La Finca Bruncheria & Cafe

1713 E Del Mar Blvd Ste. 6C, Laredo
(956) 568-0162

Recent Reviews

Rosendo Ornelas

Food was excellent, and staff are prompt and friendly. Recommend one arrive early as seating fills up fast.

Jasveer Malik

Too busy resulting in reduced service and food quality diminishing

Ilse Amaro

I love this place for brunch! It is always so packed in weekends but it is worth the wait! The food is so fresh and delicious. It is also pet friendly on the patio

Griselda Vazquez

I forgot to take photos, but oh boy!!! Food was extremely delicious!!! Everything in menu was inviting. Great food!! customer services and good prices


Food and service was terrific! The staff is so charming! The food takes me back to my abuelita’s cooking! Loved the atmosphere, too!

Aaron Perez

1st time here for breakfast. Chicken & waffles

Azeneth Barrios

excelente servicio,un agradable ambiente

Danielle Miller

Great breakfast try the mollete and the barbacoa tacos they are great... might be little pricey for Laredo standards but in my opinon well worth it. Also the salsas are spucy but to die for. There is a varied menu and is very good. Fresh squeezed juices and good service. The biscuit and beans and cheese are good as well as there varied mexican egg dishes. Price is average.

Melane Guajardo

Great service , food is delicious

Emi Lopez

Excellent experience. Food was delicious and service was great. Highly recommend for breakfast or brunch

Ramon Ramirez

Excellent menu, tasty food, excellent customer service. Excellent fair price. Recommended 100%.


This was one of my favorite places to have brunch and pretty much go every weekend, but service is very important me. We had a table for 5 and last minute the last person was not able to come in. The waiter came to tell us that they were removing the other table. The owner just came and started moving the table without asking and left us there in a very uncomfortable space. She should have asked and explained her situation before treating a loyal customer that way. I went up to the owner and instead of apologizing for the way she took the table from us and explaining her unprofessional treatment she said that she needed to tend to other customers.. She was extremely rude.I am excited that Laredo is opening more breakfast/brunch places. No matter how great your food is, if your service sucks the people will not go back.

Tony Barrera

Very offended by this place. I was a frequent loyal customer up until today. I called in to place an order and was told I was not allowed to place an order without paying first. Basically that I supposedly bailed on my last to go order without picking up food. It was an absolute lie as when I originally placed order they told me how long it would take. They said 15 minutes and I was in a hurry so I said never mind.They completely disregarded the hundreds of times I had been there and made me feel unwelcome. It is not right that employees go on a power trip and take it out for any little reason on their customers.These were the rules of la dueña I was told.

Alexis Pina

La finca surpased my expectations 100% I came in thinking it was just a regular breakfast place, comparable to that of mar-la, ihop, etc. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only was the food amazing, but the satff was extremely polite and the service was quick. The food tasted as good as it looked. The chilaquiles toluqueños were exquisite, and the omelette my friend got was "the best one I've ever had." I cannot reccomend La Finca enough, if you're even slightly thinking of coming here, do yourself a favor and go as soon as you can!

Anne G

Wonderful food, staff, and atmosphere. I was really impressed and would say this place is a one of a kind especially in Laredo. It's a little expensive but worth it. They have a very eclectic menu as well. I will definitely go again and bring people when they come to visit.

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