4640 TX-121, Lewisville
(214) 469-1585

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Leo Franco

The service was great. The food was disgusting. This can't be the same McDonald's I've had all these years. I had 2 double cheeseburgers and 20 nuggets. I'm done with McDonald's.Food: 1/5

lewis erwin

The food is cold, burgers are very dry, I didn't even get any hot fries with my meal. They won't strive to do better, because they know that they are in a prime location, and people will continue to go there because of convenience. NOT ME THOUGH, I WILL NOT RETURN

Get Up Radio Media

A McDonalds that is ALWAYS BUSY. Very easy to see from street view and well known by locals. Clean restrooms and good customer service by employees. I salute them for their professional and efficiency. If you order through app they normally have your order ready by the time you arrive. Drive thru is pretty fast also. Enjoy!Food: 4/5

John Georges

This is literally the worst McDonald's on the planet. Every single time I go here they always have something missing out of the bag and I have to go back. And then the same manager will argue with me and tell me that I'm wrong. Like I'm not worried about your $2 mcdouble. It's the fact that I've had to drive back from my house every single time because I have an upset kid because you can't do your job properly. You don't deserve more than minimum wage.

Jose Ayala

Very disappointed every single time we order thru drive thru and we get to our Job office food are always wrong and even when we see what is inside the bag we get stuff we didn’t order it is upsetting the I order expensive meal and we have to eat after I arrive to our office a mc chicken plain and a double cheeseburger when i order a a double quarter pounder along with other meals I feel the McDonald’s stealing from me and also not providing what we order definitely staff need more training


Rude customer service and managers. They don’t want to help you when THEY MAKE A MISTAKE. I have complained several times, and always messes up my meal and don’t want to be polite and fix it. Idk how many times they have messed up on a meal. Or have caused issues. Not one professional person working there. DO NOT GO THERE!!!

Alex Battle

This McDonald's believes in closing their doors to the public as early as 5:30 PM (the projected time of arrival for the UberEats order for delivery to my home), then forcing the poor drivers who arrive to GO THROUGH THE PACKED DRIVE-THRU even though their customers have already paid for their order. Which means that after ordering my food and choosing to wait over an hour for it, it was of course not piping hot. You can't have it both ways, McDonald's: either streamline your process for food delivery drivers so they can satisfy your customers, or stop accepting the orders--and take the related pay cut. You're in The Colony. Shoddy service isn't cute.

Alexis Houdek

I placed a mobile order & paid through Apple Pay. The order I received was wrong, they had a manager come and I showed her my order & she tried to charge me again. I again showed her my order and that I had paid already. She then said “ I’m not going to take your order.” Rolls her eyes & just walks away.

A Mathew

I used to be a regular at this McDonald's for breakfast before Covid Shutdown. I was glad to see the few faces I knew again after a long time, and also how clean this McDonald's still is. Excellent customer service too, very polite staff and the automated ordering machine makes things a breeze for anyone!Kid-friendliness: There is a huge play area!Parking: There are tons of wide Parking spaces.Wheelchair accessibility: The only time Wheelchair accessibility is an issue is when they have a scheduled delivery at their place. At that time they put cones for the 18 wheeler to park. Hopefully they know that ADA requires that these spaces should never be blocked, by law.

Hector Gauna

I ordered a quarter pounder and the new cheese danish they had advertised on their drive thru menu. Once I get to the window the lady asked me if all I ordered was a quarter pounder. I told her no ma’am, I also asked for a cheese danish. She frowns at me and says she has no idea what I’m talking about. Told her to just forget about it then. Not sure how she doesn’t understand what a cheese danish

Wayne Garrido

The lady didn't give me for a receipt. I asked for one, but she didn't give it to me. She kept looking over her shoulder pretending to look for help. My order came, but it was wrong. I couldn't prove it was wrong, because I didn't have a receipt. I could have stayed and waited for a manager, but I was not at a fast food eatery because I had the luxury of time. Three out five times my order is wrong at this location. If the manager ever reads this. Order 666 on 8/20 around 11:30 am. My orders are usually around $60.

Tonya Olivieri

Ordered for curbside pick up and literally nobody came. I went and knocked on the window and they wouldn’t assist me or open the door and told me to go through the drive thru. I had already been waiting a LONG time and couldn’t just get wait again. My card was already charged as well and I never got my food. Super upset.

Joshua Coburn

The wait is horrible and if you ask for any customization, something as small as a chicken sandwich, no tomato, they just can’t seem to grasp it. And it’s a regular occurrence. I’ve been eating at this McDonald’s for years and for some reason it’s not the same anymore.

Reva Santiago

Peak morning rush before breakfast ends, and still patient. I tried to order on the kiosk and was getting so frustrated. Lady that came to order for me was very helpful even though my code I was trying to use wouldn't work. I appreciate her patience cause I was getting frustrated.Kid-friendliness: They have an open playground which my daughter was excited about.

Patrick Patterson

For the 5th time in a row this McDonalds has gotten my order wrong. I use the app so there is no mistake as to what I want. Its in writing so there is just no excuse for this. Save yourself the frustration and eat literally anywhere else.

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