Rockfish Seafood & Grill

4740 TX-121 #400, Lewisville
(972) 668-3474

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Jeanie Pritchett

The stuffed salmon was great, but the real surprise was the homemade creamed corn; rich, creamy, buttery, just plain fantastic! I'll be back for sureFood: 5/5

Lewis Clinton

Great food and staff! I ordered a burger and it was huge. But the rest of my table ordered seafood and I tried bits of theirs and it was delicious.

El Viejo Gonzalez

No wait this Saturday afternoon just after 5:00 pm. Dan took our orders of fish n chips, brought me a cold Shiner draught. Dan was very pleasant and attentive. The food was good and hot. I noticed the business pick up as we finished our meals. It was a good meal.

Justice Pendleton

Their fish tacos are good but ordering things online was a bit of a hassle. Other than that the service was great for take out and they were very understanding.

Chris McClendon

Lexi was our server and she did a great job! The food was about average. No serving or ordering issues, just thought it was overall an average 3 stars. Will definitely go back.

Frank Zaccardo

Great service & delicious fresh food! Our first visit at this location. We will be coming back!

R D.

The food didn't taste seasoned. I had to ask to be helped despite them seeing me stand at the pick-up counter for about 5-7 minutes.

Robert P.

Decent but not above average. I've been here twice. Nice bar & grill, pleasant atmosphere. Food is decent but not exceptional. Blackened salmon and sides are all too salty. Cajun pasta was tasty but needed some bread on the side for balance. Service was awful both times. I think I had the same (untrained?) server both times. This Rockfish is ok but I will not become a regular here.

Kailen P.

The atmosphere is great! I love the bar and decor. The food was great! White rice had zero flavor. Other than that pretty good!!

Howard IPSML

Just remember it’s a chain restaurant and your expectations will be kept it check. Most grilled items are cooked too much so it’s not raw but the best flavor is missing.

Brandon B.

Gumbo was absolutely disgusting. Wouldn't even feed it to my dog or stray animal. It seems as if they used no seasoning at all. What a waste of ingredients. I'm not sure what happened to this location. But corporate needs to visit and repair what's broken.

Abbey K.

this place wasn't too terrible ! the food was much better than the drinks. we got the spinach artichoke dip for appetizer which was honestly really good. To drink I got the frozen hurricane which wasn't that great. I wouldn't get it again. the frozen margarita was also OK. To eat I got the peeling shrimp which was very good a bit spicy, but overall great flavor ! my boyfriend got the Cajun chicken pasta which was also really good ! overall decent place however probably not my favorite. Better food than drinks but feel there is much better out there.

Dan H.

We've eaten here many times. This was the worst yet. First, they have had some serious turnover in staff. The wait staff was obviously very new. Second, they couoldn't get the order striaght. They have a new system, which is only a week old, and nobody knows how to use it. It is one of those please pay at the table systems. The one where you have to tip your server right at your table while the wait for the machine. Third, the salads and gumbo were served with our entree not seperately as expected. I got foreign matter in my gumbo and it tasted like it had been sitting out for awhile, too. It was reasonably cold, too. The salad had some kind of very tough meat (bacon?) in it, too. I had to spit it out. Finally, I had to hunt down the server for a tea refill and the bill. Then when she handed me the bill it was wrong. She charged us more for the salad and gumbo than it should have been. Of course there were very few people in the place so the servers spent most of the time talking to each other. There were only two of them. Maybe we'll try the store on Campbell road, but this was a terrible lunch.

SriVani MacPhee

The food was exceptionally good. Also you all should know I am a very picky eater that being said I was just astonished by the Food and was in food coma because I ate too much lol (it’s was my birthday) It was just outstanding too delicious. I would go again and again and recommended it to every one of y’all. The management and staff was top notch, very kind and accommodating.

Stephanie C.

Honestly I don't know why people like this place. The drinks were below average and the food tasted bland and the chips we were served tasted like they dumped a load of salt of them. The only reason I'm giving one star is because our waiter was nice and gave great service besides that I wouldn't care to come back.

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