Layne's Chicken Fingers

4650 TX-121, Lewisville
(972) 482-1879

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Evan Chu

For fast food,Fries: 10/10Strips: 8/10Shake: 10/10Service was great. Had a mix up with my order but Jason and the rest of the team were very friendly and helpful in getting it sorted out.The fries and the service are what's gonna make me come back.

Scott Crissey

Took my 11 year old son there yesterday, his first time! Was so glad that he loved it, I knew he would. He especially loved the Layne’s sauce.We both recognized the excellent customer service from Blake! Keep up that great stuff. Lot of places have real good food, but real good customer service is harder to come by! ??

Kim Barnes

Our new go-to chicken restaurant! Excellent chicken tenders, closest to homemade I've eaten. Sauces are great - I like their jalapeño sauce. The back story to Layne's is a good one so take time to read some of the "receipts" on the wall.

Review Master

Absolutely love Laynes, but the amount of fries being given is not okay. This is what we received when asking for extra fries and paying for them as well. Very sad to see this.

Russell Pompa

unique appeal and flavor profile, good sauce choices, good portion size, very competitive to Cane's, I would choose lanes over canes everyday of the week. if I had nearby a Layne's next to or close to a Cane's I would never select Cane's. I think maybe Layne's found all the shortcomings for Cane's and capitalized on them. great work I'll be back that's for sure. I do wish they'd have their air conditioning system looked at because it was obviously much more humid inside the building than it was outside. secondly when I walk in the air should be cool and dry and it's not it's a little cooler but much more humid. I'm certain that's affecting the staff working in the building because I know it's affecting the customers walking in the front door, another thing that it affects is the ability to keep things sanitized and clean, in a human environment it's harder to keep things sanitized and clean, dryer air and dryer environments are easier to keep clean.

Nicholas Franklin

We used a local coupon and love to support restaurants that help the community. The chicken tenders were good and we tried all of these sauces. I believe it was just under $11 for 5 fingers, fries and a piece of Texas toast with a self service Coca Cola product drink. It wasn't very crowded about 7pm. I was able to use tap to pay with my phone on the right cashier but not left.

Venki Logan

First time at a Layne's, sad to say will be my last. It was pretty busy on a Sunday afternoon, everyone ordering spicy tenders. The spicy tenders were indeed spicy(too much for me). They were also overcooked, not good. The crinkle fries were fried to a crisp, which is not a good look for crinkle fries. Also the fry quantity is lower than other places. Would not recommend a visit, get your craving elsewhere.

Past3l G.

I really want to like this place, but the amount of fries you get is ridiculous. I also received my chicken finger already broken in half for me?? This is my second time and the first they gave me the wrong chicken sandwich. The Texas toast is good, the fries have a good taste judging from the 10 I received in my box :-).

Matt B

Their chicken fingers can be a hit or miss depending on the day. Same with their fries. Sauces are good and unique. Texas toast can be too salty. Their milkshakes are what keep me coming back though. Best simple milkshakes I've had. Great taste and consistency. Good price too.

Christine Marquis

My son is a Chicken Fingers and Fries Connoisseur and as his first visit decided this was the best chicken fingers and fries he has ever had. His words were "the chicken fingers were so juicy and the fries really tasty". He was equally impressive with the service he got from Nan so much so that he remembered her. I would highly recommend Laynes. My husband was very impressed with the expanded menu since he was used to visiting another chicken fingers competitor that did not offer many options besides chicken fingers.

Rebecca R.

I want to support this College Station establishment as an Aggie, but they skimp on fries. Their serving size needs to be evaluated.

Dianne V.

Don't waste your time and money here! So gross!!! McDonald's next door is better than this! Make the drive to Canes just one exit heading east! I'm awake at almost 4am because I have a stomach ache from this place!

Jasmine Scott

I really enjoyed this meal. Yes, I compared it to Cane's and surprisingly it was better! Layne's tasted more homemade. Very much a comfort food. I would come back a lot more if it wasn't so far from where I live. Highly suggested.

Shalonda Cook

I want to shout out Blake and Abby tonight for making my night!! Very fun and engaging and went above and beyond of what I asked for. Great to see that those two are great representatives, not only for the brand, but also for the this location! I hope to continue seeing their smiling faces when I visit again and again!


In summary: Pretty good, but they could learn from the original in College Station.It was a pleasant surprise to see this chain expanding, but I was a little disappointed that the college town favorite didn't have the famous 5-finger plate and the food was much more expensive. The chicken and fries were an amazing nostalgia trip, but the bread wasn't as seasoned or toasted as I'd hoped. There are some new additions to the menu I am curious about, but it's hard to justify eating at Layne's in Lewisville when you pay more and get much less.

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