Sabino's Pizza Pub

2082 US-183 #110, Leander
(512) 548-6963

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Big D.

I am kind of conflicted between 3 and 4 stars. Was there yesterday, ordered to go and pizza was good, cashier super friendly as well. The music (if that's what it was) while I was waiting was absolutely abysmally loud and obnoxious "rap" of some sort. I guess that's what the staff wants to listen to however it certainly wasn't pleasant to wait even 10 minutes subjected to that torturous sound. Fortunately there is a new furniture store next-door that allowed me to kill some time in peace. Upon my return to pick up the pizza one of the employees was sitting on the steps outside the door enjoying a cigarette. Kind of gross but I know these are stressful times....and I don't want to be labeled a "Ken" here...As for the main event, pizza was good, ordered Chicago style and as the hipsters in Austin would say, it was "on point". Good crust, great thick sauce and a fair amount of cheese, sausage, pepperoni black olives and mushrooms baked in. $20 for the large basic cheese pie and another $2 for each topping. Worth $28 plus tax and gratuity? I think so. Was the cheese "melty" when I got home 25 minutes later, not so much. The whole thing was more like a lasagna. A delicious one at that. A good addition for the in recommended if having the Chicago style. And ask them to change or turndown that noise. :)

Ken S.

Great Chicago style fare baked freshly and served with a smile. A very nice family pub atmosphere with good food and craft brews.

Stephen G.

My new favorite deep dish pizza in Austin area. Chicago style deep dish was excellent. Italian beef sandwich with au jus top notch as well. Close to where my kid practices softball 4 x a week. See many more pizzas from Sabinos in our future.

Ned F.

I love pizza and I when and got there deep dish pizza but I was very disappointed by the cheese and bread or crust. I do hope it was just mine pizza but it tasted very bad

Sherri L.

We've been in twice (we live in the Dallas area) and loved it both times! The food is great & so happy to see they expanded their menu & added wings. Love the family owned neighborhood pizza joint feel of the place. We'll definitely be back... KUDOs!

Barbara R.

I'm not a fan of the regular pizza but the deep dish is out of this world! Full of flavor and lots of cheese. A ten in is pretty large too. Fed four of us (we are not eating too much), but plenty for four health conscious adults.

Daniel G.

I really loved the stuff Chicago here. Problem is there's too many onions in sauce that my kid doesn't want to eat, so had to switch back to normal spot. Wish the sauce wouldn't be so heavy with onions

Lori H.

We decided to venture elsewhere for a late lunch. It's a new small strip off the Summerlyn subdivision off 183 north. Staff are courteous, we both ordered thin crust pizzas since they claimed it's the best think crust around. Again, to me, pizza is all about the crust and sauce, the toppings complete it. I've had better but gave them 4 stars and think they have potential. I am unsure if their crust is homemade, it wasn't thin as we've had at other establishments, and very tough. The place gets extremely loud, that we didn't bother having a conversation, it was very distracting. Overall, not bad for a new place.

haismat 08

Love this place. Great food, great atmosphere, great service and a great place to watch a game.

Andrew Williams

Their wings at Sabinos are amazing. I had the garlic parmesan and Manga habanero saucs and they were both really good. However, I think I liked the garlic parmesan better. I highly recommend this place!

Corey McQuay

Excellent Pizza, Awesome Atmosphere, Good Beer Selections, and a convenient place to be when you want to see a sports game! One of my favorite local pizza places!

Shawn Cardamon

Fantastic Chicago style pizza - probably the only thing I miss about living there

Kevin Garcia

Awesome pizza, great staff, my kids love it, close to home. Couldn't ask for a better spot.

Shelly Perkowski

The best of everything!!!! Thank you Dave and Amber for the warm hospitality and amazing service but above all the food is beyond delicious

Bo Cielenski

My fiancé and I just moved to Leander From Chicago, few hrs ago we each ordered a Cauliflower crust pizza, I took 1 bite, looked her in the eyes and said holy Sh$t this is good!! This will be my pizza spot from today on. Loved it!!

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