2404 Ranch Rd 620, Lakeway
(512) 596-3174

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Sharon Martin

I have not been to Wendy's since value meals hit $10. But, now that burgers are $10-20 everywhere, I revisited. One of the best burgers around. Fries are good now too.Food: 5/5

Jonathan Hall

While they did their best, the staff seemed completely overwhelmed by the lunch orders.The manager was the only one who could run the front register and was running back and forth from the kitchen to help make and bag meals and the front to take more orders.The cup lids were placed into the tray upside down, making it to where you had to pinch and smash the lids to get one.The fountain drink machine was out of almost every flavor cola and seemed like it was not far from empty on what it had.The food was decent, but it was not good enough to wait for 20 minutes from when I got in line to when I got my order.Many people walked out while they waited in line.

LaQunta Redd

This is by far the worst Wendy's I have ever encountered. I went through the drive thru and ordered #10, and a special they had in the window. The young lady that took the order spoke little to no English. My order was incorrect, so I went in to get it corrected. She became very rude and threw the food on the counter. I try to be the nicest person when interacting with someone preparing my food. Ultimately, I got my money back and left. Just sad!!

Shana Hallman

The drive-thru line was 5 cars deep so we went inside. That was a mistake! We were seconds in line and waited almost 20 minutes to have our order taken. Not due to lack of employees it was just incompetence. The cashier and what seemed to be the manager were "busy" fulfilling the drive thru orders in panick mode. As if there weren't just as many if not more customers inside. Both walking by over and over casually glancing over the counter at what had become at least 6 different orders(9 people) and not saying one word. Acting as if we weren't there. When the manager finally got to talking orders hewas extremely rude. Then to top it all off my prefer was wrong. Needless to say I didn't bother going back to get it fixed, I might still be there.

Eric F.

WOW almost $5 for a medium fries that was less than a handful of fries HOLY BIDENFLATION I could have bought a whole damn chicken at Costco for that price . I will NEVER go to Wendy's AGAIN

Paul Hanson

Everything was fresh and delicious, both lunch yesterday and breakfast this morning. I think the manager was at the window. This location needs better rating.

Joseph Ross

I’ve been living in the Lakeway/Bee Cave area for 4 1/2 yrs now and I’ve only been to Wendy’s maybe 4xs and all 4 times have been horrible & ridiculous. The food is never fresh and always cold. This location definitely needs to close down completely. I will not be back here ever.

Stanley Reviewer

Wendy's Burger was good choice.

Nichole Galbreath

Let's just say the day shift is better than the night shift. Got the new pretzel spicy chicken sandwich and the crispy chicken sandwich, the spicy chicken bun was not the pretzel bun and it was disgusting and my crispy chicken that I always get was absolutely gross it was two chicken tenders and they were extremely hard. I will never eat there again.


The WORST! Every time I go there the F up the order always. Listening skills are crucial if manning the drive up and follow is even more important.

Lisa Fortner

Other than the music being a little loud, we received prompt and courteous service. Our food was fresh and correct. The manager on duty Tues 7/19 was incredible, friendly and very obliging.

Brooks Glenn

Good food, service was fast. I like that you can order through the app and pick up in the drive thru. Makes it easy.

Danielle M.

WHY does this Wendy's insist on not serving breakfast after 10am when ONLINE everywhere it says Wendy's breakfast is served UNTIL 10:30am. It's so beyond annoying they have stopped breakfast at that time since Wendy's started breakfast options. They are so damn rude. It makes no sense why this ONE location feels they can follow their own set of rules. Ridiculous.

Kellie R

I'm not sure what's up with this Wendy's.I paid for a Jr Bacon Cheeseburger, with everything and extra toppings. I ordered it well before I arrived. $6+First I was asked if I was at the right Wendy's.Then after waiting a few more minutes for my lunch to be made, I took it so I could go eat lunch and get back to work. Only to find on the way back it's the wrong order.I was given some kind of basic kids cheeseburger. No toppings. Nothing.I paid over $6 for a $2 meal.I also asked for a particular drink and was given something else.Really bad service.I understand they're busy but this is wrong.I would have rather waited for the right food than waited for the wrong food.Also apparently there are indoor dining closes at 8:00 or sooner on Sunday.

Robert Mason

You got to love them frosties. A personal favorite of mine is hamburger, chili and fries with a frosty of course.I've always enjoyed going to Wendy's

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