Pizza Hut

1395 S Hwy 183, Leander
(512) 260-8808

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Matthew Meaker

I ordered an order of almost 8 pizzas, and a family member is deathly allergic to bell peppers. We ordered one pizza specifically without anything except pepperonis, and it was wrong when it got here. I was offered an $11 credit to use with my phone number, and when I called to do it the lady had an attitude. She then told me that it was going to be delivered to me and not even five minutes later I have somebody else call me back and tell me that I had to come and get it. So I said OK and I went to go get my pizza, I pulled up to get it and I spoke with three different people before I got my pizza, and they all three had an attitude. Very very poor customer service, not to mention they were very unorganized.

Richard Barrera III

I am 1.8 miles from this location and they will not deliver to me

B Westov

I just tried to order from this place we are a new division in Hawks Landing which connects to waterfall and was told they can’t deliver to us they are literally 2 miles away from us got put on hold for a very long time to talk to a manager who never answered the phone apparently they don’t need the business of 500 new houses

Jason Galaviz

Customer service was on point, very friendly staff. The pizza was impeccable!

Terri M.

We ordered from Leander Pizza Hut at 3:57 pm and got our order at 8:20 pm after 4 phone calls and a comped meal. The Manager was apologetic but after 2 phone calls he should have done a follow up and called me to see if the delivery ever made it. Nope not one call. We will try a different location for sure and give it a try but we will not order from Leander again. The first Manager seemed caring and tried to get it right but should have done a follow up call. The second Manager didn't seem to even bat an eye that it took over 4 hours.

Jose Ortiz

Pizza was made perfect and that's hard to come by from other places.

Nadia Salinas

Melissa here at the Pizza Hut was the nicest. It was my first time ordering in the store, I normally just order online. I appreciated her being so understanding and attentive to my rushed order, trying to get pizza in time for my sons lunch. I would definitely visit again.

Dixie V.

I'm surprised they only have 2 stars. We ordered wings and cheese sticks for the Super Bowl. They did not disappoint! They were the best and meatiest ribs we've had in a while. We can't comment on the delivery service because we opted for carry out. We will definitely want going back!

Jami Osterlund

Placed an order online. The pizza was completely wrong. I called the store to let them know. I was offered a $10 credit for a pizza I can't eat. And then the young lady "helping" me hung up on me when I asked what am I suppose to do with a pizza I can't eat!! Poor customer service. Not the first time they have messed up my online order! Ridiculous

william irwin

Food was hot and made just right staff was friendly

Kyle J.

Pizza is pretty good and drive thru help is nice.

Chandag Fields

My husband and son loved it as always

Terrence Mitchell

Honestly, not the best experience. Only giving it a star because it wont let me move on


I used to like this location, but the last few times I have ordered from here it has been messed up. Like tonight they forgot the dipping sauce that I paid for, we ordered Mariana pasta and got alfredo pasta. It is very disappointed at this point with this location.

Dennis Nolan

i like pizza it tasty. i like peperone. i ate the pizza here and them cryed

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