but ended up having curried fish balls and beef roti bread bowl. Little pricy? Who's to say these days! But.... oh so good. I devoured it and was very happy. Fish balls felt firm and meaty. Roti was mild but flavorful.The staff was super helpful and friendly. I will deffinetly be back!

Lou C.

Yo! YELO is so me. I chose Yelo over Phat Eatery was because my party was reading the menu from their outdoor seating and they didn't have big table for my group. I asked employee what's "re-opening" mean on the banner. They closed for 2 months to reorganize. I assume that was due to chef Cuc's departure. Bummer, I was late with the news. I was here to see her. After the re-opening, they changed fusion Vietnamese food to fusion Malaysian food. Menu was pretty simple. It was my first time here and I was able to give my group a quick introduction on each section with help of an employee. When we started going in there, the restaurant was empty. Inside tables were not moveable to accommodate a group of 8. An employee tried to gather the outdoor bistro tables but can only accommodate 6. So, we all sat inside. I ordered hand pulled noodles ($13). It had really good flavors and sliced tender beef shank. Kudos to the chef. But noodles were huge and so thick. I ended up eating it with a fork. (I almost used my fingers, if people were not looking.) I also ordered Ube ice cream topped Chinese churro (yuotiao 油条 $9) to share and lemonade ($4). The drink was really delicious, but aloe chunks were too big to pass through the straw and too many lemon seeds. I wouldn't order them again though. But I'd try Vietnamese coffee next time, if it's early during the day. My friend shared fries with fish ball and shrimp pot sticker. The sauce on the fishball was too spicy for me. Curry sauce over fries was tasty. The pot sticker had a simple ingredient - just shrimp. It tasted like shrimp shumai wrapped with a thick dough. Tasty but I will pass. So, next time, I'll order bánh mi like everyone praised about.

Natalie Jones

Really enjoyed the new menu, my favorite pork Banh mi didn’t disappoint -everything is made fresh, fresh flavorful and the baguette is light and airy, we tried the pork and chives dumpling which were really well balanced and tasty, also had a serving of the savory « churro » with ailoli seaweed and katsuobushi that melt in the mouth, our favorite dish today was the single noodle beef soup, the broth (last picture) was amazing rich flavorful without being overpowering and obviously takes a long time to prepare from scratch. Will come back for more as is really good and high quality. Also love the details of the restaurant and such pleasant helpful staff.

Kay Rolex

If you like junk foods. This is the place. But if you really want some good Banh Mi. It's a No. Their recipes are really bad. Banh Mi beef rendang omg, it's soggy. Carrot pickle are too sour. Employees don't wear food preparation mask while speaking. We don't want your saliva in our food. Overpriced for the quality, need to raise your standard of foods.

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