Papa Murphy's | Take 'N' Bake Pizza

651 North US-183 Suite 225, Leander
(512) 260-9936

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Victoria Toler

I ordered 2 pizzas tonight. One was a thin crust bacon, artichoke & chicken, the other was a VEGAN garden delight, specified all veggies, NO CHEESE. My husband picked them up, came home, got ready to bake them and saw that the veg one was FULL OF CHEESE, the very thing I had specified to leave off. I have worked hard all day in the yard and was excited to eat my pizza and now can’t. I’m not sure where the miscommunication happened, but I clearly specified no cheese. So, darn. I’m super disappointed.

Kathryn Delorey

Great pizza and Kaitlyn was very helpful!

Jessica Campos

This review will help those of you who are not used to the take out - cook home style. I’m one of those clients who didn’t know that Papa Murphy’s didn’t actually bake their pizzas

Michael Augustine

The store was extremely busy and the employee handed me the wrong pizzas. Unfortunately, I did not notice the error until i had already driven ten miles home and I wasn't about to drive another twenty miles to correct the problem. The pizzas were okay but they were not what I ordered and paid for. Might I suggest someone be dedicated to double checking the orders before they are given to the customer like the pass through in a restaurant.

arron cagle

Closes at 10 but starts putting g food away at 9....who wants to walk I when all of your food is put away

Deborah Moses

Best take home Pizza. What I love is I can order on line or phone. Pick it up on the way home .

Jeni Woods

Always fast and friendly.

Gene Curylo

Good do it yourself.

Michael Whitson

Gluten free pizza is excellent if you have not tried it

James A. Glover

When it's my time for dinner, Pappa's is my go to.

Candice Tanner

I prefy Papa Murphy's Pizza over any other pizza take out/delivery joint. I really wish there was one closer to Copperas Cove!

Tabitha B.

We love these guys. Always fast, fresh and yummy. Super affordable, too! Can't beat $10 Tuesday's and $5 Friday's!

Rhonda Rolf

I Came in a few minutes before 'closing' time. They were fully shut down and sullenly refused to make a pizza, without apology.

Tabatha Hays

Love this place. Tuesday family size special! Mmmm

Joseph Knox

Got food poisoning last night from this place...been throwing up ect..

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