Five Guys

1211 E Del Mar Blvd, Laredo
(956) 462-7579

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Food is freaking good.

Sonia D Alfaro

This five guys burgers is my favorite!We have gone to several five guys burgers in San Antonio and other locations but for some reason this one is so much more delicious.These burgers are the ultimate great tasting juicy burgers I’ve ever had. So worth the price.And let’s not forget their delicious French fries!Good service as well. Can’t wait to come back.


Very good taste, fast service and amazing treatment. You can't dine in at the moment but it's worth the take out!

jake spruiell

Let me start by saying the place was 'not' busy. I placed an online order for two burgers and two fries. How long can that take? Come to find out it takes 28 minutes. To make things worse they gave me two small burgers instead of a regular and a small. Toppings as requested.... Naahh. They screwed that up too. Missing stuff. Sad that they will likely close as a result of not just the pandemic - but rather sheer incompetence. To their credit - the fries were very good.


First time going here and they're very polite and also they have great service and the food is freshly made

Jacob Walters

Online orders are handled quickly and with care. Fries are cooked once you arrive to pick up your order to make sure they are perfect.

Juan Rivera

The best thing about Five Guys is their French Fries. The burger in my opinion is not worth the amount of money they charge for it.

Carlos Jimenez

Great food fries ? are good to easy parking

Sylvia Combs

One of my fav spots for Burgers. it was so delicious. the prices are well within reason for the quality. wish it was closer to my house, i would come every week.

Orlando Espinoza

Both the food and the staff are great.

Melissa R.

First discovered Five guys while I was in San Antonio heading to a doctors appointment. When I heard they were opening up one in Laredo, I was excited for some of the best burgers I've ever had! The location in Laredo is no exception. I feel this place should get a lot more love but people would rather pay McDonald's prices. However, if you want a really tasty, delicious, filling burger made to order, the way you specifically want it...Five Guys is the best in Laredo. The fries are delicious and overflowing, the hotdogs are juicy, all around a great place!

cynthia rodriguez

Ordered curbside. Staff is friendly. Guess they don’t have many plain and dry orders cuz I had to repeat it. Other than that everything great!!

Lincoln's Blog Spot

I contacted the store after I placed an order with DoorDash requesting 2 sides of malt vinegar added. The associate who answered the phone said that I needed to contact the DoorDash driver to add the additional items. I asked the associate again to confirm what he said as I felt this was a small request after placing a $50+ order. The associate repeated what he said prior, I told him thank you at a time like this not doing a small gesture that would not have caused money or time. Ive ate at FiveGuys enough times to know this is not how they do busines, so I'm in shock about this. What really baffles me is the associate who packaged our order seemed to have made time to put 3 packs of ketchup but couldn't make the effort to add 2 sides of malt vinegar. The pettiness in this action is unprofessional and I am demanding my money back.

Unai Gonzalez

Buena atención y buen producto si te gustan las #hamburguesas

Aleth Oaferina

Good food, fair price, good staff service, fairly clean

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