Fajita Express Mexican Grill

7247 Bandera Rd, Leon Valley
(210) 969-6002

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George Chevy

Menudo extremely spicy, found a string in my barbacoa taco. Called them up and lady didn't even apologize or offer a refund, she offered a credit, with a string in my taco, no thanks.

Brian Cordeau

You must try the Homeade ice cream here. The Superman flavor is excellent, daughter loved it! Pecan was as well. Cookies and cream was my favorite. Sweet employees also, great tacos as well, but that ice cream!!! Yum!

George Chavarria

Menudo extremely spicy, found a string in my barbacoa taco. Called them up and lady didn't even apologize or offer a refund, she offered a credit, with a string in my taco, no thanks.

Kimberly Stuart

Fajitas amazing, enchiladas amazing, taco Norteno amazing. I love the cheese they use at this restaurant and that they have their own prompt delivery drivers, I haven’t had any issues yet. Me and my boyfriend love this place.

Carolyn Burns

Drive thru needs improvement.Better communication.My sister and I went Drive thru one dayBandera Rd location.My Son and I order with Grubhub.excellent food and delivery.I love the shrimp ? cocktail.My son's favorite is beef fajita tacos and guacamole.

Tina A.

This was the absolute worst worst Mexican food I have ever had in my life. I ordered that cheese enchilada plate and flan. I can't even describe how bad the food was it was flavorless greasy I just it's indescribable. I think dog food would taste even better than that. The tortillas were burnt shoe leather. The salad was OK. And the farm was wonderful. But the rest went in the trash.

Alex Bischoff

Amazing tacos. Barbacoa was savory and delicious, beef fajita was seasoned perfectly, shrimp taco was fresh tasting. Red and green salsa were balanced in heat and flavor. Generous portions and 5 tacos for under $20. I'm saving this place on my Google maps so I never forget.

R. Bennett

Been here for breakfast and recently for lunch. The food is delicious. Always served hot and very reasonably priced considering everything is going up in price. The portions are generous. Had the cheese enchiladas and they were soft with plenty of cheese and gravy. The fajitas were also tender and not fatty. Good choice for anytime of the day. Staff is friendly and courteous as well.

Justin Jones

It has never not been good. No different this time. Drive thru today.. fajita taco and asada..yumm

Monica Felan

MAYBE the fajitas are good but puffy tacos are nasty, the chips were burnt and the rice looks like a 2-year old could have done better. Save your time and stomach ache and skip this dump!! If you try it, you were warned.Called and spoke to manager Juan who said new guy was burning chips and he did not have time to check quality of food before delivering. His attempt to resolve the issue was to give me credit to return. No thanks! With food THAT bad, why would i want more even if free? SMH.

Veronica E.

Sunday late afternoon. No other cars in the drive through. I order a picadillo taco with onions and cilantro. Nope got none. So that was disappointing. The tacos were bland and runny. Hers a hint. Less water pan fry after its done to make it crispy and taco friendly. Add flavor. All in all a very unhappy, disappointing experience.

Jacqueline Reuter

Drive-through window has some type of paper covering the windows so you can’t see anything once they take your debit card I would recommend they take that paper down you should be able to see the person that’s taking your credit card and making your transaction and you can’t see nothing once the employee takes your debit card and shuts the windows.


This evening I decided to stop in at the fajita Express Mexican restaurant over here in Leon Valley Come to find out that they only don't sell fajitas they also sell a dinner plates breakfast plates breakfast tacos they're open from the a.m. to10 p.m.And they also have another location I recently told the girl that it kind of looked like they were closed due to the fact that it's so darkBut to let you know the food is good Come by and try it out

Vegas Stiletto Fitness

You just can’t get more authentic than this! Best grilled chicken salad ever! Best Ribeye steak ever too! Order from website you get a discount! I’m hooked! :)

Nick C

Just moved to the area and recently found this place. I like it. Good food, good salsas, good portions, and reasonable prices.I definitely recommend givin this place a try. Especially cause they have carnitas tacos for 99¢ right now! And these ain't no mini carnitas tacos or some kinda rinky dink hardly any meat tacos, they load em up. So leave your mini hands at home and be prepared to hoist that taco up to your mouth when you come here.

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