Hotsome Chicken

2405 S Stemmons Fwy STE 123, Lewisville
(214) 940-8926

Recent Reviews

Joel Koo

My favorite wing place. I literary go out my way to drive here 20 minutes for takeout all the time. Their prices are a bit expensive but it's always worth it. The Korean junkie flavor is unique and worth the price.

Mitch C

Support delicious Korean fried chicken here in DFW! Located in the food court near Zion Market. Worth the trip! Pictured is popular "Korean Junkie" wings.

Bo Yun

Chicken seasoning and meat are delicious!! The sides exceed expectations and portions are generous. Friendly staff as well. Strongly recommended :)

Nett G

The chicken here is so good! They make everything fresh, so you have to be patient when waiting for your food but at least you know it was made to order. The fries are also so yummy! I have tried the Cajun and garlic parmesan and can't wait to try the rest. The employees are also super sweet. They gave me the suggestions and was very patient with me when I was trying to make up my mind. Definitely coming back to try more.

Kathleen T.

Love the wings here from this mom and pop. Always CRISPY and always flavorful. Never greasy. They make them quick too. I put my boyfriend on korean bbq wings and he wants it every other week now lol. Hands down better than no 1 plus and bbq chicken. Must try!

Richard L.

We always get the goju mayo and Korean junkie flavors for the wings. The mayo has just the right amount of spice IMO. We have been here many times and love it!

Brandon Ha

Pretty awesome, got their Korean Junkie chicken and was the right amount of sweet and spicy. Minimum order of 5: drumsticks was very reasonable price.

Chalon H.

If you like spicy with a little sweet definitely try the sweet chili hot. The kids like the Korean junkie which is more sweet. It's so addicting

Nanitha G

This shop is located inside Zion Market. I tried the sweet chilli hot best wings the crunch was awesome. If you're bored of conventional wings you must try this, a little pricey comparatively but worth it.

Meredith Wolff

Yummy! Boneless Korean Junkie Chicken. We bought the Medium size.. thats enough for 2-3 people depending on much you eat. I was able to eat half the plate before asking for a to-go box

Nick Keen

I’ve been looking for hot chicken like I found on a cold rainy night in South Korea. Well, I finally found it!! Crispy on the outside, moist in the middle, and so hot it will have you thinking you’re seeing stars (if you get the spicy korean) they have milder options of course. The fries were perfection as well. I got the Cajun seasoning on those. Oh how I wish they served Hite Ice with it, but an ice cold coke will suffice:) Enjoy!

Mari Sunshine

The sweet chili hot wings are amazing here with snow fries ???


My first visit! I called in to order, and was told it would be ready in 25 minutes. I went in 25 minutes later and everything was fresh and hot! This was the best Korean BBQ fried chicken I have ever had in my lifetime! The french fries were perfect! Crispy and hot with a wonderful coating and honey butter flavor! This will be my go to place for chicken now! You can see that the staff prepare everything by hand, and the service is exceptional, love all the sauces too! Go ahead and try for yourself you will love it!

Huy Lam

This is the best spot for fried chicken and tons of delicious flavors in LEWISVILLE located inside Music City Mall inside the grocery store called Zion Marketplace! All my friends that I’ve sent here LOVES IT. The owner ALWAYS does his best.

Jay Vu

I got the mixed 10 pieces here with the Korean junkie flavor and it tastes so mouth-watering delicious. I highly recommend the food here!

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