Sharks Burger

12681 Hero Way W, Leander
(512) 259-5200

Recent Reviews

Randi Troxel

Best grilled chicken! My kids are then all no left over. Thank you and we will be back

Randi T.

I finally found best grilled chicken burger! They did it right. My kids love their food and ate it all. Thank you. We will be coming back

Mary Y.

This is a place we go to all the time, and the food is great. They have never gotten the order incorrect for our family. The meat is cooked perfectly, fries are always crispy and never soggy. I absolutely love Sharks.

Kevin R.

Been here twice now. Both times the burger and the service were solid! I went with the classic great white and I was not disappointed. Don't let the gas station fool you. Get the great white ASAP!

Steven Wells

Great Burgers and great fries for a gas station very surprised beats the hell out of Whataburger Burger King and many others . Manager was very friendly definitely be visiting at least once a week maybe more just wish they were open later hours but hey can’t have everything!

Jenny Corrao Jorgensen

Sharks burger are by far the best tasting hamburgers in town so glad we have two locations to choose from now. Hero way west and Ronald Reagan both in Leander.

Tim W

The special this week is the Reuben burger with Pastrami. Wow it was big and Delicious. The Shark bites are awesome. As always the food is ready quickly and correctly.

Lockie M.

Tried this place on a whim and we'll definitely be back! Burgers were really good (we got Jr Burgers and they were just the right size) and the fries were nice and crispy! Guys working were very friendly too.

Dani Schwab

Always get the specials and burgers! Tonight we branched out and got the 33 count chicken bite with family tots and also the 9 chicken bites just incase it wasn’t enough (we feed a family of 6) did not need the extra 9! Tons left over, very generous sized “bites”. Absolutely delicious, literally hot juices gushing from bites they were so juicy!!!!! Very generous with the family sized tots too! Great deal! Highly recommended! Delicious sauces as well. Sharks is the best thing in Leander!

George S.

I have enjoyed getting burgers to go from sharks burger ever since they opened up in the gas station. Their burgers taste delicious I especially enjoy the bun. Historically the customer service is great, but I think they're suffering a little bit with a personnel shortage right now so things take a little bit longer than what they used to. However it's worth the wait

Sheli Austin

Gas station is clean! I emphasize because of how often that is not the case. Also, anyone who does not try Shark Burger is depriving themselves from one of the best burgers ever! Nicest staff, too! Thank you Shark Burger team!!!

Kiann B.

Best burgers! Juicy, messy, and so delicious. The chicken is on point as well! The shark bites (chicken nuggets) are bigger and tastier than chick fil a. Fries and tots are great too - and always a generous serving. Don't let the fact that Sharks Burger is located in a convenience store scare you away. The food is fabulous and the staff is always friendly. My order is always gone right and food comes out hot and fresh.

Doug Simms

Really great burger and frie!

NYOB Music

The first time- I was astonished at how good the breading for the shark bites was. Perfect breading that actually sticks to the chicken!! The shark bites are big as well so very filling. Its always piping hot and never a burnt bite. The Burgers i have had are like homemade burgers, big, juicy and tasty!Sharks does it right!! oh and don't forget the jalapeno ranch sauce!!!

Sean Hennigan

used to absolutely love this place made the best breakfast tacos now they only make them during the week they don’t have ham anymore and they use tater tot’s for their hashbrowns for the potatoes what happened to you guys!!!???? Just gonna go back to start calling the Mexican restaurant near the house. Leaving shark burgers alone from now on. Not worth going anymore.

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