5118 McPherson Rd, Laredo
(956) 729-1190

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Employees do not greet you like other locations and the mask is not over their face. I got home and my order was done incorrectly. It was a simple order a CFA combo as it comes. I don't know why they added cheese to my order and no pickles. Drove back to get my order fixed but Ms. Melody Llamas (team leader) and Stevie ("manager ") didn't want to make it right they were quick to give a refund rather than fixing my order. Crazy thing is that another lady was returning her food bc they messed up on her order also. This CFA location ain't it!

Ilse Amaro

I love cfa. I can eat this everyday! I love that they included our fur babies and gave them a puppicino and a bandana for few pets, sadly we didn’t get a bandana.

Ahtziri S.

Very quick service even when there's a huge line waiting. Very friendly workers. Food is always fresh, hot, and tasty.

Cesar L.

Nicest people you'll ever meet

Zach P.

Ordered food off the app at 8am and the store isn't even open? Still charged for my food and never even got it. Whoever is working here even claims to have brought it out to my car to me...what a joke of business

Robert Garza Jr

After a long work week why go home and cook, so I stopped to get some meals for the family. Line was bumper to bumper but I was in and out in under 8 minutes and on my way home with freshly made fries and piping hot sandwiches. The staff at this location are pros. Highly recommend this location.

ramiro lopez

Everything i go they always seems to get my orders wrong. When I do, they want proof of purchases that they got the order wrong. I use to go 2 r 3 times a week for the last 3 or 4 years. Lots of luck on your new place, you are going to need it

Chema Serna

First time getting breakfast at Chick-fil-A, I got the breakfast burrito with tater tots, jalapeno sauce and a coffee, perfect combination!!! Delicious!!

Daniela Martinez

Worst service! It’s ridiculous the service that is provided here. The amount of wait time over 30min when only a kids meal was ordered. The line for drive thru was around the block, they finished line and probably filled it up about another 3 times and I still haven’t gotten my food. Cars next to me on curbside that got here after got their food before me and left. I’ve been in my car for over 30min and haven’t gotten my order, this is absurd!!!

Marco C.

Dang Chic fil a I was so hungry and wanted a good Powerade and got this watered down excuse for a Powerade. My order was missing grilled chicken nuggets as well... this is not the first time and I used to love this restaurant. I'm so sad this restaurant has become what it is...

Ismael Martinez juner

I love there chicken sandwiches and they're waffle fries I will take my family here and my friend here I am very happy with their service ☺️

Luis Rodriguez

No description required they stand by their name and offer some of the best chicken sandwiches in the world, what a delicious treat.

Brian Truck

Amazing customer service, there for makes u visit more often & enjoy delicious meals every time..Don't be afraid when you see the long lines your order will be out very quickly !!!!!!

Santiago Ochoa

Service was good,could have used another bag for me and my son's order product barely fit

Oscar Linan

Every time that I have gone to this location in the past 2 months I’m greeted by some drive-thru attendants with a terrible attitude, with a fake politeness and very aloof. Furthermore my orders have been given to me either incorrectly or over-baked causing me to call and drive to the location in multiple times interrupting my meal and disturbing my families and my lunch break.I stopped going to this location for lunch/dinner and only attend for breakfast which had not disappointed me until today. My order of 10pz mini’s was 2 minis short, my wife’s hash-browns overdone and don’t even get me started with the Sprite I had ordered for her. Terrible experience over and over again, I love CFA as a franchise but this location is quickly ruining that image

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