Scratch Sandwich Company

1713 E Del Mar Blvd #6534, Laredo
(956) 568-4893

Recent Reviews


The Barbacoa Burger is insanely goodA+

charles nelson

My favorite lunch spot in Laredo. Fantastic food at a very reasonable price.

Lara Samios Simmons

Good service awesome salads

Elia Banuelos

Delicious yummy

Melly H.

We had the chicken tenders, Mile high club, burger, and torta ahogada. All was great, good temp, taste, came out really fast. Only problem was the carnitas on the torta had a lot of fat. Also, tried the oatmeal cookie and that was SUPER dry and tasteless. Cucumber martini was awesome! Would go back but will steer clear of the torta and cookie!

Ilse Amaro

The brunch was so good! Excellent service and the food was so good. The beignets are to die for. I would recommend my friends and family to go have brunch here at scratch. Our waiter was always attentive and friendly. You must go ❣️?

V Guevara

Delicious food and nice ambiance.The only thing is they’re usually packed and the food takes long to arrive.

laura Sanchez

The food is amazing everything is super delicious. The only thing they need to work is their customer service, the cashier is super rude,it was my first time picking up an order didn't know there was a name attached to the order all i was told was the phone number. So I gave her the number and she was making faces just cause you have a face mask doesn't mean we don't know what your doing she made faces like if i was STUPIED She kept saying well like i said what name is it under? Then she rolled her eyes and said in a very rude way what's the order! Like if I'm wasting her precious time. I would have spoken to the manager but i was in a hurry to take the employee's lunch back. Didn't get her name but she was wearing a black dress or shirt with yellow flowers. Like i said the food is great nothing bad to say about it totally recommend it but the customer service needs improvement.


HUGE, DELICIOUS portions. Absolutely will eat there again! Drinks were also amazing!

Andrea Villarreal

I’m a huge salad person and it’s hard to find decent salads here, but this is one of my absolute favorite places to eat at! I love that it’s conveniently close, but they offer delivery as well. I love this business for their ease of communication and them really taking care of their customers. Try the “Chef Gone Crazy” salad with their homemade cilantro lime dressing. Absolutely delicious. Much love to everyone at Scratch always!

Caesarsalad2816 _

Surprised by the affordable price considering that they make everything from scratch (No pun intended). Great place to enjoy a healthy and unique restaurant experience in Laredo. Service was great and never left our glasses empty. First time that I eat somewhere like this in Laredo. Had to wait a little bit for the meal but was well worth it. 10/10!

Maria C. Meryem

Often order from you and have to say really great food and fast deliveries! Always receive my food fast and in good condition. Your delivery drivers are the best??they are an excellent asset to the restaurant :))

Andrew Jessie Raines

I go all over the USA and eat at restaurants so when I say this place makes a good sandwich I mean it, the service was amazing Jessica my waitress was great I was never left holding a empty glass this is a great place to chill, eat, or have a drink ?I recommend you come and have a sandwich at this restaurant


theyve messed up my order wayy too many times and its so annoying to have to wait so long just to receive it incorrect. they clearly never read the receipt to look at any request that there’s written. i am always very specific about what i want and what i dont want in my item and they always make it the way THEY WANT TO. they always completely ignore what the receipt says and it’s happened about 3 times now. clearly they’re negligent with managing the food and literally everything’s over priced I hate paying so much for a wrong order. they love to give you cold soggy food for such a high price. scratch isnt worth it at all! stopped giving them my business completely, which sucks, because my its one of the few food places closest to my job. they completely drove me away because of how often they screwed up my orders

Maria Christina

Often order from you and have to say really great food and fast deliveries! Always receive my food fast and in good condition. Your delivery drivers are the best

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