Yum Asian Bistro

2721 Little Elm Pkwy #215, Little Elm
(214) 872-4436

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Kelly Solomon

Servers were busy, yet attentive. Food was a little slower coming out of the kitchen, but was pleasing to the eye and had great taste. We ordered the orange chicken with fried rice. They let you decide how spicy you want it. Price was about average for what you get. Portions were large enough to share.Parking: Plenty of parking. Easy access.

Kathy Broun

We had a wonderful meal from here last night. Everything was delicious and very generous serving sizes. Very enjoyable with enough leftovers for a meal tonight!! We will definitely go there again.

Kirsten Buckingham

They always give us wrong order or they Double an item.The egg rolls are NOT TASTY!!! The fried wontons always over cooked and hard!!! Cost is high for 3 people, we could go out to eat at a better place for $75.00 + tip....Yikes!!!??

Typhanie M.

Actually my favorite Asian restaurant in this area I'm Not from here but it's as close to home as I can get. I always get beef broccoli add shrimp extra spicy. Shrimp fried rice. Crab Rangoon etc dumplings etc. They are always polite I have done some in and order out at location in little elm.


We have been coming here for 4 years! They have consistently good food, friendly, and a small business! They offer take-out, delivery & dine-in.P.s. we like extra egg in our shrimp fried rice ?*favorites* general pso shrimp, beef & broccoli, clay pots, fried rice, spring rolls, crab cream cheese wonton, heck it's all good tho!

Mimoun A.

Yum yum yum food it's here and everybody thinks it's the best food ever in the world why, it's good

C S.

I liked the pad Thai here. Very good. Prices were good too. Would recommend people to try out

Emerson Schneider

Absolutely delicious food and great service. Was a little sad to see we were the only ones inside but several people picked up take out orders. The food was very good and they even gave us some pineapple on the house. I highly recommend eating here.

Candace Williams

Read the reviews and me and my kids decided to drive over and get some lunch. Get all the way there and a sign on the door says no dine in, so we left before even entering. I didn't see any mention of that online, so I can't really review the food or inside.

Nidal R.

It's been a while they haven't yet opened their dining rood but i know their food is really food so is their customer service the place is clean none of that sticky stuff

Carli W.

Fresh, piping hot, fast and plentiful. Mango chicken was delicious. Hot and sour soup delicious.


Good food, always friendly. Prices have increased a small amount recently, but no different than everything else in the world has…no changes to portion amounts either that I’ve experienced. Have always respected our custom order as well to leave certain ingredients out of the dish.

Brigitte Rodgers

Why this restaurant has this many good reviews is amazing to me. Definitely some of the worst Chinese food I have ever had disgrace my palate. I don't think it will make you sick (hopefully), but not worth the money for the quality. They are compensating for costs by over breading their chicken and either overcooking it or frying up some older meat; I'm afraid to admit to myself that it could be the latter. Very stringy and chewy (what little chicken you get after breaking through the 1 inch layer of breading). The egg rolls were subpar, which takes an impressive level of poor cooking skills. My one positive is that they didn't seem to mess up the rice, so you can load up on that in order to stomach the rest of the food. Best of luck to all who venture forward with this as your dinner choice and I hope you enjoy it more than we were able to.

Cheryl Baker

I’m very disappointed. I ordered the Lo Mein(with Scallion, Onion, Carrots & Bean Sprout) but asked to leave out the onions. After I got home with my meal I found that they ONLY PUT ONIONS in it. No scallions, no carrots, no bean sprouts. They gave me only ONIONS the one thing I asked them to leave out. Be sure to check your food before you leave the restaurant. I was hoping to have found a decent asian restaurant that isn’t over an hour drive away. So sad!

John Davis

Food us great but menue prices are $4.00 less than what is actually charged. Seafood Delight is listed as $11. 99 but charged $15.99 ans Asparagus Shrimp on menue as $10.99 and charged $14.99. Ask for actual charge before ordering.

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