1205 S Hwy 183, Leander
(512) 528-0944

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Rose Matheny Bruner

Def not your normal CFA. Went when they first opened, order was wrong when we got home, took an extremely long time. Thought I’d try a year later. Ordered 1 sandwhich. 1. I am still waiting. 35 minutes in. If I hadn’t already paid, I would have been long gone. Corporate needs to get involved. This place is ruining the CFA name. Never again. And, yes, passing the word around. Took 50 minutes. Yes, I was stupid for waiting that long. WORSE. SERVICE.EVER. never again.

Katie H.

Very slow location. Drive through Is not smooth at all. Employees had back towards cars until you pulled up next to them.

Myssi A.

I was in line for 30 minutes, I will never go to this Chick-fil-a agin. Buyer beware!!!

Tiffany Drake English

Waited for over an hour for my curbside order and then was given melted ice cream with no toppings. Then was told there was nothing that could be done but an I’m sorry. Horrible experience and will not be going back.

Richard G.

I can always depend on a satisfying meal at Chick-fil-A. It's one of my favorite places to grab a quick bit.

Jerry Marrero

Great service and awesome chicken! Very fast lines and takes the time to get you're order right! (: highly recommend if you have hunger in the morning and the mid afternoon plus theres rewards you for each dollar you spend how much better can it get! :D

J Garcia

Food good but curbside time is horrible. Literally tire repair at discount tire was faster than my food order. Recommend you go through the drive thru

Allie K.

I really hate leaving bad reviews but I feel like feedback is important. I would never ever go to the location again for lunch. I ordered on the app and when I got to the location is took over 30 minutes before someone even came and asked my name. I ended up leaving before I got my food because I was on my lunch. I normally have amazing experiences with Chick-fil-A. I'll be driving the extra 5 miles to go to the 1431 location because they are always organized and timely with pickup/drive thru.

Eddie A.

28 mins to get my food from the time I parked for curbside pickup. What's the point of ordering online if I'm going to wait longer than drive thru.

dc phatts

The food quality and timely service is impeccable. However, they never seem to get my drink order correct. Whenever I ask for a Sweet Tea, I get unsweet. If I ask for half & half (tea & lemonade), I only get Sweet Tea.?????

Edward T.

This is the slowest Chic fil a I have ever been to. Normally when you go to Chic fil a, it's pretty much always busy BUT the line goes SO fast. I usually don't even have time to get my money out before I'm at the window and they basically throw your food at you because they are trying to get the line through fast (not complaining). This location however is the opposite. They don't seem to be in a rush at all and it takes at least 10 mins to get through the line when most other locations take about 1-3 mins no matter how long the line is.

Deborah M.

Ugh. I placed an order for curbside pick up through the app. Two CFA sandwiches and a fry. That's it. I drove here, pulled up to the spot and let them know that I was here and which spot I'm at, through the app. Immediately my order said "a team member is on the way with your order" and now it's been 20 minutes. When I got here there was just one car in the curbside order spots. Now there are several. No one is getting food, except the drive thru. It would've been faster to go that route. 25 minutes in, we get the food. Fries are almost cold and no longer crisp. The employee blamed the kitchen. However, drive thru was moving just fine. So there's that.

Chad M.

This location has been open for more than a year and they still have quality control issues. It seems like every time I get home I find something missing from my order; a sandwich, fries, straws, etc. There is always something missing. I've been loyal to Chick-fil-a for years but I can't wait for Popye's to come to Leander. If you haven't tried Popye's new chicken or spicy chicken sandwich, they're 10 time better than Chick-fil-a.

liz bentley

Best Chick-fil-A ever I'm gonna miss this place when I move. The morning staff at this location is amazing and huge shoutout to Judy for being the highlight of my mornings and Thomas for his great customer service and awesome attitude

Abby G.

The staff is always very rude. They always get my order wrong when I specifically tell them what it is I want (chicken wrap but with no grilled chicken, just the regular spicy fried chicken). Last week, they got it wrong again and I was told by a staff member that they "can't make it that way" even though every other chick fil a hasn't had any issues nor were they rude about it. This morning all I had were 3 biscuits, when I pulled up to the window my bag was already ready and all the staff were gossiping for a a couple minutes while the line was backed up. I don't mind waiting in line for food, I honestly felt bad because I thought they were backed up in the kitchen but in reality, they're choosing to be lazy and rude. This is the worst chick fil a I've ever been to, like it's consistently bad every time. Hate that it's the closest one to where I live but I'll be driving to the location by 1890 now.

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