BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

2609 S Stemmons Fwy, Lewisville
(972) 459-9700

Recent Reviews

Michael G.

Went for some appetizers and a few drinks with a friend. Server was friendly, had great recommendations and was quick. Great happy hour prices as well. The potstickers and egg rolls were great!

Löýđ Mïķë

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Christa M.

Had a lunch here. Fast service. Good sandwich and soup. Very fresh ingredients and hot food. I'm picky, so I had a great experience.

Jonathan Searcy

The bartender made really good drinks. My server was prompt,attentive and courteous.

Kristin Robb Marsh

Great service. Very nice server

CLee A.

Busy place with plenty of on tap beer choices. Ordered soup and meal. Soup was delivered at the end of the meal so I asked for it to be removed from bill. Tri-tip was good with great flavor and the cook was a good mid-rare. I'd recommend. Service was okay and I get it was busy but it didn't seem like an overwhelming crowd. Just an average place overall and one I'd put on par with Applebees or Chilis.

Finance G.

The chicken pesto tavern cut pizza this time had just a bit of pesto and chocken and tomatoes that were piled up on one middle corner. The MAJORITY of the pizza had NO PESTO SAUCE ANYWHERE, so ZERO SAUCE ON THE PIZZA, THERE WAS ZERO GOAT CHEESE ON THE ENTIRE PIZZA which is PATHETIC as the pesto and goat cheese is the best part, along with the pathetic amount of toppings that werent even present on most of the pizza! A large amount was completely dry with no toppings, no pesto and not even any cheese.. and like I said ZERO GOAT CHEESE! Barely any chicken and tomatoes! There was like 3/4 of the chicken that wasn't found on the pizza along with 1/2 of the tomatoes were piled up on top of each other in one small spot! It's like a 2 YEAR OLD threw stuff on the pizza and called it done. The worst version of this pizza ive ever had from any bjs EVER! I dont even want to eat it.. its that pathetic! And this is when the manager told my dasher that they never received the order from Doordash so it hadn't yet been started, but then she thought he was on top of everything.. but to then allow this garbage to come out of your kitchen... UNBELIEVABLE! PATHETIC! The ribs tasted like they were old as well, but sauce was good as usual. so yah definitely NOT IMPRESSED! Worst bj experience EVER! The manager SHOULD BE ASHAMED AND THE GM QUESTION HIS ABILITIES AS THERE WAS ZERO QUALITY CONTROL HERE WITH THIS NO PESTO SAUCE DRY PIZZA WITH JUST SOME REGULAR CHEESE AND BARELY ANY CHICKEN OR TOMATOES ON THE MAJORITY OF THE PIZZA! I did not order plain cheese flatbread! I ordered a garlic (didn't taste ANY GARLIC!) chicken PESTO (as in base sauce that is supposed to be all over the entire pizza with even distribution of sauce, cheese, PLENTY OF GOAT CHEESE AS ITS A garlic chicken pesto goat cheese tavern Vit pizza! I don't even want to eat it. I want my money back! But I can't even get it off the app except 5 bucks and I paid 18! Didn't even get compensation for the fact it was late by Doordash! After this, I'm questioning ever ordering from a bjs again! This is the worst one ever. THE PERSON IN THE KITCHEN WHO THREW THIS PATHETIC NON EXISTENT ZERO QUALITY INEDIBLE HORRIBLE VERSION WITH NO GOAT CHEESE AND JUST A TINY SPLASH OF PESTO ON ONE CORNER, AND BARELY ANY TOPPINGS, PATHETIC ALL AROUND VERSION IF THIS PIZZA SHOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY! When it looks a 2 YEAR OLD ATTEMPTED TO MAKE THE PIZZA THATS SOMEONE WHO IS INCOMPETENT AND COULDNT CARE LESS ABOUT DOING A CONSISTENT AND TOP NOTCH JOB! Manager. You should be ASHAMED for letting this be served to me after you already messed up bt missing the order and left me and my dasher waiting while you finally asked the kitchen to make it! I don't want to eat this disgusting cheese flatbread no real chicken pesto goat cheese pizza disgusting blah nonsense. What are you going to do about it? I decided to warm up the small part where the chicken, pesto, and regular cheese exists and the pesto is super salty and doesn't taste good at all. So I think the kitchen staff and manager on this night is failing across the board. Maybe the goat cheese is it hadn't been forgotten could have maybe balanced it out.. not sure cause the goat cheese was missing completely. The goat cheese is one of the best parts of this pizza normally. But I'm pretty sure the pesto isn't normally that salty at the Plano location. In fact I took one more bite if pure pesto part with no toppings and it was like a pile of salt was sitting In btwn the cheese and crust. Disgusting. Plano makes it the best, and i experienced none of these horrible things with their version. That's where I first had it and first liked it. Also, About 1/4 of the pizza is dry as well and other times the small area that had just crust and no cheese tasted light, crispy and tasty actually but this time, I got a dry portion from the area next to that section that I warmed up to try it and it didn't taste good at all, the flavor was totally off as the crust is usually very good and so It woul

Jess A.

Stuck in a hotel for the weekend, it's late, I'm starving, what's open? BJs. I haven't been back to BJs in a long time, but I remember it being one of the better Americana restaurants, better than Chilis and Applebees and the like. Well, not sure if it's this one, or take out, or if covid has tanked them but... yikes. Ordered a medium bacon cheeseburger. Got one so dry and overdone it may as well have been from the night before. The chili was tepid, and I ordered the smaller size. A $6 cup of chili doesn't even half cover a spoon. Fries, soggy and cold. The wedge salad was decent. No complaints there. Indicated I wanted silverware -- got no silverware, no napkins. Thankfully I had some leftover from a prior meal I could wash off in the sink.

Teresa P.

So, I have to leave a great review! On Thursday, Sep 15, we visited this location and received impeccable service! Like fine dining service! Our server, Mark, was knowledgeable about the food menu and the drink menu. The store was nice and clean and we were greeted upon entering. Service was on point! Not too bothersome but also not a feeling of neglect. We left completely satisfied. This led us to stop in at the southlake location after rock climbing on Saturday, Sep 17, and uhmmm...we felt like it was another world! NOT A GOOD EXPERIENCE AT ALL!!! I've left a review on them separately. We left that location and came right on back to the Lewisville location and received the same excellent service and good experience from Dani, that we received on Thursday. Clearly this store has management that cares! We will definitely be loyal to this location!


1/2 off Large Pizza’s - Monday SpecialThis deep dish style pizza is soft and crunchy at the same time. The bottom of the crust is crispy but the dough is super fluffy and soft!Our favorite is the Buffalo Chicken with the perfect tangy buffalo sauce and ranch drizzle and goes well with grilled chicken and crunchy celery.They have a huge menu to satisfy any eater and even offer $10 lunch specials.Good food, good deals, good variety!

Michelle Brown

Date night here was great! We're always looking for someplace to go for our bimonthly date nights and tonight we came here. We've decided this one will be added to our rotation of restaurants to go to for our date nights as well as restaurants to bring our out of town guests ?.

Bryan T.

BJ"s is a consistent spot for a quality menu made up of a variety of choices I enjoyed the Brussel sprouts and kale salad with optional blackened chicken. One key mention is the portion . This was one "BIG salad " to channel my inner Seinfeld . But sincerely the portion was excellent and much appreciated when food prices are high everywhere My wife had the Ahi Tuna salad and one of our friends had wings and fries and all enjoyed their meal Thanks BJ"s, see you again soon

Chisum P.

Food was alright but way overpriced. We were there for 2 hours because the service suckedddd

Nerissa C.

Thank you Krystal for providing great service and fun conversations amongst your regulars and myself. I can see why folks come by often for the good food, interesting banter and awesome service.

Noshin J.

1/2 off Large Pizza's - Monday Special This deep dish style pizza is soft and crunchy at the same time. The bottom of the crust is crispy but the dough is super fluffy and soft! Our favorite is the Buffalo Chicken with the perfect tangy buffalo sauce and ranch drizzle and goes well with grilled chicken and crunchy celery. They have a huge menu to satisfy any eater and even offer $10 lunch specials. Good food, good deals, good variety!

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