Taco Mais

820 Clark Blvd, Laredo
(956) 728-8226

Recent Reviews

Edith Romo

No internet for orders and didn't have what customer ordered gorditas

A Ramirez

Food is really good

Patrick Fugate

yet another spammer on Facebook

Ben Vargas

Great food and service! Breakfast tacos were really good. Not to mention their lunch and dinner which is also great! Will definitely be back!

Terre Kasteeyoh

Great place to eat Tacos were delicious

Luis Hidalgo

Wife and I really liked the tacos! The salsas were amazing and really laid back atmosphere with very authentic vibe and fast service. Overall really good experience

Ramiro Rodriguez

The Taco Mais on Clark Ave:The cook doesn't wear face mask and says that he don't have to. They careless if you get sick, just pay them before you die, is what they care there.

Maricela Garcia

delicious food so good and great service

Arnoldo Sanchez Jr.

Best tacos in Laredo for the price! Chips and salsa galore! I recommend the brisket and pastor tacos. The molleja tacos are a hit or miss though. Nonetheless, I love this place.

Akio C.

(San Bernardo location) Try to avoid going during graveyard hours, there is some crazy stuff that goes on late at night. Biggest problem is all the beggars and creeps that one would expect to find at 3am in the downtown area. There are always people standing around with their hands out asking for money, some people selling candy from a small cart, people offering to wash your windshield while you eat (and cant take "no" for an answer no matter how many times you say it). Top 3 worst instances: #3: Had a guy staring at me from a couple tables across, and eventually moved to sit next to me and tried to find out where I lived. #2: Had a crossdresser (who was totally high or drunk) show up and sat next to me, he kept begging me for money and wouldnt leave even after I told him no. #1: There was a guy standing the middle of the street, bent over with his entire arm down the back of his pants, like he was really digging for something down there. The employees leave customers to fend for themselves, instead of asking non-customers to leave. Place has roaches crawling outside. Bathroom stinks to hell. The tables, walls, everything has this layer of filth over all of it. But why do I keep going back? Because the $1 tacos is a great price and I've never had any problem with the tacos themselves. I just make sure to always take my knife, just in case. Also don't get the beans, they are disgusting. Waste of money on that.

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