Fisherman's Market & Restaurant

116 Johnston St, Longview
(903) 753-6722

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Kim Pipkin Worl

Catfish & shrimp was cooler just right! Delicious & had good service.

Nancy Bray Wagner

Great service and food. Would definitely recommend

shelby knoll

Amazing every time. Never fails. Best Gem in Longview.

A.K. F

We used to really enjoy Fisherman’s market and thought we’d give them a try the other night as it’d been a couple years since we had eaten here.The service was great, the food we ordered was what we received but that’s as good as it gets. The overall taste of both orders was just bland and it was clear one of the dishes had been under a heat lamp. Salad wasn’t fresh, even the Cajun blooming onion wasn’t tasty.

Winona Wilkins

Always good food. Steak fries are yummy. Love their hush puppies and tarter sauce. Not a huge fan of the slaw but still pretty good. Service is very friendly.

Kristi Hooten

Food was amazing. Staff was great! Tons of food for a great price.

Jeff Anderson

Love the shrimp, fish, and oysters. Good cold beer to go with it all. Been going for years, never a bad experience

LaShawn G.

Well I wanted to like this place because I was looking for some seafood while I'm down in Longview visiting family for a few days. But all I can say was they was a big miss on the "charbroiled" oysters. First off they were $25 for a dozen which seems a little steep for being down there in Texas. And when I think of charbroiled I'm thinking of cheesy, gooey, great flavor cheese and butter just dripping off the oysters with different types of spices. But did I get that....uhhhh naw! I was really disappointed in the lack of flavor and the selection of cheese they had...tasted like store brought already shredded Parmesan. Now I'm use to cheeses like Monterey, pepper jack, hell even American or cheddar. That's so gooey when you try to lift the oyster off the shell the cheese is following you. Not at all with this "fake" cheese they had on it. And the oyster still was basically raw! Uggh! I don't like raw oysters. And the bread they had for what you are supposed to "dip" in all the buttery goodness was some hard ass hotdog bun....smdh Now I ate all of them because I didn't want to waste my money. And how that places looked inside I can tell they probably don't take to kindly of people sending back things. So I made myself gulp them down and I got out of there ASAP! And glad I did because they seemed to almost burn the whole place down because EVERYONE started to cough and sneeze from smoke coming from the back! They do offer wine and beer I didn't partake maybe that would have made the experience better...but i would not recommend this place. Mind was on crawfish they did not have them either. Maybe their fried seafood is better but I doubt I would waste my time coming here again. 3 1/2 just because I didn't try much anything else..

James Holsomback

Clean. Good service. Good food. Good prices.

Susan Leigh

Not sure what happened ?. This was horrible tonight. The whole catfish was overcooked and old. The coleslaw was warm and terrible. The shrimp was rubbery and overcooked. Food came out cold. I was actually sick on the way home. We only live 30 minutes away. So disappointing ?. Im definitely not feeling well after eating here.

Julie Clark

Won’t be back there popcorn shrimp is nothing but little tiny salad shrimp cook and there like little tiny dried out nothing. And French fries where not cooked at right temp and they sucked up all the grease. I use to love them and went there all the time Don’t waste your money.

Sandra Willis

I was so disappointed to get home with my two orders of ettouffee to discover that there was no rice with the order! Having to cook part of your own meal defeats the purpose of takeout for me. Also, no one answered the phone when I tried to call in my order or when I tried to call about the missing rice. Lots of disappointment tonight in a restaurant that’s normally one of my family’s favorites.

Scott Baldwin

From our waiter with the ring in his nose to the two meals that weren’t fit to eat The quality of food was not near what it used to be. Very dissatisfied and disappointed. We will not be back

Cassie E.

My husband and I ate here today and are now regretting it. We just left this restaurant. It used to be good with good food and an awesome atmosphere. The crab dip we ordered is made from imitation crab-not real as you would expect from a SEAFOOD restaurant- and it was sitting in a puddle of grease. We ordered the fisherman's platter to share. The shrimp and hush puppies both tasted like frozen prepackaged nastiness from the bottom of a freezer clearance sale at the local grocery store. The crab cakes were good along with the stuffed shrimp. The tea tasted old as if it had been sitting there for a few days. French fries were cold and unappealing. The cole slaw was absolutely tasteless and seriously lacked salt and pepper and basic flavor. Never again will we go back.

Marcus Ellis

Great place for fresh seafood. We actually drove 45 minutes to get there. I always wanted to try this restaurant. I wasn't disappointed. Definitely will be back

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Fisherman's Market & Restaurant

116 Johnston St, Longview, TX 75601
(903) 753-6722