Chipotle Mexican Grill

415 E Loop 281, Longview
(903) 663-7664

Recent Reviews

John VanHoek

I don't like the food there! Very cheep ingredients served by workers who give not one care on any givin day nor can get an order correct.

Eve Ford

I do not like to post reviews before contacting the business. I have contacted Chipotle twice, sent proof of purchase and have not gotten a response. Chipotle does not give you the option of direct contact to the restaurant, you have to email a complaint department unless you go to the location. We had dinner at the Longview location and this is the list of issues:The chicken had been in the warmer and was over cooked; when we ask for chips and salsa they were out of chips; we purchased drinks and there was no tea in the dispensers; and finally when we went to leave the trash cans were so full there was no room to put our trash. I know this is a difficult time for food service but at a minimum there should have been a manager to address the issues.

Tim Thompson

Food had no flavor. They forgot salt and lime on the rice I think or maybe out, as they were serving just plain rice. I didn’t realize until after I left. They were out of veggies and all salsas. Worst Chipotle meal I’ve ever had.

Robin Patnoe

Employees were great, meat was a little tough in some spots but pretty good. I really appreciate the happy staff

Elizabeth Becerra

My first time trying chipotle and it was absolutely amazing I was full I really couldn't finish my beritto

Charles McDonald

I picked up my order today and as a courtesy I attempted to call and notify the restaurant that their root beer was out of syrup. I called no less than eight times and it rang until it disconnected. These people do not care about the customer service or the restaurant

Steven Baldenegro

I don’t know how chipotle teaches how to cook rice, but it’s not that hard to get a rice cooker and time it. Both myself and mother got burritos and once we started eating it we noticed immediately that the rice wasn’t cooked. It’s very annoying cause this isn’t the first time this has happened. Do better

rikki L

Love it, they never disappoint even though it's an hour drive away well worth it

Terry Braun

It's been awhile since I have eaten here. Was hoping to try their new smoked brisket, but they were out. Had a bowl with most of the ingredients they have to offer. Was not disappointed, very good. Was surprised how busy it was for a Thursday early evening. Give them a try.

Thaddeus Stephenson

In my Chipotle bowl, my white rice was very undercooked, which made my experience not enjoyable. The bowl had to be discarded due to the rice being crunchy.

Denny James

Walked in with a $100 bill to my name, wouldn't take it. So I'll go to the other 200 restaurants in town that will. Later Chipotle, I really liked you but... See ya

Jessica Smith

This location is the worst one I have ever been to and I have been to a few through out the years. The customer service is the absolute worst and the food is absolutely horrible. I gave this location many chances but tonight was it. We will not be spending anymore money and I will not ever recommend this location to anyone I know. More than a hand full of time the protein is cold and the rice is hard like it wasn’t cooked. The guacamole is my favorite and so many times I’ve been here I don’t even want to eat it. I can not stand spending my HARD earned money on this crappy food and crappy service. I will letting the corporate office know.

Rachel Brown

Good amount of food for the price. Yummy too. Very fast service

Sultan Alsharif

Lovely stuff

Kelli Barton

Tried to call this company several times but there was no answer so I will just say it here. The cuties that they give out to kids for kid's meal are rotten. When we peeled it, it was black inside and had a horrible smell. On the outside it looked good so beware.

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