Andy's Frozen Custard

610 E Hawkins Pkwy, Longview
(430) 625-4774

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Andra Dankers

It is always a treat when we go to Andy's. The BootDaddy is hard to beat when you are craving something sweet and indulgent. One of my favorites is the Jitterbug - cappuccino flavor and heath concrete - so good.I always use the app when we go, both to scan the menu, look for seasonal flavors, and then to accrue points that pay off for free custard!


Iced cream good. I love the James Brownie Funky Jackhammer, it's especially good with chocolate custard instead!

Paula Monks

I always get the Butter pecan ConcreteIt's my favorite. Today though it was lacking on the big pecan pieces that it usually has and I didn't even taste the caramel. It had little pieces of pecans and barely a smear of caramel.My husband likes the vanilla and caramel, but his also just barely had a smear. The no line of cars says alot, we should of kept on driving as well.

Ainslie Dupre

Everything I've tried has been wonderful, their fruit is always ripe and wonderful too. Before Andy's I had never tried frozen custard but I'm so glad I tried theirs.

Mikey Rad (Master Reviewer)

There is no better treat than Andy’s frozen custard! It’s so much better than any ice cream. I literally stop by every time I get remotely near it. The chocolate custard is the best! While I do understand that it is a bit pricey, you can eat there on a budget if you just get a cone with your choice of chocolate or vanilla. You won’t regret trying it out. You will be addicted!


Good service, convenient location, lots of menu options. We are new to frozen custard. So creamy and delicious! Give it a try!

Eric Showler

My family and I were out for a late night treat and we pulled up to the window to receive our order and the music that was playing I was appalled. To say the f word was every other word was an understatement. We tried to ignore it at first but when my daughter said why would somebody listen to that it was my wife’s last straw she asked them to turn it down or shut the window and neither was done needless to say we will not be back I thought families were welcome but after that I hope no one else’s child is exposed to that !!!

Amber Showler

I went to Andy’s tonight with my husband and 9 year old. The service was fine, the custard was great as usual. However, the employees were blasting inappropriate music so my 9 year was repeatedly hearing the f word. The first employee that I asked to turn it off dismissed me and closed the window. The second girl did apologize and tell me they turned it down. This should be a family friendly place I can bring my child without worrying about the music they will be hearing.

Brittani Snyder

The custard is always amazing and the employees are friendly. Sometimes they forget a topping in your order but it's never too bad of a mistake. I'm a regular customer at this point.

Brian Hartsfield

The attentive service was great. No lower carb options, so not something I can do much, but when family is in town, definitely a wonderful treat.

Jon Richard

Andy's always serves delicious, fresh frozen custard with an impressive variety of toppings and mix-ins! The menu has suggested concretes (similar to a DQ Blizzard), sundaes, and shakes. You can also use your imagination to create your own combination.

Paul Blake

Best frozen custard around!!! Pup friendly too!

Preston Richier

So I’ve visited this location for the past few years and it’s been pretty good! However, tonight, I went, and it was an absolute mad house. So disorganized. To start with, for the past 3 times I visited, they didn’t have enough ingredients to make my concrete (which is on the menu, no customizing at all). Then, I was rung up as the wrong size concrete from what I ordered. Meanwhile, there is a line all the way to the street and half of the workers are standing around doing nothing, and they’re handing out shakes so haphazardly some people were getting their concretes as soon as they order while others were waiting 10-15 minutes because they were skipped. This happened to me as well unfortunately. The person handing out the concretes seemed to have no recollection of who ordered when, and this problem could be easily fixed by taking and calling customers names to ensure the proper order. All in all, what should have been a painless concrete run turned into a obnoxious experience.

Haylee Voyles

If I could leave a ZERO STAR review I would. This was THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD. My family and I stood in line outside for over 45 minutes while the rude staff member working the walk up window took one single order at a time, walked to the back for over 5 minutes, came back out, made that single order, then sat it on the counter and let it melt for 5 minutes while he walked around inside talking, and then came back to window and handed the person their order. After waiting for 45 minutes, only 2 people in our group got served before we were so frustrated that we left. We waited for over 15 minutes for the kid to make a chocolate shake and then looked in the window only to find the shake sitting on the counter melting. After finally getting the kid’s attention, I asked if that was our chocolate shake. He looked at the shake and said “yeah”. I responded “well can we have it so we can leave?!” He handed me the shake with no straw and no apology. We all felt that he was behaving that way on purpose. To the manager reading this, I didn’t get that kid’s name but he is short with longer dark hair and needs fired.All of this while 25-30 cars were helped in the drive through. I will never be back at this establishment.

Jody Shedd

They deserve ZERO stars. Rudest customer service I have had in a long time. My family came into town from Amarillo and we went to Andy’s. We stood in line for at least 30-45 minutes. Only 2 out of 9 of us got waited on as the drive thru line kept getting waited on hand and foot. At least 6-8 cars got waited on and served in the drive thru line as we tried to wait patiently to get our order taken. My son ordered a chocolate shake and it took at least 10 minutes for them to make this. A worker sat it in the back counter and didn’t even bring it to the window to give to him. My husband AND daughter had to go ask for it as it sat there and melted. The rude young worker acted like it was an inconvenience for him to bring it to us. We had to ask for a straw only to be told there wasn’t any. SERIOUSLY???? So he had to eat his chocolate shake with a spoon?!?? This is the worst location of an Andy’s we have ever been to. Even our family was asking if this is the typical way you are treated at an Andy’s.After reading the previous reviews looks like this location doesn’t give a flip about customer service. I will GLADLY give my money to a local ice cream place downtown Longview. We left Andy’s and went to Wild Honey Creamery and was treated with the utmost care. They truly were thankful for our business. So needless to say we will not ever be back to another Andy’s no matter thelocation. It’s obvious this hasn’t and won’t be taken care of by management or the corporate office. And as for the rude male worker he needs to be FIRED!!!!

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