Bridge 281 Coffee House

1400 E Loop 281, Longview
(903) 753-1281

Recent Reviews

Janie Pepper

Attended a Bridal Shower here. Very neat place!

Kaylee Korth

This place has great hangout space and friendly staff!

Sultan Alsharif

Lovely stuff, and enjoy the nature

Sultan Alsharif

Beautiful view

Christian Mata

I enjoyed the Italian cream soda along with the wonderful atmosphere!

Dweeb McGee

Very comfortable atmosphere, good drinks, and good service. It was quiet and calm with a lovely view of the field and woods.

ashley quintanilla

Absolutely love this place! Courtney is one of the best baristas I’ve ever met and lily kills it as a manager! 10/10 would definitely recommend:)

Niki Parker

Daughter’s bridal shower was here . Great coffee , great atmosphere!

Casey Phillips Lawson

Great time and place for events!

Beth Lauzier

Glad place to have a tea or coffee and hang out.

James Little

Literally the best place period. Food and coffee is a perfect 10. Come on Friday nights for a good time. >:)Only thing to watch out for are them darned fancy car drivers showing off their rides. May or may not have had the police called on them or something.? Hopefully they don't stick around. Even still, go there or you're missing out!This post was made by the cool kids

Brody Tidwell

Nice atmosphere. Good amount of seating. Nice latte selection.

Krystal Olsen

This is the cutest little coffee place! First time I have been there! I went for a team gathering!!! It has beautiful scenery for pictures and the coffee is amazing! The only downfall I have is the lids do not stay on their coffee cups very well and I ended up with hot coffee all over my hands and lap!!!! However...... their coffee was nice and hot, so that made up for it!!!! I know... im weird!!


I've been to bridge 281 plenty of times, and it is a great place to sit, visit, and do homework.My recent visit was not so good. Unfortunately, the workers did not wear masks, the tables were dirty, and... bathroom was filthy.I had the urge to clean it myself

Dominik D.

This was a very pleasant oasis on an otherwise anonymous road on Longview's outskirts. A warm, welcoming church side coffee shop equipped with foam art lattes.

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